New women in colonial Korea : a sourcebook /
compiled and translated with introduction by Hyaeweol Choi.
New York, NY : Routledge, 2013.
xvi, 244 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
0203116070 (ebook), 0415517095 (hardback), 9780203116074 (ebook), 9780415517096 (hardback)
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New York, NY : Routledge, 2013.
0203116070 (ebook)
0415517095 (hardback)
9780203116074 (ebook)
9780415517096 (hardback)
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Introduction: new women in discursive and historical space -- The woman question -- New woman, old woman -- Na Hyesok : the ideal woman -- Inaugural editorial from Sin Yoja -- Kim Wonju : the self-awakening of women -- Kim Hwallan : urging men to critically reflect on themselves -- Ham Sepung : women's liberation means social progress -- Yi Chonghui : what does freedom mean for women? -- Im Chinsil : an observation on the status of women -- Kim Chunyon : nations of gender equality and gender inequality -- Yi Kwangsu : ten commandments for new women -- Ko Yongsuk : a rash statement : rebuttal to yi kwangsu -- Chu Yosop : characteristics of new women and traditional women -- Kim Wonju : the necessity of women's education -- Problems regarding uniforms and school badges for schoolgirls -- Ho Chongsuk : to girl students returning to their homes in the countryside -- Yi Kwangsu : centering women's education on motherhood -- Palbong Sanin : contemporary women and modern education : teach romance and sex education in order to guide women in the midst of moral decay -- Pang Chonghwan: even if I have a daughter, I won't send her to school : request for the reform of girls' school -- Alice Appenzeller : issues in the higher education for women in Korea -- Hyon Sangyun : a message to Korean schoolgirls -- Cho Tongsik : moral discipline and Korean schoolgirls -- Kim Hwallan : problems in girls' education -- The "modern girl" question -- Yu Kwangyol : what is modern? : the great debate on modern girl, modern boy -- Pak Yonghui : characteristics of "modern woman" and "modern man" in a bourgeois society : the great debate on modern girl, modern boy -- Songsoin : modern woman : the great debate on modern girl, modern boy -- Choe Haksong : a symbol of decadence : the great debate on modern girl, modern boy -- Love, marriage, and divorce -- No Chayong : the forerunner of the women's movement : Ellen Key -- Chu Yosop : suggestions for a happy marriage : starting with a more
liberal wedding ceremony -- Kim Sukhui : I'd like to have a lover in addition to a husband -- Chong Chilsong : critique on red love : kollontai's sexual morality -- Chin Sangju : upsurge of proletarian love, the class nature of love -- Kim Kangchun : a thesis on the reform of romance -- Hwang Sindok : love in marriage, love suicide, and sex education -- Song Sangnae : legitimacy of divorce -- Special issue on second wife (che i puin) -- Pak Indok: korea's nora left the doll's house -- Na hyesok : a confession about my divorce: to chonggu -- Politics of the body : chastity, birth control and fashion -- Kim Wonju : my view on chastity -- Roundtable : a debate on chastity -- Is it a sin to have sex during the engagement? -- Na Hyesok : starting a new life -- Paek Chol : a new view on chastity -- Yun Songsang : urgent call for birth control : the necessity of publicity and practice -- An urgent call for birth control : four medical methods -- Chu Sejuk : I advocate short hair -- Is short hair good or bad? -- Yun Songsang : modern woman reflected in vogue -- Transcultural experiences -- Yuam : higher education for women in the U.S. : advancement of women is equal to advancement of the.
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Includes bibliographical references ( p.[231]-236) and index.

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