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Justice and justification : reflective equilibrium in theory and practice /
Norman Daniels.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1996.
xiii, 365 pages : diagrams ; 23 cm.
0521461529, 052146711X, 9780521461528, 9780521467117
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Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1996.
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Cover; Title ; Copyright ; Dedication ; Contents ; Preface ; 1. Introduction: Reflective equilibrium in theory and practice; Part I. 2. Wide reflective equilibrium and theory acceptance in ethics ; 3. Reflective equilibrium and Archimedean points ; 4. On some methods of ethics and linguistics ; 5. Two approaches to theory acceptance in ethics; 6. An argument about the relativity of justice ; 7. Moral theory and the plasticity of persons; 8. Reflective equilibrium and justiceas political ; Part II. ; 9. Health-care needs and distributive justice ; 10. Equality of what: Welfare, resources, or capabilities? 11. Determining ""medical necessity"" in mental health practice, with James E. Sabin; 12. The prudential life-span account of justice across generations ; 13. Problems with prudence ; 14. Merit and meritocracy ; 15. Rationing fairly: Programmatic considerations ; Postscript: Fair procedures and just rationing ; 16. Wide reflective equilibrium in practice ; Index.
"We all have beliefs, even strong convictions, about what is just and fair in our social arrangements. How should these beliefs and the theories of justice that incorporate them guide our thinking about practical matters of justice? This wide-ranging collection of essays by one of the foremost medical ethicists in the USA explores the claim that justification in ethics, whether of matters of theory or practice, involves achieving coherence between our moral and non-moral beliefs. Amongst the practical issues addressed in the volume are the design of health-care institutions, the distribution of goods between the old and the young, and fairness in hiring and firing. In combining ethical theory and practical ethics this volume will prove especially valuable to philosophers concerned with ethics and applied ethics, political theorists, bioethicists, and others involved in the study of public policy." --
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