Preventing sexual violence : interdisciplinary approaches to overcoming a rape culture /
edited by Nicola Henry, Anastasia Powell.
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
xiii, 241 p. ; 24 cm
1137356170, 1137356189, 9781137356178, 9781137356185
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Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
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Machine generated contents note: -- 1. Framing Sexual Violence Prevention: What Does it Mean to Challenge a Rape Culture; Anastasia Powell and Nicola Henry -- 2. Theorising Men's Violence Prevention Policies: Limitations and Possibilities of Interventions in a Patriarchal State; Bob Pease -- 3. The Everydayness of Rape: How Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration Can Inform Prevention Efforts; Antonia Quadara -- 4. Limits of the Criminal Law for Preventing Sexual Violence; Wendy Larcombe -- 5. The Dark Side of Virtual: Towards a Digital Sexual Ethics; Nicola Henry and Anastasia Powell -- 6. The Prevention of Sexual Violence in Schools: Developing Some Theoretical Starting Points; Claire Maxwell -- 7. Just How do We Create Change? Sites of Contradiction and the 'Black Box' of Change in Primary Prevention; Gillian Fletcher -- 8. Sexual Violence Prevention Educator Training: Opportunities and Challenges; Moira Carmody -- 9. Taking Stock of Bystander Programs: Changing Attitudes and Behaviours Towards Sexual Violence; Alison C. Cares, Mary M. Moynihan and Victoria L. Banyard -- 10. Shifting Upstream: Bystander Action Against Sexism and Discrimination Against Women; Anastasia Powell.
"Globally, rates of sexual violence remain unacceptably high, with disproportionate effects on women and girls. While most scholars and practitioners uniformly concur about the scope of the problem, there is currently little agreement about how to prevent sexual violence before it occurs.Drawing on diverse disciplines such as criminology, education, health promotion, law, psychology, social work, socio-legal studies, sociology and women's studies, this book provides the first interdisciplinary collection on the primary prevention of sexual violence. The volume addresses the key causes or determinants of sexual violence, including cultural attitudes, values, beliefs and norms, as well as systemic gender-based inequalities that create the conditions underlying much violence against women. Including contributions from internationally renowned experts in the field, the volume critically investigates the theoretical underpinnings of prevention work, describing and analysing the limits and possibilities of primary prevention strategies 'on the ground'. The chapters collectively examine the role that structural violence and gender inequality play in fostering a 'culture' of sexual violence, and reflect on the relationship between macro and micro levels for understanding both sexual violence perpetration and prevention.This book will be a key resource for scholars, practitioners and policymakers involved in the fields of sexual violence prevention, education, law, family violence, and child sexual abuse.Including contributions from Victoria L. Banyard (University of New Hampshire, USA), Alison Cares (Assumption College, USA), Moira Carmody (University of Western Sydney, Australia), Gillian Fletcher (La Trobe Univeristy, Australia), Wendy Larcombe (University of Melbourne, Australia), Claire Maxwell (University of London, UK), Mary M. Moynihan (University of New Hampshire, USA), Bob Pease (Deakin University, Australia) and Antonia Quadara (Australian Institute of Family Studies, Australia). "--
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