The little book of stress relief /
David Posen.
[2nd ed.].
Buffalo, N.Y. : Firefly Books, c2012.
207 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
1770850155, 9781770850156
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Buffalo, N.Y. : Firefly Books, c2012.
This resource is a helpful, inspiring and practical guide to alleviating the growing problem of stress in modern life.
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 199-202) and index.
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About the Author
Author Affiliation
David Posen, MD, is a family physician who counsels patients on stress and lifestyle management. He is a leading speaker and trainer in the areas of stress mastery, change management and work-life balance, lecturing widely across North America. He is also the bestselling author of Always Change a Losing Game and Staying Afloat When the Water Gets Rough. His magazine articles have appeared in Canadian Living and Reader's Digest, as well as several medical journals. He has written a weekly column about stress and lifestyle management in the health section of, one of Canada's largest and most-visited Web sites and has been quoted in many leading U.S. magazines.
Review Quotes
(about the previous edition) For the person who has done a lot of reading about stress, the book is a primer. For new readers on this subject, the book will have much information to offer. Even for those of us who have studied stress, its consequences, and how to more effectively handle it, the book is a helpful refresher.
For new readers on this subject, the book will have much information to offer.
[Review of earlier edition:] This well-written book is set up in 52 very brief chapters... The idea is that you seriously tackle one issue a week.
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Bowker Data Service Summary
Stress has become an integral part of our lives. In controlled doses it can help us perform better but, if it is left unchecked, it can leave us feeling fatigued and overwhelmed. This book explains how to take back control of your life, and regain a healthy work-to-life balance.
Main Description
Stress has become an integral part of the way we live. In controlled doses, it helps us perform better. But, left unchecked, stress can leave us feeling fatigued and overwhelmed, and can lead to any number of health problems. In The Little Book of Stress Relief, stress expert Dr. David Posen teaches us how to take back control of our lives and regain a healthy work-life balance. Small in size, light in tone, and rich in content, The Little Book of Stress Relief offers 52 prescriptions to help us make small changes that can have a profound positive effect on the quality of our lives. Book jacket.
Main Description
This interesting, easy to read, and useful book can make a great gift to a friend or colleague who leads a hectic and demanding life and who wants to 'get control.' -- Journal of Family and Community Health (on the first edition) Intense stress is an integral part of modern life and it seems to be getting worse. In controlled doses, stress helps individuals to think faster and perform better but left unchecked and unbalanced it leads to fatigue, helplessness and a variety of unfortunate health complications. With people working harder, anxious about job loss and the faster pace of life, stress is increasing. The Little Book of Stress Relief is a practical book that changes the fundamental thinking and habitual lifestyle choices that contribute to heightened stress levels. There are helpful tips for making informed choices, adjusting how we think and taking the necessary steps to regain control. Organized into 52 short chapters -- one for each week of the year -- of 2 to 3 pages in length, the book uses stories and analogies to describe specific causes of stress, and provides simple concrete things to overcome them. Easy-to-follow activities and exercises lead to the right amount of sleep, deal with procrastination and perfect the art of setting priorities. The book's layout allows readers to follow the tips in any order. Here is a sampling of the topics in The Little Book of Stress Relief : Do You Know Your Signs of Stress? Unrealistic Expectations Peer Pressure and Corporate Culture How to Leave Work at Work Burnout Dealing with Information Overload and Technostress Dealing with Clutter Money and Stress Reframing Other People's Problems Dealing with Anger New Year's Resolutions The Little Book of Stress Relief is a helpful, inspiring and practical guide to alleviating a big problem.
Table of Contents
Acknowledgmentsp. 11
Welcomep. 13
Is Stress a Friend or Foe?p. 16
Do You Know Your Signs of Stress?p. 19
Where Does Stress Come From?p. 22
Internal Sources of Stressp. 25
The Mind/Body Connectionp. 28
Factors Influencing Our Stressful Interpretationsp. 32
The Fascinating History of Stress Theoryp. 35
Unrealistic Expectationsp. 37
Use Your Stress Reactions Wiselyp. 40
The Work-Life Balancing Actp. 42
The Power of Permissionp. 45
Where's the Pressure Coming From?p. 48
Peer Pressure and Corporate Culturep. 51
Setting Boundaries and Limitsp. 55
Saying Nop. 59
Sleepp. 62
Caffeinep. 65
Putting Your Work in Perspectivep. 68
How to Leave Work at Workp. 71
Reclaiming Ownership of Your Timep. 74
Making Time for Leisurep. 77
Beliefs That Oppose Balance and Leisurep. 80
Pacing and Time-Outsp. 84
It's Time to Plan Your Next Vacationp. 87
Burnoutp. 90
Dealing with Deadlinesp. 94
Prioritizing Tasksp. 97
Delegatingp. 100
Communication Skillsp. 103
Communication Aggravationp. 106
Dealing with Information Overload and Technostressp. 109
Handling Home Choresp. 113
Procrastinationp. 116
Dealing with Clutterp. 119
Paper Clutterp. 122
Money and Stressp. 125
Trouble Making Decisionsp. 129
Long-Distance Worryingp. 133
Closing "Open Circuits"p. 136
The Art of Refrainingp. 139
Conversations with Yourselfp. 142
Thought Stoppingp. 145
Refraining Other People's Behaviorp. 148
Dealing with Difficult Peoplep. 151
Stop Giving Power to Other Peoplep. 154
Good Health-It's Your Choicep. 157
How I Learned to Meditatep. 160
Relaxation Techniquesp. 162
Outlets for Frustrationp. 165
Dealing with Angerp. 168
Dealing with the Bluesp. 172
The Importance of Social Supportp. 175
How to Enjoy Holiday Stressp. 178
Feelings That Surface During the Holiday Seasonp. 182
New Year's Resolutionsp. 185
Wrap-Upp. 188
How Stress Happensp. 192
What Is Stress?p. 193
What Are the Symptoms of Stress?p. 194
External and Internal Sources of Stressp. 196
Resourcesp. 199
Indexp. 203
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