The Dominican way /
edited by Lucette Verboven ; [introduction by Timothy Radcliffe]
London : Continuum, 2011.
x, 221 p. ; 22 cm.
0826442773, 9780826442772
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London : Continuum, 2011.
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Passionately in love with truth / Timothy Radcliffe (UK) -- Go where things are difficult!/ Jean-Jacques Pérennès (Egypt) -- I have a sound of God / James MacMillan (UK) -- A holy mistake / Brian Pierce (USA) -- Killing Christians / Maria Hanna (Iraq) -- Against the grain / Henri Burin des Roziers (Brazil) -- A loving glance / Margaret Ormond (USA) -- Africans must come home / Godfrey Nzamujo (Benin) -- An itinerant preacher / Timothy Radcliffe (UK) -- The best kept secret of the Church / Helen Alford (Italy) -- One world, one knowledge / Katarina Pajchel (Norway) -- Learning from what is strange / Emilio Platti (Belgium/Egypt) -- The dream of a new foundation / Dominika and Natallia (Belarus) -- Painter of the inner light / Kim En Joong (France) -- Everything is within His knowledge / Faustina Jimoh (Nigeria) -- A white building atop a hill / Breda Carroll (Ireland) -- I shall meet you in Galilee / Vincent Shigeto Oshida (Japan) -- Not afraid of the lions / Timothy Radcliffe (UK).
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About the Author
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Timothy Radcliffe was Master of The Dominican Order. He is the winner of the 2007 Michael Ramsey Prize for theological writing for his book What is the Point of Being a Christian? He was the author of The Archbishop of Canterbury's 2009 Lent Boot Why Go to Church? He lives in Oxford but spends much of his year giving retreats, lectures and conference key-note addresses in the UK and overseas. Lucette Verboven is a Flemish writer and film producer. She holds a Master's degree in English Literature from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. She has produced a number of major television series for Flemish/Dutch television and is the author of a bestselling book, Pelgrim in het Leven, which includes a chapter on Timothy Radcliffe.
Long Description
The Dominicans are to be found in every part of the world and engaged in every sort of activity, from fighting for justice and peace to painting and poetry. They live on many frontiers, of the Church and of the World, of the rich and of the poor, of the West and East, and these are places of growth and discovery. This book will communicate some of the inspiration and excitement to be found there by women and men who are both utterly committed to their faith but also to what is to be learned as well. >
Main Description
At a time when the Roman Catholic Church is deep in the mire of corruption and crisis, it is in need of a blast of Dominican fresh air. The Dominican order consists of friars, nuns and a growing number of lay people. All these categories of human being are represented in this book. Also represented in the chapters are intellectuals, artists, social and political revolutionaries and Vatican officials. The influence of members of the Order is widespread and thanks to the recent leadership of Timothy Radcliffe and the continuing rediscovery of the charism of St Dominic, this religious order is ideally placed to help to revive the life of the Catholic Church today. This is a revival which is most sorely needed.
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At a time when the Roman Catholic Church is deep in the mire of corruption and crisis, it is in need of a blast of Dominican fresh air. This book points to the quality of that fresh air.
Table of Contents
Acknowledgementsp. ix
Introductionp. 1
Timothy Radcliffe (UK): Passionately in love with truthp. 5
Jean-Jacques Pérennès (Egypt): Go where things are difficultp. 17
James MacMillan (UK): I have a sound of Godp. 29
Brian Pierce (USA): A holy mistakep. 41
Maria Hanna (Iraq): Killing Christiansp. 53
Henri Burin des Roziers (Brazil): Against the grainp. 63
Margaret Ormond (USA): A loving glancep. 77
Godfrey Nzamujo (Benin): Africans must come homep. 87
Timothy Radcliffe (UK): An itinerant preacherp. 101
Helen Afford (Italy): The best kept secret of the Churchp. 113
Katarina Pajchel (Norway): One world, one knowledgep. 125
Emilio Platti (Belgium/Egypt): Learning from what is strangep. 135
Dominika and Natallia (Belarus): The dream of a new foundationp. 147
Kim En Joong (France): Painter of the inner lightp. 155
Faustina Jimoh (Nigeria): Everything is within His knowledgep. 167
Breda Carroll (Ireland): A white building atop a hillp. 177
Vincent Shigeto Oshida (Japan): I shall meet you in Galileep. 189
Timothy Radcliffe (UK): Not afraid of the lionsp. 201
Bibliographyp. 217
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