Medical image computing and computer-assisted intervention [electronic resource] : MICCAI 2000, Third International Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, October 11-14, 2000 : proceedings /
Scott L. Delp, Anthony M. Digioia, Branislav Jaramaz, eds.
Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000.
xxv, 1250 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
3540411895 (alk. paper), 9783540411895 (alk. paper)
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2000, held in Pittsburgh, PA, USA in October 2000. The 136 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 194 submissions. The book offers topical sections on neuroimaging and neuroscience, segmentation, oncology, medical image analysis and visualization, registration, surgical planning and simulation, endoscopy and laparoscopy, cardiac image analysis, vascular image analysis, visualization, surgical navigation, medical robotics, plastic and craniofacial surgery, and orthopaedics.
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Medical Image Computing & Computer-Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2000, held in Pittsburgh, PA, U. S. A. in October 2000. The 136 papers presented were carefully reviewed & selected from a total of 194 submissions. The book offers topical sections on neuroimaging & neuroscience, segmentation, oncology, medical image analysis & visualization, registration, surgical planning & simulation, endoscopy & laproscopy, cardiac image analysis, vascular image analysis, visualization, surgical navigation, medical robotics, plastic & craniofacial surgery, & orthopaedics.
Table of Contents
Neuroimaging and Neurosurgery
A 3-Dimensional Database of Deep Brain Functional Anatomy, and Its Application to Image-Guided Neurosurgeryp. 1
Simulation of Corticospinal Tract Displacement in Patients with Brain Tumorsp. 9
Registration of 3D Intraoperative MR Images of the Brain Using a Finite Element Biomechanical Modelp. 19
Telesurgery System for Intravascular Neurosurgeryp. 29
Automatic Recognition of Cortical Sulci Using a Congregation of Neural Networksp. 40
BrainSuite: An Automated Cortical Surface Identification Toolp. 50
Incorporating Spatial Priors into an Information Theoretic Approach for âMRI Data Analysisp. 62
Small Sample Size Learning for Shape Analysis of Anatomical Structuresp. 72
Robust Midsagittal Plane Extraction from Coarse, Pathological 3D Imagesp. 83
3-D Reconstruction of Macroscopic Optical Brain Slice Imagesp. 95
Ultrasound/MRI Overlay with Image Warping for Neurosurgeryp. 106
Model-Updated Image-Guided Neurosurgery: Preliminary Analysis Using Intraoperative MRp. 115
Automatic Landmarking of Cortical Sulcip. 125
The Skull Stripping Problem in MRI Solved by a Single 3D Watershed Transformp. 134
A Comparative Statistical Error Analysis of Neuronavigation Systems in a Clincal Settingp. 144
Detection and Quantification of Line and Sheet Structures in 3-D Imagesp. 154
Fusing Speed and Phase Information for Vascular Segmentation in Phase Contrast MR Angiogramsp. 166
Intraoperative Segmentation and Nonrigid Registration for Image Guided Therapyp. 176
Efficient Semiautomatic Segmentation of 3D Objects in Medical Imagesp. 186
Space and Time Shape Constrained Deformable Surfaces for 4D Medical Image Segmentationp. 196
Adaptive-Focus Statistical Shape Model for Segmentation of 3D MR Structuresp. 206
Non-linear Diffusion for Interactive Multi-scale Watershed Segmentationp. 216
Medial-Guided Fuzzy Segmentationp. 226
Robust 3D Segmentation of Anatomical Structures with Level Setsp. 236
A Curve Evolution Approach to Medical Image Magnification via the Mumford-Shah Functionalp. 246
Image Segmentation Based on the Integration of Markov Random Fields and Deformable Modelsp. 256
Segmentation by Adaptive Geodesic Active Contoursp. 266
Interactive Organ Segmentation Using Graph Cutsp. 276
Distribution of Prostate Cancer for Optimized Biopsy Protocolsp. 287
Hybrid Classification Approach of Malignant and Benign Pulmonary Nodules Based on Topological and Histogram Featuresp. 297
MRI-Mammographyp. 2D/3D Data F
Pre-and Intra-operative Planning and Simulation of Percutaneous Tumor Ablationp. 317
Volume and Shape Preservation of Enhancing Lesions when Applying Non-rigid Registration to a Time Series of Contrast Enhancing MR Breast Imagesp. 327
Local Integration of Commercially Available Intra-operative MR-scanner and Neurosurgical Guidance for Metalloporphyrin-Guided Tumor Resection and Photodynamic Therapyp. 338
Differential Geometry Based Vector Fields for Characterizing Surrounding Structures of Pulmonary Nodulesp. 348
Medical Image Analysis and Visualization
