Amateur filmmaking : the home movie, the archive, the web /
edited by Laura Rascaroli and Gwenda Young with Barry Monahan.
New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2014, c2014
xiv, 375 p.
9781441139054 (hardback), 9781441191496 (paperback)
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New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2014, c2014
9781441139054 (hardback)
9781441191496 (paperback)
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Machine generated contents note: -- Contributors Laura Rascaroli, Gwenda Young, Barry Monahan: Introduction. Amateur Filmmaking: New Developments and Directions SECTION ONE: REFRAMING THE HOME MOVIE 1. Roger Odin: The Home Movie and Space of Communication 2. Liz Czach: Home Movies and Amateur Film as National Cinema 3. Maija Howe: The Photographic Hangover: Reconsidering the Aesthetics of the Postwar 8mm Home Movie 4. Mark Neumann: Amateur Film, Automobility and the Cinematic Aesthetics of Leisure SECTION TWO: PRIVATE REELS, HISTORIOGRAPHICAL CONCERNS. Heather Norris Nicholson: Cinemas of Catastrophe and Continuity: Mapping Out Twentieth-Century Amateur Practices of Intentional History-Making in Northern England 6. Gwenda Young: Glimpses of a Hidden History: Exploring Irish Amateur Collections, 1930-1970 7. Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes: Uncensored British Imperial Politics in Late Colonial Home Movies: Memsahibs, Indian Bearers and Chinese Communist Insurgents 8. Karen Lury: The Amateur Film: From Artifact to Anecdote 9. Janna Jones: Starring Sally Peshlakai: Rewriting the Script for Tad Nichols's 1939 Navajo Rug Weaving SECTION THREE: NONFICTIONAL RECONTEXTUALISATIONS 10. Efren Cuevas: Change of Scale: Home Movies as Microhistory in Documentary Films 11. Barry Monahan: Creating Historiography: Alan Gilsenan's Formal Reframing of Amateur Archival Footage in Home Movie Nights 12. Stefano Odorico: "That Would Be Wrong": Errol Morris and His Use of Home Movies (As Metalanguages) in Feature Documentaries SECTION FOUR: AMATEUR AUTEUR13. Richard Kilborn: "I am a Time Archaeologist": Some Reflections on the Filmmaking Practice of Péter Forgács14. Ruth Balint: Representing the Past and the Meaning of Home in Péter Forgács's Private Hungary 15. Dominique Bluher: Necessity Is the Mother of Invention, or Morder's Amateur Toolkit 16. Dominique Bluher: Joseph Morder, the "Filmateur": An Interview with Joseph Morder 17. Laura Rascaroli: Working at Home: Tarnation, Amateur Authorship, and Self-inscription in the Digital Age SECTION FIVE: NEW DIRECTIONS: THE DIGITAL AGE 18. Susan Aasman: Saving Private Reels: Archival Practices and Digital Memories (Formerly Known as Home Movies) in the Digital Age 19. Patricia R. Zimmerman: The Home Movie Archive Live 20. Tianqi Yu: An Inward Gaze at Home: Amateur First Person DV Documentary Filmmaking in Twenty-First Century China 21. Lauren S. Berliner: Shooting for Profit: The Monetary Logic of the YouTube Home Movie 22. Abigail Keating: Home Movies in the Age of Web 2.0: The Case of "Star Wars Kid" 23. Max Schleser: Towards Mobile Filmmaking 2.0: Amateur Filmmaking as an Alternative Cultural Practice.
"With the advent of digital filmmaking and critical recognition of the relevance of self expression, first-person narratives, and personal practices of memorialization, interest in the amateur moving image has never been stronger. Bringing together key scholars in the field, and revealing the rich variety of amateur filmmaking--from home movies of Imperial India and film diaries of life in contemporary China, to the work of leading auteurs such as Joseph Morder and Peter Forgacs--Amateur Filmmaking highlights the importance of amateur cinema as a core object of critical interest across an array of disciplines. With contributions on the role of the archive, on YouTube, and on the impact of new technologies on amateur filmmaking, these essays offer the first comprehensive examination of this growing field"--
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