The collected works of G.K. Chesterton /
with introduction and notes by David Dooley, editor.
San Francisco : Ignatius Press, c1986-
v. ; 21 cm.
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San Francisco : Ignatius Press, c1986-
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v. 1. Heretics. Orthodoxy. The Blatchford Controversies -- v. 2. St. Francis of Assisi. The everlasting man. St. Thomas Aquinas -- v. 3. The Catholic Church and Conversion. The Thing: Why I Am a Catholic. The Well and the Shallows. The Way of the Cross -and the others -- v. 4. What's wrong with the world. The superstition of divorce. Eugenics and other evils. Divorce versus democracy. Social reform versus birth control -- v. 5. The outline of sanity. The appetite of tyranny. The crimes of England. Lord Kitchener. Utopia of usurers. How to help annexation. The end of the armistice -- v. 6. The Club of Queer Trades. The Napoleon of Notting Hill. The Man Who Was Thursday -- v. 7. The Ball and the Cross. Manalvie. The Flying Inn -- v. 10 Collected poetry, pt. 1-pt. 3.
v. 11. Plays and Chesterton on Shaw -- v. 12. The Father Brown stories: pt. 1 -- v. 13. The Father Brown stories: pt. 2 -- v. 15. Chesterton on Dickens -- v. 16. The autobiography of G. K. Chesterton -- v. 18. Thomas Carlyle. Leo Tolstoy. Robert Louis Stevenson. Chaucer -- v. 20. Christendom in Dublin, Irish Impressions... -- v. 21. What I saw in America the resurrection of Rome sidelights -- v. 27. The illustrated London news 1905-1907 -- v. 28. The illustrated London news 1908-1910 -- v. 29. The illustrated London news 1911-1913 -- v. 30. The Illustrated London News, 1914-1916.
v. 31. The illustrated London News 1917-1919 -- v. 32. The illustrated London News 1920-1922 -- v. 33. The illustrated London News 1923-1925 -- v. 34, The illustrated London News 1926-1928 -- v. 35. The illustrated London News 1929-1931 -- v. 36. The illustrated London News 1932-1934 -- v. 37. The Illustrated London News 1935-1936
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