Non-distorting Flattening for Virtual Colonoscopyp. 358
HeartPerfect: Data Mining in a Large Database of Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphyp. 367
Retrospective Correction of MR Intensity Inhomogeneity by Information Minimizationp. 375
Comparison of Three High-End Endoscopic Visualization Systems on Telesurgical Performancep. 385
Three-Dimensional Slice Image Overlay System with Accurate Depth Perception for Surgeryp. 395
Surgical Navigation System with Intuitive Three-Dimensional Displayp. 403
Functional Analysis of the Vertebral Column Based on MR and Direct Volume Renderingp. 412
Toward a Common Validation Methodology for Segmentation and Registration Algorithmsp. 422
An Improved Metric Space for Pixel Signaturesp. 432
Evaluation of an Automatic System for Simulator/Portal Image Matchingp. 442
Image Registration by Maximization of Combined Mutual Information and Gradient Informationp. 452
An Image Registration Approach to Automated Calibration for Freehand 3D Ultrasoundp. 462
Symmetrization of the Non-rigid Registration Problem Using Inversion-Invariant Energies: Application to Multiple Sclerosisp. 472
Modeling and Analysis of Ultrasonic Echoes Reflected from a Surface under Two Layersp. 482
Localization of 3D Anatomical Point Landmarks in 3D Tomographic Images Using Deformable Modelsp. 492
Fiducial Registration from a Single X-Ray Image: A New Technique for Fluoroscopic Guidance and Radiotherapyp. 502
Multimodal Non-rigid Warping for Correction of Distortions in Functional MRIp. 512
Robust 3D Deformation Field Estimation by Template Propagationp. 521
Tetrahedral Mesh Modeling of Density Data for Anatomical Atlases and Intensity-Based Registrationp. 531
Nonrigid Registration of 3D Scalar, Vector and Tensor Medical Datap. 541
A Fluoroscopic X-Ray Registration Process for Three-Dimensional Surgical Navigationp. 551
Block Matching: A General Framework to Improve Robustness of Rigid Registration of Medical Imagesp. 557
Generalized Correlation Ratio for Rigid Registration of 3D Ultrasound with MR Imagesp. 567
Surgical Planning and Simulation
Simulating Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Interventions Using an Active Manipulatorp. 578
Bayesian Estimation of Intra-operative Deformation for Image-Guided Surgery Using 3-D Ultrasoundp. 588
Modifying Soft Tissue Models: Progressive Cutting with Minimal New Element Creationp. 598
Interaction Techniques and Vessel Analysis for Preoperative Planning in Liver Surgeryp. 608
First Steps in Eliminating the Need for Animals and Cadavers in Advanced Trauma Life Support(R)p. 618
Planning and Simulation of Robotically Assisted Minimal Invasive Surgeryp. 624
A Framework for Predictive Modeling of Intra-operative Deformations: A Simulation-Based Studyp. 634
Real-Time Large Displacement Elasticity for Surgery Simulation: Non-linear Tensor-Mass Modelp. 643
Multi-DOF Forceps Manipulator System for Laparoscopic Surgeryp. 653
A Wide-Angle View Endoscope System Using Wedge Prismsp. 661
Computer-Assisted TURP Training and Monitoringp. 669
Cardiac Image Analysis
Estimating 3D Strain from 4D Cine-MRI and Echocardiography: In-Vivo Validationp. 678
Automating 3D Echocardiographic Image Analysisp. 687
MyoTrack: A 3D Deformation Field Method to Measure Cardiac Motion from Gated SPECTp. 697
Vascular Image Analysis
An Adaptive Minimal Path Generation Technique for Vessel Tracking in CTA/CE-MRA Volume Imagesp. 707
Exploiting Weak Shape Constraints to Segment Capillary Images in Microangiopathyp. 717
Guide Wire Tracking During Endovascular Interventionsp. 727
A Deformable Vessel Model with Single Point Initialization for Segmentationp. 735
Development of a Computer Program for Volume Estimation of Arteriovenous Malformations from Biplane DSA Imagesp. 746
Geometrical and Morphological Analysis of Vascular Branches from Fundus Retinal Imagesp. 756
Computer-Based Assessment of Body Image Distortion in Anorexia Nervosa Patientsp. 766
A Realistic Model of the Inner Organs from the Visible Human Datap. 776
Automatic Centerline Extraction for 3D Virtual Bronchoscopyp. 786
Mixed Reality Merging of Endoscopic Images and 3-D Surfacesp. 796
Improving Triangle Mesh Quality with SurfaceNetsp. 804
diSNei: A Collaborative Environment for Medical Images Analysis and Visualizationp. 814
Surgical Navigation
Impact of Combined Preoperative Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography and Intraoperative Real-Time Three-Dimensional Ultrasonography on Liver Surgeryp. 824
AR Navigation System for Neurosurgeryp. 833
Magneto-Optic Hybrid 3-D Sensor for Surgical Navigationp. 839
Computer Assisted ENT Surgery Using Augmented Reality: Preliminary Results on the CAESAR Projectp. 849
