Illustrated textbook of pediatric emergency & critical care procedures : with 891 illustrations /
editors, Ronald A. Dieckmann, Debra H. Fiser, Steven M. Selbst.
1st ed.
St. Louis : Mosby, c1997.
xxxv, 796 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm.
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St. Louis : Mosby, c1997.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Edited by recognised authorities on the subject, this textbook provides the practitioner with a comprehensive illustrated reference geared to children in the emergency and critical care settings.
Main Description
The intent of this textbook is to provide the practitioner with a comprehensive, illustrated reference focusing on children in the emergency and critical care settings. The goal of the editors is to enforce clarity, simplicity, and the essential information in a detailed, annotated and standardized format. This text is thoroughly referenced to depict the state of the art approaches to all currently available Emergency and Critical Care procedures.
Table of Contents
Epidemiology of Pediatric Emergency Carep. 3
Epidemiology of Pediatric Critical Carep. 7
Approach to the Distressed Childp. 10
Vital Signsp. 17
Temperature Takingp. 21
Preparation for a Procedurep. 27
Immunizationp. 30
Fever Managementp. 39
Universal Precautionsp. 41
Sterile Techniquep. 43
Physical Restraintp. 47
Pharmacologic Agentsp. 53
Sedation and Pain Relief: Other Agentsp. 68
Nonpharmacologic Aids in Pain Managementp. 72
Local Anestheticsp. 74
Regional Anesthesiap. 81
Upper Airway Obstructionp. 95
Manual Maneuvers for Opening the Airwayp. 98
Emergency Maneuvers for Airway Obstruction by Foreign Bodyp. 100
Insertion of Oral and Nasal Airwaysp. 102
Pediatric Emergency Airway Managementp. 104
The Surgical Airwayp. 116
Oxygen Deliveryp. 125
Bag and Mask Ventilationp. 135
Conventional Mechanical Ventilationp. 138
Alternative Ventilationp. 148
Extracorporeal Oxygenationp. 158
Monitoring Oxygenation and Ventilationp. 165
Management of Endotracheal Extubationp. 181
Peripheral Vascular Accessp. 187
Central Venous Cathetersp. 196
Pulmonary Artery Catheterizationp. 203
Arterial Catheterizationp. 213
Intraosseous Infusionp. 220
Pressure Transduction in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unitp. 225
Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoringp. 232
Peripheral Extravasation Injuryp. 239
Alternatives to Conventional Drug Administrationp. 249
Endotracheal Drug Administrationp. 252
Intranasal Drug Administrationp. 255
Oral Drug Administrationp. 257
Sublingual Drug Administrationp. 259
Inhalationp. 261
Topical Deliveryp. 265
Subcutaneous and Intradermal Deliveryp. 266
Intramuscular Deliveryp. 268
Intracardiac Injectionsp. 272
Rectal Drug Administrationp. 274
Epidemiology of Cardiac Arrestp. 279
Organization of the Resuscitationp. 281
Selection of Drugs and Equipmentp. 286
Basic Life Supportp. 288
Medicationsp. 292
Cardiac Monitoringp. 297
Electrocardiography: Performance and Interpretationp. 299
Temporary Cardiac Pacingp. 312
Acute Treatment of Tachyarrhythmiasp. 323
Respiratory Monitoringp. 339
Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopyp. 340
Bedside Pulmonary Function Tests and Pulmonary Mechanicsp. 349
Rectal Examinationp. 359
Tube Placementp. 362
Anoscopyp. 372
Reduction of Rectal Prolapsep. 375
Enemasp. 377
Parenteral Nutritionp. 379
Acute Hemodialysisp. 389
Acute Peritoneal Dialysisp. 396
Continuous Extracorporeal Hemofiltrationp. 403
Transurethral Bladder Catheterizationp. 413
Suprapubic Bladder Aspirationp. 417
Doppler Ultrasound Evaluation of the Scrotump. 420
Reduction of an Incarcerated Inguinal Herniap. 423
Penile Zipper Injuriesp. 425
Prepubertal Genital Examinationp. 427
Pelvic Examination - Adolescentp. 431
Phimosis: Dorsal Slit Procedurep. 434
Reduction of Paraphimosisp. 435
Prepubertal Vaginal Bleedingp. 437
Priapism: Aspiration of the Corpus Cavernosump. 439
Management of Life-Threatening Intracranial Fluid Collectionsp. 445
Intracranial Pressure Monitoringp. 452
Doppler Evaluation of Cerebral Circulationp. 458
Jugular Bulb Catheterization for Measurement of Cerebral Oxygenationp. 462
Determination of Brain Deathp. 466
Basic Ophthalmic Examinationp. 477
Slit-Lamp Examinationp. 483
Tonometryp. 485
Irrigationp. 488
Eye Patchingp. 490
Newborn Deliveryp. 493
Neonatal Resuscitationp. 497
Temperature Control and Monitoringp. 501
Transilluminationp. 502
Umbilical Vessel Catheterizationp. 503
Routine Microbiologic Culturesp. 509
Common Microbiologic Stainsp. 514
Supportive Testsp. 518
Diagnostic Proceduresp. 521
Diagnostic Ultrasoundp. 541
Gastric Emptyingp. 557
Gut Decontaminationp. 563
Dialysis and Hemoperfusionp. 567
Epidemiology of Pediatric Traumap. 571
Anatomic Distribution of Childhood Injuryp. 574
Needle Thoracostomyp. 577
Tube Thoracostomyp. 579
Resuscitative Thoracotomyp. 584
Hemorrhage Controlp. 588
Pericardiocentesisp. 592
Spinal Immobilizationp. 596
The Pneumatic Antishock Garmentp. 599
Helmet Removalp. 602
Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavagep. 604
Arthrocentesisp. 609
Splintingp. 613
Cast Problemsp. 625
Dislocations, Subluxations, and Diastasisp. 629
Crutch Walkingp. 635
Compartment Syndromep. 637
Dressings, Slings, and Wrappingsp. 639
Amputationsp. 645
Felonp. 650
Paronychiap. 652
Subungual Hematomap. 654
Subungual Splinterp. 656
Herpetic Whitlowp. 657
Fingernail Removalp. 658
Tendon Lacerationsp. 660
Principles of Wound Healingp. 665
Laceration Repairp. 669
Management of the Burn Patientp. 680
Animal Bitesp. 685
Envenomationsp. 690
Miscellaneous Woundsp. 696
Dressingsp. 703
Foreign Bodiesp. 709
Nasal Foreign Bodiesp. 710
External Auditory Canal Foreign Bodiesp. 712
Rectal Foreign Bodiesp. 714
Vaginal Foreign Bodiesp. 717
Soft Tissue Foreign Bodiesp. 719
Eye Foreign Bodiesp. 724
Removal of a Barbed Fishhookp. 727
Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodiesp. 729
Dental Emergenciesp. 735
Tooth Stabilization and Replantationp. 738
Dental Infections and Extractionsp. 742
Temporomandibular Joint Dislocationp. 744
Blood Component Transfusionp. 747
Sexual Abusep. 765
Court Ordersp. 774
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