Method and meaning : essays on New Testament interpretation in honor of Harold W. Attridge /
edited by Andrew B. McGowan and Kent Harold Richards.
Atlanta : Society of Biblical Literature, c2011.
xxii, 604 p. : ill., charts ; 23 cm.
1589836316 (paper binding : alk. paper), 1589836324 (electronic format), 9781589836310 (paper binding : alk. paper), 9781589836327 (electronic format)
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Atlanta : Society of Biblical Literature, c2011.
1589836316 (paper binding : alk. paper)
1589836324 (electronic format)
9781589836310 (paper binding : alk. paper)
9781589836327 (electronic format)
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Many methods : the diversity of New Testament scholarship / Andrew B. McGowan and Kent Harold Richards -- I. Texts and methods. Historical Jesus research : the challenge of sources and methods / Craig A. Evans -- Form criticism and New Testament interpretation / Edgar V. McKnight -- Source criticism of Acts / Joseph B. Tyson -- Redaction criticism in theory and practice / Adela Yarbro Collins -- Textual criticism and New Testament interpretation / Eldon Jay Epp -- Narrative criticism of the New Testament / David Rhoads -- Oral communication, oral performance, and New Testament interpretation / Richard A. Horsley -- The synoptic gospels as social history / James M. Robinson -- The synoptic problem : John the Baptist and Jesus / Mark Goodacre -- Ancient rhetorical and epistolary theory : Second Corinthians as deliberative discourse / Thomas D. Stegman, S.J. -- Rhetorical criticism in Hebrews scholarship : avenues and aporias / Gabriella Gelardini -- Apocalyptic and New Testament interpretation / David E. Aune -- God and planning : footprints of providence in Acts and in the Acts of Paul / Richard I. Pervo -- II. Context and method. The Dead Sea scrolls and the New Testament : the case of the suffering servant / John J. Collins -- Gnosticism and the New Testament : The apocryphon of James (NHC I,2) from Nag Hammadi / Elaine Pagels -- Jewish apocrypha and the New Testament / James VanderKam -- Traditions about Mary in the apocryphal New Testament / J. Keith Elliott -- Ancient philosophy and the New Testament : "exemplar" as example / David T. Runia -- Hellenistic Judaism and the New Testament / Thomas H. Tobin, S.J. -- The spirit of the letter : scriptural interpretation in the early church / Rowan A. Greer -- Marcion and the New Testament / Judith M. Lieu -- The New Testament and its Palestinian background : essaying Mark's Gospel / Sean Freyne -- Romans 1:23 and Greco-Roman religion / Everett Ferguson -- III. Method and meaning. Did Jesus confess his sins at baptism? : evidence from the book of Tobit / Gary A. Anderson -- Judean ethnic identity and the purpose of Hebrews / Philip F. Esler -- Gender and the body of Christ : problems in 1 Corinthians / Pheme Perkins -- Reflections on the canon, its origins, and New Testament interpretation / James Hamilton Charlesworth -- New Testament studies and postcolonialism : placing Johannine studies within the discourse / Francisco Lozada, Jr.
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