Pediatric endocrinology [electronic resource] /
[edited by] Mark A. Sperling.
Fourth edition.
Philadelphia, PA : Elsevier/Saunders, [2014]
1455748587 (electronic bk.), 1455759732 (electronic bk.), 9781455748587 (hardcover : alk. paper), 9781455759736 (electronic bk.)
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Philadelphia, PA : Elsevier/Saunders, [2014]
1455748587 (electronic bk.)
1455759732 (electronic bk.)
9781455748587 (hardcover : alk. paper)
9781455759736 (electronic bk.)
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Overview and principles of pediatric endocrinology / Mark A. Sperling -- Molecular endocrinology and endocrine genetics / Ram K. Menon, Massimo Trucco, Constantine A. Stratakis -- Receptor transduction pathways mediating hormone action / Michael Levine -- Laboratory methods in pediatric endocrinology / Donald Walt Chandler, Dennis J. Chia, Jon Nakamoto, Kelly Y. Chun, Samuel H. Pepkowitz, Robert Rapaport -- Ambiguous genitalia / Selma F. Witchel, Peter A. Lee -- Hypoglycemia in the newborn and infant / Diva DeLeon, Paul Thornton, Charles A. Stanley, Mark A. Sperling -- Disorders of the thyroid in the newborn and infant / Guy Van Vliet, Johnny Deladoey -- Disorders of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis in the newborn and infant / Allen W. Root -- Neonatal diabetes mellitus / Mark A. Sperling -- Disorders of growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor secretion and action / Phillipe Backeljauw, Pinchas Cohen, Ron G. Rosenfeld, Mehul Dattani -- Disorders of the posterior pituitary / Joseph A. Majzoub, Louis J. Muglia, Abhinash Srivatsa -- Thyroid disorders in children and adolescents / Scott Rivkees -- Adrenal cortex and its disorders / Walter Miller, Christa E. Fluck -- Pheochromocytoma and multiple endocrine neoplasia syndromes / Steven G. Waguespack, Anita K. Ying -- Puberty and its disorders in the female / Robert L. Rosenfield, David W. Cooke, Sally Radovick -- Turner syndrome / Paul Saenger, Carolyn Bondy -- Puberty and its disorders in the male / Ieuan A. Hughes, Mark Palmert, Leo Dunkel -- Disorders of mineral homeostasis in children and adolescents / Allen Root, Frank Diamond -- Diabetes mellitus / Mark A. Sperling, William Tamberlane, Stuart Weinzimer, Moshe Philip, Tadej Battelino -- Autoimmune polyglandular syndromes / Michael Haller, William Winter, Desmond Schatz -- Hypoglycemia in the toddler and child / David Langdon -- Obesity, metabolic syndrome and disorders of energy balance / Robert H. Lustig, Ram Weiss -- Lipid disorders in children and adolescents / Steven Daniels, Sarah C. Couch.
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