Interventions under Video-Augmented X-Ray Guidance: Application to Needle Placementp. 858
The Varioscope AR-A Head-Mounted Operating Microscope for Augmented Realityp. 869
Medical Robotics
An Active Hand-Held Instrument for Enhanced Microsurgical Accuracyp. 878
A New Robotic System for Visually Controlled Percutaneous Interventions under CT Fluoroscopyp. 887
A Miniature Instrument Tip Force Sensor for Robot/Human Cooperative Microsurgical Manipulation with Enhanced Force Feedbackp. 897
Portable Virtual Endoscope System with Force and Visual Display for Insertion Trainingp. 907
MR Compatible Surgical Assist Robot: System Integration and Preliminary Feasibility Studyp. 921
Needs Assessment for Computer-Integrated Surgery Systemsp. 931
Robotic Assist for MR-Guided Surgery Using Leverage and Parallelepiped Mechanismp. 940
Endoscopic Robotsp. 949
An Augmentation System for Fine Manipulationp. 956
Endoscopic Robotically Assisted Coronary Artery Bypass Anastomosis on the Beating Heart: Analysis of Quality and Patencyp. 966
Distributed Modular Computer-Integrated Surgical Robotic Systems: Implementation Using Modular Software and Networked Systemsp. 969
Distributed Modular Computer-Integrated Surgical Robotic Systems: Architecture for Intelligent Object Distributionp. 979
Motion-Based Robotic Instrument Targeting under C-Arm Fluoroscopyp. 988
Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery
Image-Based 3D Planning of Maxillofacial Distraction Procedures Including Soft Tissue Implicationsp. 999
Computer-Assisted Orthognathic Surgery: Consequences of a Clinical Evaluationp. 1008
PC-based Virtual Reality Surgical Simulation for Orthognathic Surgeryp. 1019
A 3-D System for Planning and Simulating Minimally-Invasive Distraction Osteogenesis of the Facial Skeletonp. 1029
Modeling for Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeryp. 1040
Development of 3D Measuring Techniques for the Analysis of Facial Soft Tissue Changep. 1051
Accuracy of a Navigation System for Computer-Aided Oral Implantologyp. 1061
A 3D Finite Element Model of the Face for Simulation in Plastic and Maxillo-Facial Surgeryp. 1068
Simulation of Patellofemoral Joint Reconstruction Surgery on Patient-Specific Modelsp. 1076
A Strain-Energy Model of Passive Knee Kinematics for the Study of Surgical Implantation Strategiesp. 1076
Computer-Assisted Anatomical Placement of a Double-Bundle ACL through 3D-Fitting of a Statistically Generated Femoral Template into Individual Knee Geometryp. 1096
Post-Operative Measurement of Acetabular Cup Position Using X-Ray/CT Registrationp. 1104
Intraoperative Simulation and Planning Using a Combined Acetabular and Femoral (CAF) Navigation System for Total Hip Replacementp. 1114
Fixation-Based Surgery: A New Technique for Distal Radius Osteotomyp. 1126
A Computer-Assisted ACL Reconstruction System Assessment of Two Techniques of Graft Positioning in ACL Reconstructionp. 1136
A Classification Proposal for Computer-Assisted Knee Systemsp. 1145
A Navigation System for Computer Assisted Unicompartmental Arthroplastyp. 1152
An Augmented Reality Navigation System for Computer Assisted Arthroscopic Surgery of the Kneep. 1158
Repeatability and Accuracy of Bone Cutting and Ankle Digitization in Computer-Assisted Total Knee Replacementsp. 1163
Double-Bundle Anatomic ACL-Reconstruction with Computer Assisted Surgery: An In-Vitro Study of the Anterior Laxity in Knees with Anatomic Double-Bundle versus Isometric Single-Bundle Reconstructionp. 1173
Measurement of Pelvic Tilting Angle During Total Hip Arthroplasty Using a Computer Navigation Systemp. 1176
Efficacy of Robot-Assisted Hip Stem Implantation. A Radiographic Comparison of Matched-Pair Femurs Prepared Manually and with the Robodoc System Using an Anatomic Prosthesisp. 1180
Surgical Navigation for THR: A Report on Clinical Trial Utilizing HipNavp. 1185
Description of Anatomic Coordinate Systems and Rationale for Use in an Image-Guided Total Hip Replacement Systemp. 1188
XIMIT-X-Ray Migration Measurement Using Implant Models and Image Templatesp. 1195
Construction of 3D Shape Models of Femoral Articular Cartilage Using Harmonic Mapsp. 1205
Virtual Fluoroscopy: Safe Zones for Pelvic Screw Fixationsp. 1215
Three-Dimensional Measurement of the Femur Using Clinical Ultrasound: Developing a Basis for Image Guided Intramedullary Nail Fixation of the Femurp. 1220
Percutaneous Computer Assisted Iliosacral Screwing: Clinical Validationp. 1229
Milling versus Sawing: Comparison of Temperature Elevation and Clinical Performance During Bone Cuttingp. 1238
Author Indexp. 1245
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