How to write a business plan /
Mike P. McKeever.
12th edition.
Berkeley, CA : Nolo, [2014]
324 pages ; 23 cm
1413320783 (pbk.), 1413320791 (epub ebook), 9781413320787 (pbk.), 9781413320794 (epub ebook)
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Berkeley, CA : Nolo, [2014]
1413320783 (pbk.)
1413320791 (epub ebook)
9781413320787 (pbk.)
9781413320794 (epub ebook)
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1. Benefits of writing a business plan : What is a business plan? ; Why write a business plan? ; Issues beyond the plan -- 2. Do you really want to own a business? : Self-evaluation exercises ; How to use the self-evaluation lists ; Reality check: banker's analysis -- 3. Choosing the right business : Know your business ; Be sure you like your business ; Describe your business ; Taste, trends, and technology: how will the future affect your business? ; Break-even analysis: will your business make money? ; What you have accomplished -- 4. Potential sources of money to start or expand your small business : Ways to raise money ; Common money sources to start or expand a business ; Now that you've proven yourself, how about expanding? ; If no one will finance your business, try again ; Secondary sources of financing for start-ups or expansions -- 5. Your resume and financial statement : Draft your business accomplishment resume ; Draft your personal financial statement -- 6. Your profit and loss forecast : What is a profit and loss forecast? ; Determine your average cost of sales ; Complete your profit and loss forecast ; Review your profit and loss forecast -- 7. Your cash flow loss forecast and capital spending plan : Prepare your capital spending plan ; Prepare your cash flow forecast ; Required investment for your business ; Check for trouble -- 8. Write your marketing and personnel plans : Marketing plan ; Personnel plan -- 9. Editing and finalizing your business plan : Decide how to organize your plan ; Write final portions of your plan ; Create the appendix ; Create title page and table of contents ; Complete your final edit ; Consider using a business consultant -- 10. Selling your business plan : How to ask for the money you need ; How to approach different backers ; What to do when someone says "yes" ; Plan in advance for legal details -- 11. After you open: keeping on the path to success : Watch out for problem areas ; Getting out of business -- 12. Good resources for small businesses : Business consultants ; Books ; Pamphlets ; Magazines: continuing small business help ; Computers and business ; Online business resources ; Formal education -- Appendixes : A. Business plan for a small service business ; B. Business plan for a manufacturing business ; C. Business plan for project development ; D. How to use the interactive forms : Editing RFTs ; Files on the book's companion page.
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