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5th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications [electronic resource] : Wroclaw, Poland, September 8-10, 2005 : proceedings /
editors, Halina Kwasnicka, Marcin Paprzycki.
Los Alamitos, Calif. : IEEE Computer Society, c2005.
xiii, 572 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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Los Alamitos, Calif. : IEEE Computer Society, c2005.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Table of Contents
New models for the clustering of large databases through a hierarchical paradigmp. 2
Adaptive fuzzy logic controller with rule-based changeable universe of discourse for a nonlinear MIMO systemp. 8
Automatic profile extraction based on frequency distribution of atoms for retrieving similar interaction proteinp. 14
Smart archive : a component-based data mining application frameworkp. 20
Hybrid intelligent systems for predictive toxicology - a distributed approachp. 26
Improving the Web text content by extracting significant pages into a Web sitep. 32
mRegistry : a registry representation for fault diagnosisp. 37
Text segmentation in Polishp. 43
Advanced statistical computing for capacitance tomography as a monitoring and control toolp. 49
Towards timbre-driven semantic retrieval of violinsp. 55
Distributed service-oriented architecture for information extraction system "semanta"p. 61
An intelligent knowledge sharing strategy featuring item-based collaborative filtering and case base reasoningp. 67
Modeling groundwater quality with Bayesian techniquesp. 73
A new clustering algorithm of large datasets with O(N) computational complexityp. 79
Meta-modeling for computer-supported group-based learning designp. 84
The verification's criterion of learning algorithmp. 90
Learning to estimate user interest utilizing the variational Bayes estimatorp. 94
Dynamic correlation approach to early stopping in artificial neural network training : macroeconomic forecasting examplep. 100
The influence of parameters in evolutionary based rule extraction method from neural networkp. 106
Sequential classification of probabilistic independent feature vectors by mixture modelsp. 112
Unsupervised clustering using self-optimizing neural networksp. 118
How to use crowding selection in grammar-based classifier systemp. 124
Effectiveness of artificial neural networks adaptation according to time period of training data acquisitionp. 130
Forecasting of flood discharge at unmeasured station based on river upstream information by neural networks
Using fuzzy probabilistic neural network for fault detection in MEMSp. 136
Proposal of a neuro-fuzzy model of a WWW serverp. 141
A city guide agent creating and adapting individual sightseeing toursp. 148
Cellular automata model of pedestrian dynamics for normal and evacuation conditionsp. 154
Integrating notion of agency and semantics in information retrieval : an intelligent multi-agent modelp. 160
Agent-oriented design for network survivabilityp. 166
APS : agent's learning with imperfect recallp. 172
Logo - the modular conversational agent understanding Polishp. 178
Prediction of gross domestic product development by Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy inference systemsp. 186
Stock market forecasting using hidden Markov model : a new approachp. 192
Clustering algorithms for bank customer segmentationp. 197
The method for E-business exception handlingp. 203
Welfare economics on belief in data mining - a rough set theoretical approachp. 209
Pattern classification with incremental class learning and hidden Markov modelsp. 216
Application of genetic algorithm to pattern extractionp. 222
A scalable fingerprinting scheme for tracing traitors/colluders in large scale contents distribution environmentsp. 228
Neural network and optical correlators for infrared imaging based face recognitionp. 234
Indexing and retrieval medical images based on 2X2 DCT and IDS compressionp. 239
A multi-label voting algorithm for neuro-fuzzy classifier ensembles with applications in visual arts data miningp. 245
Detecting LSB steganography based on dynamic masksp. 251
Active hypercontours and contextual classificationp. 256
A half-eye wavelet based method for iris recognitionp. 262
A novel fuzzy approach to recognition of online Persian handwritingp. 268
Mass flow measurement based on a virtual channel conceptp. 274
Analysis and evaluation of learning classifier systems applied to hyperspectral image classificationp. 280
Melanocytic lesion images segmentation enforcing by spatial relations based declarative knowledgep. 286
Modeling plants language for definition of L-systemsp. 292
New proposition for intelligent systems design : artificial understanding of the images as the next step of advanced data analysis after automatic classification and pattern recognitionp. 297
A hierarchical parallel placement technique based on genetic algorithmp. 302
Empirical study of hybrid particle swarm optimizers with the simplex method operatorp. 308
Interactive particle swarm optimizationp. 314
Flocking of subpopulations in distributed genetic programmingp. 320
A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for some discrete optimization problemsp. 326
Hybrid fuzzy-genetic algorithm approach for crew groupingp. 332
New evolutionary approach to the GCP : a premature convergence and an evolution process characterp. 338
IDEAS : intrusion detection based on emotional ants for sensorsp. 344
Variable size population in parallel evolutionary algorithmsp. 350
Discovering effective strategies for the iterated prisoner's dilemma using genetic algorithmsp. 356
Modern control approach for robotic wheelchair with inverse pendulum controlp. 364
Fuzzy flight control system for helicopter intelligence in hoverp. 370
HAUNT-24 : 24-bit hierarchical, application confined unique naming techniquep. 375
Structured platform for multiple virtual machinesp. 381
Parallel telemetric data warehouse balancing algorithmp. 387
Representing users in a travel support systemp. 393
Combining character classifiers using member classifiers assessmentp. 400
Support vector machines in handwritten digits classificationp. 406
Pattern recognition based detection and localization in a network of randomly distributed sensor nodesp. 412
Some remarks on computing consistent extensions of dynamic information systemsp. 420
Data mining analysis of granular bed caking during hop extractionp. 426
On using rule induction in multiple classifiers with a combiner aggregation strategyp. 432
Comparative evaluation on concept approximation approachesp. 438
Automatic classification of singing voice qualityp. 444
Finding reducts without building the discernibility matrixp. 450
Using rough sets to edit training set in k-NN methodp. 456
Applying SVD on item-based filteringp. 464
Bookmark shared system using agent systemsp. 470
Changeability of Web objects - browser perspectivep. 476
The influence of indirect association rules on recommendation ranking listsp. 482
Swarm-based sequencing recommendations in E-learningp. 488
Implementation of consensus-based hybrid recommendation in different Web-based systemsp. 494
A hybrid movie recommender system based on neural networksp. 500
Sharing user models for adaptive hypermedia applicationsp. 506
Using gain ratio distance (GRD) to induce clusteringp. 514
Adapting particle swarm optimization to stock marketsp. 520
DSFM fitting of implied volatility surfacesp. 526
A multi-point distributed random variable accelerator for Monte Carlo simulation in financep. 532
Early warning in on-line stock trading systemsp. 538
An automatic multi-objective adjustment system for optical axes using genetic algorithmsp. 546
A summary-attainment-surface plotting method for visualizing the performance of stochastic multiobjective optimizersp. 552
Multiobjective optimization using adaptive Pareto archived evolution strategyp. 558
Managing of cooperative genetic algorithms by intelligent agentp. 564
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