Subjectivity, gender and the struggle for recognition /
Paddy McQueen.
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.
ix, 219 p. ; 23 cm
1137425989, 9781137425980
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Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.
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Machine generated contents note: -- Contents -- 1. Introduction -- 2. The Importance of Recognition -- 3. The Subject in Philosophy and Politics -- 4. The Philosophy and Politics of Recognition -- 5. Feminism and the Politics of Gender -- 6. The Overall Structure and Arguments of the Book -- PART I: THE POLITICS OF RECOGNITION -- 7. Defining Recognition -- 8. Charles Taylor and the Politics of Recognition -- 9. Axel Honneth and the Struggle for Recognition -- 10. The Recognition-Redistribution Debate -- 11. The Deficit Model of Recognition: Some Initial Concerns -- PART II: THE IMPORTANCE OF HEGELIAN RECOGNITION -- 12. The Cartesian Subject and Authoritative Self-Knowledge -- 13. Kant, Fichte and the Turn Toward Recognition -- 14. Hegel: Self-Certainty, Freedom and Recognition -- 15. Interpretating the Master-Slave Dialectic: Inescapable Conflict or Mutual Authorisation? -- 16. How Other is the Other? Le;vinas and the Limtis of Recognition -- PART III: SITUATING THE SUBJECT: IDENTITY, POWER AND RECOGNITION -- 17. Hegel and Arendt on Interpreting Identity -- 18. Becoming as Perpetual Over-Coming? The Nietzschean Critique of the Subject -- 19. Subject to Recognition: Power, Identity and Agency -- 20. Reimagining the Subject: Feminist Figurations of the Self -- PART IV: 'AIN'T I A WOMAN?' FEMINIST THEORY AND THE POLITICS OF RECOGNITION -- 21. Recognition in Consciousness-Raising and Radical Feminisms -- 22. Breaking the Universalist Paradigm: The Development of a Standpoint -- 23. Recognition, Experience and Solidarity -- 24. Rethinking Gender: Judith Butler's Politics of the Performative -- 25. Butler on Recognition and Power -- PART V: RECOGNITION TRANSGENDER IDENTITIES: NARRATIVES AND POLITICS OF THE GENDERED SELF -- 26. The Meaning and Importance of Transgender Identities -- 27. Transsexual Controversies -- 28. Diagnosing Transsexuality -- 29. Re-Reading Transsexuality: Sites of Power, Performativity and Recognition -- 30. The Recognition and Erasure of Deviant Gender Identities -- 31. Legal Recognition and the Regulation of Identity -- PART VI: RECOGNITION, QUEER POLITICS AND A LIVEABLE LIFE -- 32. The Meaning of a Liveable Life -- 33. Recognising and Working on Oneself -- 34. Recognition and the Politics of 'Coming Out' -- 35. Recognition, Gender and Queer Politics.
"Subjectivity, Gender and the Struggle for Recognition examines the significance of 'recognition' for contemporary philosophy and political theory. It reveals the role played by recognition in the construction of our individual and collective identities through an exploration of European philosophy and feminist theory, incorporating thinkers ranging from Hegel and Heidegger to Michel Foucault and Judith Butler. Focusing on gender, it highlights how interpersonal and institutional forms of recognition are influenced by power and discourse, and considers the impact this has on our capacity to shape our gender identities. Arguing for an ambivalent account of recognition based upon a post-structuralist theory of the subject, it challenges contemporary recognition theorists such as Charles Taylor and Axel Honneth for failing to acknowledge the extent to which recognition can regulate and normalise behaviour. This book insightfully charts both the importance and challenges of making sense of oneself as a socially-recognisable being. "--
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