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Simulated evolution and learning [electronic resource] : 8th international conference, SEAL 2010, Kanpur, India, December 1-4, 2010 : proceedings /
Kalyanmoy Deb ... [et al.] (eds.).
Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2010.
xvii, 719 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
3642172970 (pbk.), 9783642172977 (pbk.)
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Main Description
This volume constitutes the proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning, SEAL 2010, held in Kanpur, India, in December 2010. The 61full papers and 19 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 141 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on theoretical development, evolutionary algorithms and applications, learning methodologies, multi-objective evolutionary algorithms and applications, hybrid algorithms, and industrial applications.
Table of Contents
Invited Paper
Beyond Convexity: New Perspectives in Computational Optimizationp. 1
Theoretical Developments
Optimal ¿-Distributions for the Hypervolume Indicator for Problems with Linear Bi-objective Fronts: Exact and Exhaustive Resultsp. 24
A Parallel Algorithm for Solving Large Convex Minimax Problemsp. 35
Towards Efficient and Effective Negative Selection Algorithm: A Convex Hull Representation Schemep. 45
To Handle Real Valued Input in XCS: Using Fuzzy Hyper-trapezoidal Membership in Classifier Conditionp. 55
Development of Optimal Control System for Safe Distance of Platooning Using Model Predictive Controlp. 65
A Comparative Study on Theoretical and Empirical Evolution of Population Variance of Differential Evolution Variantsp. 75
Generating Sequential Space-Filling Designs Using Genetic Algorithms and Monte Carlo Methodsp. 80
Evolutionary Algorithms and Applications
MP-EDA: A Robust Estimation of Distribution Algorithm with Multiple Probabilistic Models for Global Continuous Optimizationp. 85
A Bi-criterion Approach to Multimodal Optimization: Self-adaptive Approachp. 95
On the Flexible Applied Boundary and Support Conditions of Compliant Mechanisms Using Customized Evolutionary Algorithmp. 105
Intensification Strategies for Extremal Optimisationp. 115
Comparing Two Constraint Handling Techniques in a Binary-Coded Genetic Algorithm for Optimization Problemsp. 125
Evolving Stories: Tree Adjoining Grammar Guided Genetic Programming for Complex Plot Generationp. 135
Improving Differential Evolution by Altering Steps in ECp. 146
A Dynamic Island-Based Genetic Algorithms Frameworkp. 156
Solving the Optimal Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Evolutionary Computation Algorithmsp. 166
A Comparative Study of Different Variants of Genetic Algorithms for Constrained Optimizationp. 177
Evolutionary FCMAC-BYY Applied to Stream Data Analysisp. 187
UNIFAC Group Interaction Prediction for Ionic Liquid-Thiophene Based Systems Using Genetic Algorithmp. 195
HIER-HEIR: An Evolutionary System with Hierarchical Representation and Operators Applied to Fashion Designp. 205
A Population Diversity-Oriented Gene Expression Programming for Function Findingp. 215
Learning Methodologies
Evolutionary Optimization of Catalysts Assisted by Neural-Network Learningp. 220
Dominance-Based Pareto-Surrogate for Multi-Objective Optimizationp. 230
Learning Cellular Automata Rules for Pattern Reconstruction Taskp. 240
Evolving Fuzzy Rules: Evaluation of a New Approachp. 250
A Niched Genetic Programming Algorithm for Classification Rules Discovery in Geographic Databasesp. 260
Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Estimating the Depth of Penetration and Weld Bead Width from the Infra Red Thermal Image of the Weld Pool during A-TIG Weldingp. 270
Swarm Reinforcement Learning Method Based on an Actor-Critic Methodp. 279
XCS Revisited: A Novel Discovery Component for the eXtended Classifier Systemp. 289
Supplanting Neural Networks with ODEs in Evolutionary Roboticsp. 299
Parallel Distributed Implementation of Genetics-Based Machine Learning for Fuzzy Classifier Designp. 309
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Feature Selection: Application in Bankruptcy Predictionp. 319
Tile Pasting P System with Multiple-Edge Pastingp. 329
Modeling and Automation of Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetesp. 339
