Ullmann's encyclopedia of industrial chemistry [electronic resource] /
[editorial advisory board, Matthias Bohnet ... et al.].
6th, completely rev. ed.
Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, c2003.
40 v. : ill. ; 25 cm.
3527303855 (set : acid-free paper)
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Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, c2003.
3527303855 (set : acid-free paper)
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Includes bibliographical references and index (v. 40).
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"Every user in industry and academia will be enthusiastic about this comprehensive and excellently conceived reference work." ( Chemie Ingenieur Technik ) "The Fifth Edition is the culmination of 80 years of experience and tradition, fully international in scope and presentation with articles of the highest quality. It deserves a place in every library that aspires to offer comprehensive reference material on industrial chemistry. I can recommend it without reservation." ( Angewandte Chemie ) "Clearly, it stands as one of the preeminent encyclopedias in the field of science and technology and should be acquired by any library that claims to offer comprehensive reference collections." ( American Reference Books Annual ) "An indispensable reference work for applications scientists of all persuasions. Every library should have a copy. A publication of highest quality and recommended without any reservations." ( Dyes and Pigments ) "Ullmann's has a number of plus features that distinguish it from competing material: its structure is the result of over 80 years of experience and tradition; it is entirely international in scope, concept, and presentation; only the very best and most authoritative reference material being presented at the highest levels of authenticity, each article is designed with the reader in mind." ( Chemical Business ) "Widely considered to be the prime reference source for all branches of chemistry...this new edition will be published as a complete 40-volume set in December 2002, and will contain the highest standard of industrial chemistry content available." ( ACS Show Daily , August 21, 2002, Boston) "Generations of chemists and engineers have relied on the well structured and trusted information from Ullmann's Encyclopedia'and you still can..." ( Word Trade ) "...contains over 800 articles on the latest developments in industrial chemistry....nearly 60% of the material has been updated or newly online edition of the encyclopedia is also available." ( Journal of the American Chemical Society , Vol. 125)
"The contents and organization of the Fifth Edition are excellent...and worth the investment we have made." -Chief Librarian, ELF Atochem North America
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Since its inception generations of chemists have relied upon Ullmann's for information on chemical products, processes and methods and the latest research information from all branches of chemistry. The sixth edition runs to 40 volumes including one index volume.
Main Description
89 years of expertise in applied and industrial chemistry - Ullmann's is back in print! Generations of chemists and engineers have relied on the well structured and trusted information from Ullmann's Encyclopedia - and you still can count on Ullmann's with the current 6th edition in print. Ullmann's is a synonym for the world's most current and trustworthy knowledge in everything that relates to the chemical industry, be it processes, chemicals, products, analytical chemistry, pharmaceuticals, name it, Ullmann's has it - well over 800 articles on over 30 000 printed pages in 40 volumes. Organized in alphabetical order, the chapters are easy to read and excellent starting points to introduce you to any topic. Over 15 000 tables and 25 000 figures (some of them in color) make it easy for you to quickly find what you are looking for. Countless literature and patent references guide you to the relevant and accessible primary literature. Numerous cross-references point you to relevant chapters in the same context and a well organized index volume enables searching for keywords. Finding what you need is very simple indeed and you won't have to ask for a user's manual for this massive work! Supervised by an internationally acclaimed advisory board, the articles are written by over 3000 international experts from industry and universities, thoroughly edited to uniform style and layout in an in-house office. All figures are re-drawn to give a maximum of clarity and uniformity in style. Compared to the prior edition, almost 60% of the material has either been newly written or thoroughly updated. The rest has been checked for validity and newer references have been added throughout.
Table of Contents
Ullmann's Encyclopedia
over 800 articles bring to you Industrial Chemistry from A to Z! Adhesion, Advanced Ceramics
Airbus Industries, Amersham
Amino Acids, Analytical Techniques, Astronomy, Atmospheric Aerosals, Atom Economy
Baking Powder
Basf, Bayer
Biochemistry, Biological Clock, Biophysics, Biosynthesis, Brass, Brewery
Bristol Meyers Squibb, British Steel, Bruker, Bubbles, Catalysis, Cayman, Celanese
Chemical Biology, Chromatography, Coatings, Colloids, Colours, Composites, Computer Science, Concrete, Condensed Matter, Cooling, Corrosion, Cotton, Density, Detergents, Diamond Films
Dmc2, Dna
Drug Cleaning, Drug Development, Drug Discovery, Drug Targeting
Educational Chemistry, Electricity, Energy Conversion, Engineering, Environmental Chemistry, Enzymes, Fabric, Femtochemistry, Film, Fine Chemicals, Foam, Foil, Food Sciences, Fragrance, Fuel Cells, Gel Technology
General Electric
Gloss, Glycobiology, Grains, Green Chemistry, Halazone, Heat Conductivity
High Energy, Histochemistry
Hormone, Human Health, IBM, Imaging, In situ Detection, Indigo
Insulin Jasmine Scent, Intermetallics, Ion Traps, Ionic Transport, Iron, Jade, Jelly, Jet, Jewelry, Johimbine
Jojoba, Juniper tar, K+Channel, Kerosene, Ketones, Kevlar, Kien, Kinetics, Kneaders, Knife Coating, Krypton, Laser, Lead
Lederle, Leybold
Lime, Liquid Crystals, Lubricants
Lucent Tech
Luminescence, Magnets, Materials Sciences, Medicine, Memory Devices
Methrom, Mettler
Microanalysis, Microreators
Molecular Modelling, Molecular Switches, Nanocompositing, Nanocrystals, Nanostructures, Natural Products, Neural Nets
Nikon, Norsk Hydro, Novartis
Nuclear Reactor
Optics, Organic, Organic Polymers
Oxford Instruments
Oxygen, Ozone, Packaging, Paint, Parfume, Particles, Patents
Pharmacia, Phillips
Photonics, Physical Chemistry, Plasma, Plastics, Pollution, Polymers, Power Supply, Process Development
Proteins, Proteomics, Quality Assurance, Quantitative Structure Analysis, Quantum Dots, Quantum Optics, Quarks, Quart Z, Quenching
Radiology, Reactions, Reactor Designs, Receptors, Remover, Renewable Resources
Rna, Roche, Rutgers
Separation Sciences
Shell, Shering, Shimadzu, Siemens, Smith Kline
Soaps, Soil Sciences, Solid State, Space Physics, Spectroscopy, Sputtering
Stanford Research Systems
Sumitomo, Sunco
Superconducting, Surfactants, Sweetener, Switches, Synthesis
Tar, Textiles, Thermodynamics, Thin Films, Titanium Alloys, Toxicology, Transformers, Transistors, Tribology, Ultra filtration, Ultrasonics, Ultraviolet Stabilizer
Union Carbide
Uranium, Uranium Glass, Urea, Vaccines, Vacuum, Vaportransport
Vaw Aluminium
Vibrations, Vitamins, Voltage, Vulcanization
Washing, Waterspace Chemistry, Wavelength, Wax, Whiskers, Whisky, Whitewash Xenobiotics, Wine, Wool, Xanthan Gum, Xenon Arc Lamps, Xerography
X-Ray, Yarn, Yeast, Yellow Phosphorus, Yield Stress
Zeoliths, Zincfinger Proteins, Zirconium Doped, Zonemelting, Zoochemistry
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