At the brink : will Obama push us over the edge? /
John R. Lott Jr.
Washington, DC : Regnery Pub. ; New York : Distributed to the trade by Perseus Distribution, c2013.
xvi, 320 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
1621570517, 9781621570516
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Washington, DC : Regnery Pub. ; New York : Distributed to the trade by Perseus Distribution, c2013.
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The looming Obamacare disaster -- More stimulus, fewer jobs and lower wages -- Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered -- The war on business -- Taxes.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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We're Losing America The most radical president in American history has won a second term. His goal: transform American. His chances of success: frightening. In this shocking assessment of what President Obama has done and intends to do, celebrated economist and bestselling author John Lott shows that the United States is at the brink of catastrophe--economically and socially. The future of not just our economy but our liberty is in the balance. In his stunning new book, At the Brink , Lott reveals: How the "stimulus" was the most expensive economic failure in history, with consequences that could last for generations Why debt will continue to grow under Obama--and the potentially devastating impact it could have on your economic security Why you can expect soaring health care costs--hint: it's happening already Why American health care will--quite soon, as Obamacare takes effect--no longer be the envy of the world Why gun control isn't the panacea the Obama administration makes it out to be--and will in fact make crime worse The Obama administration's incredible record of deceit in chipping away at our constitutional rights--from Obamacare's mandates to the scandal of Operation Fast and Furious What Congress needs to do to change direction fast Laden with hard facts you haven't seen anywhere else, Lott details just how dangerous Obama's policies have been, and how they'll get even worse without stiff congressional opposition. At the Brink is sobering but essential reading for Americans who care about our future.
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"Unlike so many, John Lott gets it. He understands precisely how devastating Barack Obama's policies are in every important domestic area-the economy, health care, and crime. Lott also recognizes that Obama, with the help of a protective media, has shrewdly camouflaged his disastrous policies in propaganda and deceived America voters. But Lott is a master of the facts, and Obama's record and propaganda disintegrate when met with facts." -David Limbaugh, author of the bestseller "John Lott offers readers and exceptionally clear, understandable, and devastating critique of President Obama's leading policy initiatives, from Obamacare to economic stimulus, gun control, business regulation, and tax policy. I particularly enjoyed Lott's rebuttal of Obama's economic stimulus efforts, which is the best and most comprehensive rebuttal to claims of effectiveness that currently exists anywhere. This book should be in the hands of every citizen who knows something is very wrong in public policy today but can't find the words or facts to turn concern into solid argument. The words and facts are here." -William W. Beach, director, Center for Data Analysis, and Lazof Family Fellow, the Heritage Foundation "John Lott lays out the false arguments used to justify the increased role of government, from health care to taxation and spending. He knows the issues inside and out, anticipates the counterarguments well, and effectively uses both economic theory and data to support his positions. The scariest thing is that voices like his are becoming way too scarce." -Robert G. Hansen, Ph.D., senior associate dean, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College "America is standing at the precipice, ready to tumble into a pit of high taxes, ever higher spending, and sustainable debt. Barack Obama has been pushing from behind, with his stimulus, health care law, and now his gun-grabbing. Have we reached the point of no return? With his characteristic attention to detail, John Lott documents how we got here and shows us the way back." -W. James Antle III, editor, Daily Caller News Foundation, and author of Devouring Freedom
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Barack Obama has taken America to the brink of financial ruin. Will we be able to stop before we go over the edge? Author John Lott sounds the alarm as he documents the economic challenges we face with four more years of an Obama presidency, and builds an case for fundamental change - the kind we need to save America.

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