Epidermal cells [electronic resource] : methods and protocols /
edited by Kursad Turksen.
Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press, c2005.
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Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press, c2005.
1588292673 (alk. paper)
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Apoptosis in the epidermis / Kiyofumi Yamanishi, Chun-Shen Shen and Hitoshi Mizutani -- Fate of desmosomal proteins in apoptotic epidermal cells / J. Weiske and Otmar Huber -- Analysis of connexin 43 expression on keratinocytes using flow cytometry / Maja Matic [et al.] -- MMP-9 and TIMP-1 assays in keratinocyte cultures / Takashi Kobayashi -- Characterization of epithelial cells in the hair follicle with S100 proteins / Kenji Kizawa and Mayumi Ito -- Immunoelectron microscopic analysis of cornified cell envelopes and antigen retrieval / Akemi Ishida-Yamamoto -- Cell kinetic analysis in artificial skin using immunochemical methods / Andrea Casasco [et al.] -- Proliferation, differentiation, and inflammation in normal and hyperproliferative skin using multiparameter flow cytometry / Piet E. J. van Erp -- Fluorimetric DNA assay of cell number / William R. Otto -- Keratinocyte transient transfections / Anthony M. Flores and Brian J. Aneskievich -- Tetracycline-regulated gene expression in epidermal keratinocytes / Richard B. Presland and Philip Fleckman -- Gene targeting by oligonucleotides in keratinocytes / Olga Igoucheva and Kyonggeun Yoon -- Promoter analysis in the human SPRR gene family / David F. Fischer and Claude Backendorf -- Stable integration of large PAC contructs in keratinocytes / Sarah H. Williams and Alain Hovnanian -- Targeted somatic mutagenesis in the mouse epidermis / Daniel Metzger, Mei Li, and Pierre Chambon -- Methods to study protein/protein interactions / Jin-jun Meng [et al.] -- Isolation of recombinant phage displayed antibodies recognizing skin keratinocytes / Kim Bak Jensen and Peter Kristensen -- Analysis of tissue-specific DNA methylation during development / Jun Ohgane, Naka Hattori and Kunio Shiota -- Serial analysis of gene expression in human keratinocytes and the epidermis / Bastiaan J. H. Jansen [et al.] -- Methods for gene expression profiling in dermatology research using dermarray nylon filter DNA microarrays / Richard L. Davis, Jr. [et al.] -- Two-photon fluorescence imaging and reactive oxygen species detection within the epidermis / Kerry M. Hanson and Robert M. Clegg -- In vivo transplantation of engineered human skin / Shari Greenberg, Alexander Margulis and Jonathan A. Garlick -- Epidermis targeted gene transfer using in vivo electroporation / Hiroki Maruyama, Jun-ichi Miyazaki, and Fumitake Gejyo -- Gene and stem cell therapy of the hair follicle / Robert M. Hoffman.
Primary mouse keratinocyte culture / Annalisa Pirrone, Barbara Hager, and Philip Fleckman -- Serial cultivation of primary adult murine keratinocytes / Richard P. Redvers and Pritinder Kaur -- Keratinocyte culture in the absence of substrate attachment / Monika Jost and Ulrich Rodeck -- Application of genetically modified feeder cells for culture of keratinocytes / Takashi Kameda and Toshihiro Sugiyama -- Organ culture of developing mouse skin and its application for molecular mechanistic studies of morphogenesis / Mariko Kashiwaga and Nam-ho Huh -- Experimental models to analyze differentiation functions of cultured keratinocytes in vitro and in vivo / Nicole Maas-Szabowski, Norbert E. Fusenig, and Hans-J├╝rgen Stark -- In vitro fabrication of engineered human skin / Alexander Margulis, Weitian Zhang and Jonathan A. Garlick -- In vivo labeling and analysis of epidermal stem cells / Wei-yang Wu and Rebecca J. Morris -- Method for the harvest and assay of in vitro clonogenic keratinocytes stem cells from mice / Wei-yang Wu and Rebecca J. Morris -- FACS enrichment of human keratinocyte stem cells / Amy Li and Pritinder Kaur -- Isolation, characterization, and culture of epithelial stem cells / Jackie R. Bickenbach -- Keratin 19 as a stem cell marker in vivo and in vitro / Danielle Larouche [et al.] -- Immunolocalization in the epidermis / Tammy-Claire Troy [et al.] -- Epidermal cell analysis by RT-PCR / Tammy-Claire Troy [et al.] -- Whole-mount assays for gene induction and barrier formation in the developing epidermis / Carolyn Byrne and Matthew J. Hardman -- Analysis of early epidermal development in zebrafish / Ashley E. Webb and David Kimelman -- Analysis of E2F factors during epidermal differentiation / Wing Y. Chang and Lina Dagnino -- Analysis of HOX homeodomain proteins and gene transcripts --
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Table of Contents
Prefacep. v
Contributorsp. xi
Keratinocyte and Organ Cultures
Primary Mouse Keratinocyte Culturep. 3
Serial Cultivation of Primary Adult Murine Keratinocytesp. 15
Keratinocyte Culture in the Absence of Substrate Attachmentp. 23
Application of Genetically Modified Feeder Cells for Culture of Keratinocytesp. 29
Organ Culture of Developing Mouse Skin and Its Application for Molecular Mechanistic Studies of Morphogenesisp. 39
Experimental Models to Analyze Differentiation Functions of Cultured Keratinocytes In Vitro and In Vivop. 47
In Vitro Fabrication of Engineered Human Skinp. 61
Epidermal Stem Cells
In Vivo Labeling and Analysis of Epidermal Stem Cellsp. 73
Method for the Harvest and Assay of In Vitro Clonogenic Keratinocytes Stem Cells From Micep. 79
FACS Enrichment of Human Keratinocyte Stem Cellsp. 87
Isolation, Characterization, and Culture of Epithelial Stem Cellsp. 97
Keratin 19 as a Stem Cell Marker In Vivo and In Vitrop. 103
Analysis of Epidermal Differentiation
Immunolocalization in the Epidermisp. 113
Epidermal Cell Analysis by RT-PCRp. 121
Whole-Mount Assays for Gene Induction and Barrier Formation in the Developing Epidermisp. 127
Analysis of Early Epidermal Development in Zebrafishp. 137
Analysis of E2F Factors During Epidermal Differentiationp. 147
Analysis of HOX Homeodomain Proteins and Gene Transcripts in the Epidermisp. 157
Apoptosis in the Epidermisp. 171
Fate of Desmosomal Proteins in Apoptotic Epidermal Cellsp. 175
Analysis of Connexin 43 Expression on Keratinocytes Using Flow Cytometryp. 193
MMP-9 and TIMP-1 Assays in Keratinocyte Culturesp. 201
Characterization of Epithelial Cells in the Hair Follicle With S100 Proteinsp. 209
Immunoelectron Microscopic Analysis of Cornified Cell Envelopes and Antigen Retrievalp. 223
Methods and Approaches for the Analysis for Epidermal Function
Cell Kinetic Analysis in Artificial Skin Using Immunochemical Methodsp. 229
Proliferation, Differentiation, and Inflammation in Normal and Hyperproliferative Skin Using Multiparameter Flow Cytometryp. 239
Fluorimetric DNA Assay of Cell Numberp. 251
Keratinocyte Transient Transfectionsp. 263
Tetracycline-Regulated Gene Expression in Epidermal Keratinocytesp. 273
Gene Targeting by Oligonucleotides in Keratinocytesp. 287
Promoter Analysis in the Human SPRR Gene Familyp. 303
Stable Integration of Large PAC Constructs in Keratinocytesp. 315
Targeted Somatic Mutagenesis in the Mouse Epidermisp. 329
Methods to Study Protein-Protein Interactionsp. 341
Isolation of Recombinant Phage-Displayed Antibodies Recognizing Skin Keratinocytesp. 359
Analysis of Tissue-Specific DNA Methylation During Developmentp. 371
Serial Analysis of Gene Expression in Human Keratinocytes and Epidermisp. 383
Methods for Gene Expression Profiling in Dermatology Research Using DermArray Nylon Filter DNA Microarraysp. 399
Two-Photon Fluorescence Imaging and Reactive Oxygen Species Detection Within the Epidermisp. 413
Transplantation and Gene Therapy
In Vivo Transplantation of Engineered Human Skinp. 425
Epidermis-Targeted Gene Transfer Using In Vivo Electroporationp. 431
Gene and Stem Cell Therapy of the Hair Folliclep. 437
Indexp. 449
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