Facing Trajectories from School to Work [electronic resource] : Towards a Capability-Friendly Youth Policy in Europe /
edited by Hans-Uwe Otto, Roland Atzmüller, Thierry Berthet, Lavinia Bifulco, Jean-Michel Bonvin, Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti, Valerie Egdell, Björn Halleröd, Christian Christrup Kjeldsen, Marek Kwiek, Regine Schröer, Josiane Vero, Marianna Zieleńska.
Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2015.
XII, 394 p. 15 illus. online resource.
9783319114354 (print), 9783319114361
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Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2015.
9783319114354 (print)
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FOREWORD -- Fighting Social Inequality for Vulnerable Youth – A European Case, Hans-Uwe Otto -- CAPABILITY PERSPECTIVES ON VULNERABLE YOUTH IN EUROPE -- Chapter 1 Towards a Capabilities Perspective on Vulnerable Young People in Europe – An Introduction -- Holger Ziegler, Thierry Berthet, Roland Atzmüller, Jean-Michel Bonvin & Christian C. Kjeldsen -- Chapter 2 The Capability Approach, Education and the Labour Market, Christian Christrup Kjeldsen & Jean-Michel Bonvin -- CHANGES OF WELFARE POLICIES AND THE ROLE OF THE CAPABILITY APPROACH -- Chapter 3 Multilevel governance and capability approach: What convergence? Thierry Berthet -- Chapter 4 New Conditions of Professional Work or Fall of Professions? On Managerialism and Professionalism, Holger Ziegler & Niels Rosendal Jensen -- CAPABILITY PERSPECTIVES ON INSTITUTIONALIZED EDUCATION -- Chapter 5 Free Choice of Education? Capabilities, possibility spaces and incapacitations of education, labor and the way of living one values, Dirk Michel-Schertges -- Chapter 6 European Universities and Educational and Occupational Intergenerational Social Mobility, Marek Kwiek -- CAPABILITIES, LABOUR MARKET AND EDUCATION IN EUROPE -- Chapter 7 Operationalisation of the Capability Approach, Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti, Valerie Egdell, Emma Hollywood & Ronald McQuaid -- Chapter 8 Labour market trajectories and young Europeans’ capabilities to avoid poverty, social exclusion and dependency: a comparative analysis of 23 European countries, Björn Halleröd & Hans Ekbrand -- Chapter 9 Would Active Labour market policies enhance youth capability for work in Europe?  Marion Lambert, Josiane Vero, Björn Halleröd and Hans Ekbrand -- Chapter 10 Critical aspects of the transformation of work and welfare from a Capability perspective, Roland Atzmüller -- CAPABILITIES FOR VOICE, WORK AND EDUCATION –  CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF PROGRAMMES FOR DISADVANTAGED YOUNG PEOPLE IN EUROPE -- Chapter 11 11.1 Introduction to the case studies, Lavinia Bifulco, Valerie Egdell & Ronald McQuaid -- 11.2 Nine case studies from Europe -- 11.2.1 Good for nothing, capable of what? Early school leavers and regional public policies in France, Thierry Berthet, Véronique Simon -- 11.2.2 The Trespassing Project in Naples, Lavinia Bifulco, Raffaele Monteleone, Carlotta Mozzana -- 11.2.3 Vocational Training as an Integration Opportunity? A Swiss Case Study on Struggling Young Adults, Mael Dif-Pradalier, Emilie Rosenstein, Jean-Michel Bonvin -- 11.2.4 Addressing the Issue of Unemployment among Disadvantaged Youth in Scotland: Developing the Capability for Work, Valerie Egdell, Ronald McQuaid, Emma Hollywood -- 11.2.5 Pedagogy Back on Track; Enhancing Capabilities for Young People in Education and Work, Niels Rosendal Jensen, Christian Christrup Kjeldsen -- 11.2.6 The Development of Capabilities of Young People in a public-private programme, Karolina Szandar-Sztanderska, Marianna Zielenska -- 11.2.7 Contributing within the Social Division of Labour. Young People’s Social and Labour-Market Integration through Supra-Company Apprenticeship Training in Austria, Bettina Haidinger, Ruth Kasper -- 11.2.8 Establishing Caseness and working on “realistic perspectives” - A German Case Study on the Transition from School to Work, Jan Düker & Thomas Ley -- 11.2.9 Capabilities for Education, Work and Voice from the Perspective of “the Less Employable” University Graduates, Gunilla Bergström -- 11.3 Capabilities for Education, Work and Voice – A concluding remark, Christian Christrup Kjeldsen & Thomas Ley -- EU YOUTH STRATEGIES FROM A CAPABILITY PERSPECTIVE -- Chapter 12 Employability versus capability – European strategies for Young People, Gabriele Pedrini & Regine Schröer.
This book promotes a radical alternative impact on youth policy in Europe to overcome the situation of vulnerability and discrimination of a growing number of youngsters in their transition from school to work. It follows a Human Development perspective in using the Capability Approach (CA) as analytical and methodological guiding tool to improve the social conditions of the most socially vulnerable young people in European societies. The mission of the interdisciplinary authors is to expand the actual chances of the young to actively shape their lives in a way they have reason to choose and value. This book is based on the research of the EU Collaborative Project “Making Capabilities Work” (WorkAble), funded by the EU within the Seventh Framework Programme. It is the first empirical project to pursue a justice theory perspective on a European level. It also contributes to a fundamental change in the currently mostly insufficient attempts within the human capital approach to use the labour market to ensure desired lifestyle forms and a secure income for vulnerable youth.
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