The Evolution of Fuzzy Classifier for Data Mining with Applicationsp. 349
PID Step Response Using Genetic Programmingp. 359
Divide and Evolve Driven by Human Strategiesp. 369
A Genetic Algorithm for Assigning Individuals to Populations Using Multi-locus Genotypingp. 374
Extended Q-Learning Algorithm for Path-Planning of a Mobile Robotp. 379
An XML Format for Sharing Evolutionary Algorithm Output and Analysisp. 384
Car Setup Optimisationp. 389
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms and Applications
Robustness of Multi-objective Optimal Solutions to Physical Deterioration through Active Controlp. 394
Non-dimensional Multi-objective Performance Optimization of Single Stage Thermoelectric Coolerp. 404
Multi-Objective Optimization of Particle Reinforced Silicone Rubber Mould Material for Soft Tooling Processp. 414
Comparative Application of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms to the Voltage and Reactive Power Optimization Problem in Power Systemsp. 424
Bayesian Reliability Analysis under Incomplete Information Using Evolutionary Algorithmsp. 435
Optimisation of Double Wishbone Suspension System Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithmp. 445
Self-Controlling Dominance Area of Solutions in Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimizationp. 455
Optimum Design of Balanced SAW Filters Using Multi-Objective Differential Evolutionp. 466
Optimizing the Risk of Occupational Health Hazard in a Multiobjective Decision Environment Using NSGA-IIp. 476
Tuning Process Parameters of Electrochemical Machining Using a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm: A Preliminary Studyp. 485
The Optimization versus Survival Problem and Its Solution by an Evolutionary Multi Objective Algorithmp. 494
Synthesis of Difference Patterns for Monopulse Antenna Arrays - An Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Approachp. 504
Performance of Lognormal Probability Distribution in Crossover Operator of NSGA-II Algorithmp. 514
Metamodels for Fast Multi-objective Optimization: Trading Off Global Exploration and Local Exploitationp. 523
Integrated Location-Inventory Retail Supply Chain Design: A Multi-objective Evolutionary Approachp. 533
Multi-Objective Job Shop Scheduling Based on Multiagent Evolutionary Algorithmp. 543
A Preference Oriented Two-Layered Multiagent Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Objective Job Shop Problemsp. 553
Using an Adaptation of a Binary Search Tree to Improve the NSGA-II Nondominated Sorting Procedurep. 558
A Hybrid Method for Multi-Objective Shape Optimizationp. 563
Evolutionary Multi-Objective Bacterial Swarm Optimization (MOBSO): A Hybrid Approachp. 568
Multi-Objective Optimisation of Web Business Processesp. 573
Multi Objective Optimization of Planetary Gear Trainp. 578
Multi-Objective Control Systems Design with Criteria Reductionp. 583
Probabilistic Based Evolutionary Optimizers in Bi-objective Travelling Salesman Problemp. 588
Hybrid Algorithms
Automatic Shape Independent Shell Clustering Using an Ant Based Approachp. 593
Hybrid Search for Faster Production and Safer Process Conditions in Friction Stir Weldingp. 603
Hybrid Optimization Scheme for Radial Basis Function Neural Networkp. 613
Modified Levenberg Marquardt Algorithm for Inverse Problemsp. 623
Constrained Engineering Design Optimization Using a Hybrid Bi-objective Evolutionary-Classical Methodologyp. 633
Industrial Applications
A Many-Objective Optimisation Decision-Making Process Applied to Automotive Diesel Engine Calibrationp. 638
A Modular Decision-Tree Architecture for Better Problem Understandingp. 647
Virtual Manufacturing Cell Design Using a PSO Approach with Alternative Neighbourhood Topologiesp. 657
Energy Saving System for Office Lighting by Using PSO and ZigBee Networkp. 667
EcoSupply: A Machine Learning Framework for Analyzing the Impact of Ecosystem on Global Supply Chain Dynamicsp. 677
A Data-Mining Method for Detection of Complex Nonlinear Relations Applied to a Model of Apoptosis in Cell Populationsp. 687
An Implementation of Pareto Set Pursuing Technique for Concept Vehicle Designp. 696
EPIC: Efficient Integration of Partitional Clustering Algorithms for Classificationp. 706
Toward Optimal Disk Layout of Genome Scale Suffix Treesp. 711
Author Indexp. 717
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