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Civilians and war in Europe, 1618-1815 /
edited by Erica Charters, Eve Rosenhaft and Hannah Smith.
Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2012.
xv, 301 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
1846317118, 9781846317118
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Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2012.
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"Most of the chapters in this volume are versions of papers presented at the 'Civilians and war in Europe, c.1640-1815' conference held at the University of Liverpool in June 2009"--P. 9.
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 262-290) and index.
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About the Author
Author Affiliation
Erica Charters is a University Lecturer in the History of Medicine, University of Oxford. Eve Rosenhaft is Professor of German Historical Studies and Director of the Eighteenth-Century Worlds Research Centre, University of Liverpool. Hannah Smith is Tutorial Fellow and University Lecturer in History, St. Hilda's College, University of Oxford.
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An innovative and coherent collection of a consistently very high standard.
A superior example of an edited collection, containing essays of real importance and quality, and arranged in an illuminating way.
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This volume builds on recent studies of warfare that include social and cultural contexts ('new military history'). At the same time, the volume challenges traditional narratives of warfare that identify the development of modern 'total' war with the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Instead of focusing on only the early modern period (seventeenth and eighteenth centuries) or the Revolutionary period (the later eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries), this volume examines the continuities and transformations in warfare over the course of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and early nineteenth centuries, reconsidering the nature of European warfare across two hundred years by stepping back from established categories and narratives.
Main Description
Civilians and War in Europe 1618-1815 examines the relationship between civilians and warfare from the start of the Thirty Years War to the end of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The volume interrogates received narratives of warfare that identify the development of modern 'total' war with the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and instead considers the continuities and transformations in warfare over the course of two hundred years. The contributors examine prisoners of war, the cultures of plunder, the tensions of billeting, and war-time atrocities throughout England, France, Spain, and the German territories. They also explore the legal practices surrounding the conduct and aftermath of war; representations of civilians, soldiers, and militias; and the philosophical underpinnings of warfare. They probe what it meant to be a civilian in territories beset by invasion and civil war or in times when 'peace' at home was accompanied by almost continuous military engagement abroad. Their accounts show us civilians not only as anguished sufferers, but also directly involved with war: fighting back with shocking violence, profiting from war-time needs, and negotiating for material and social redress. And they show us individuals and societies coming to terms with the moral and political challenges posed by the business of drawing lines between 'civilians' and 'soldiers'. With contributors drawn from the fields of political and legal theory, literature and the visual arts, and military, political, social, and cultural history, this volume will appeal to all those with an interest in the history of warfare and the evolution of the idea of the civilian.
Main Description
Civilians and War in Europe 16181815 is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary look at the role of civilians in early modern warfare, from the Thirty Years War to the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Drawing on works by scholars in art, literature, history, and political theory, the contributors to this volume explore the continuities and transformations in warfare over the course of two hundred years, examining topics central to civilian and war dynamics, including incarceration, cultures of plunder, billeting, and wartime atrocities, in addition to the larger legal practices and philosophical underpinnings of warfare and its aftermath. Showcasing the complex ways civilians were involved in war-not just as anguished sufferers, but as individuals who fought back, who profited, and who negotiated for their own needs- Civilians and War in Europe probes what it meant to be a civilian in countries deeply involved in conflict.
Table of Contents
List of Contributorsp. vii
Acknowledgementsp. x
List of Illustrationsp. xii
List of Abbreviationsp. xiv
Introductionp. 1
Suffering, Reconciliation and Values in the Seventeenth Century
Was the Thirty Years War a 'Total War'?p. 21
Grotius and the Civilianp. 36
War, Property and the Bonds of Society: England's ├ŽUnnatural' Civil Warsp. 52
Transitional Justice Theory and Reconciling Civil War Division in English Society, circa 1660-1670p. 68
The State, Soldiers and Civilians
The Administration of War and French Prisoners of War in Britain, 1756-1763p. 87
Civilians, the French Army and Military Justice during the Reign of Louis XIV, circa 1640-1715p. 100
Restricted Violence? Military Occupation during the Eighteenth Centuryp. 118
British Soldiers at Home: The Civilian Experience in Wartime, 1740-1783p. 129
Who is a Civilian? Who is a Soldier?
Conflicted Identities: Soldiers, Civilians and the Representation of Warp. 147
'Turning Out for Twenty-Days Amusement': The Militia in Georgian Satirical Printsp. 157
Insurgents and Counter-Insurgents between Military and Civil Society from the 1790s to 1815p. 182
Contradictions of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
The Limits of Conflict in Napoleonic Europe - And Their Transgressionp. 201
Plunder on the Peninsula: British Soldiers and Local Civilians during the Peninsular War, 1808-1813p. 209
Invasion and Occupation: Civilian-Military Relations in Central Europe during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Warsp. 225
Imprisoned Reading: French Prisoners of War at the Selkirk Subscription Library, 1811-1814p. 241
Bibliographyp. 262
Indexp. 291
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