[Greek Gospel lectionary : manuscript.
Orthodox Eastern Church.
Constantinople? ca. 1050?]
[227] leaves.
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corporate author
uniform title
Constantinople? ca. 1050?]
contents note
Readings for the weeks of John: leaves 2r-43r, 97r-v. -- Readings for the weeks of Matthew: leaves 43r-71r. -- Readings for the weeks of Luke: leaves 71r-105v. -- Readings for Lent: leaves 1r-v, 106r-182r. -- Readings for the immovable feast days from 1 Sept. through 20 July: leaves 182r-227v.
general note
Collation: i¹, ii⁶ [-1 and -2 with text loss], iii [8 misplaced as f. 97], iv-xii⁸, xiii², xiv¹, xv⁸, xvi⁷ [1 misplaced as f. 1], xvii-xxi⁸, xxii⁶ [-2 and -6 with text loss], xxiii-xxiv⁸, xxv¹, xxvi-xxxi⁸, xxxii⁴ [-4, -5, -7, and -8 with text loss]. No quire signatures.
Dry-point ruling.
Folios damaged throughout by a purple residue, the results of a bacteria from [now inactive] mould interacting with the collagen of the parchment; text unaffected.
Illuminated initial at the beginning of each Gospel reading.
In columns; 21 lines per page.
Maniculus on leaf 98r.
Modern binding of tight, light brown leather over wood, with three raised bands and modern parchment pastedowns.
Original order of folia: [2-22, 97, 23-96, 98-105, 217-218, 216, 219-227].
Two modern sets of foliation added in pencil.
With ekphonetic notation in red ink written above the Gospel texts, consistent with an 11th-century creation.
catalogue key
One of a group of codices from the Metochion of the Holy Sepulchre in Constantinople (Metochion MS 444), the most famous of which is the "Archimedes Palimpsest". Previously owned by Salomon Guerson.
Purchase; Les Enluminures; 2011; MS.12.015.

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