Central and East European Jews at the crossroads of tradition and modernity /
edited by Jurgita Šiaučiunaitė-Verbickienė, Larisa Lempertienė.
Vilnius : Centre for studies of the culture of East European Jews, 2006.
360 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
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Vilnius : Centre for studies of the culture of East European Jews, 2006.
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Russification and the Jews reconsidered / John D. Klier -- In which language should the Jews pray? : linguistic russification on Russia's northwestern frontier, 1983-1873 / Darius Staliūnas -- Jews and nobles in the late Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth : Judaism on the edge of modernity / Adam Kaźmierczyk -- Brothers Abraham Ezofowicz and Michael Ezofowicz in 19th and 20th century literature : adaptation of historical biographies for epochal needs / Jurgita Šiaučiunaitė-Verbickienė -- Rabbi Isroel Salanter, the Haskalah and the "theory of secularization": an analysis from a folkloristic point of view / Alexandr Lvov -- "Future in the past" : modernization of historical figures in early Maskilic periodicals / Larisa Lempertienė -- Russian-Jewish prose in 1882-1917 / Zsuzsa Hetényi -- "Powóz Złamany" by Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz : a voice in the discussion on the modernization of Polish Jews / Anna Michałowska -- Between Mussarism and Yiddishism : identity problems in Chaim Grade's early works / Joanna Lisek -- Social status and authority in 19th century Lithuanian-Jewish communities / Mordechai Zalkin -- Transformation of the house-building tradition in the shtetls of Podolia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries / Alia Sokolova -- The anthropology of Shneur Zalman and Hayim of Volozhin / Aušrelė Pažėraitė -- God and man in Siobodka Musar theology : a summary of Grodzensky and Sher / Gershon Greenberg -- The bar mitzvah in central and eastern Europe in the 18th-20th centuries / Haim Ben-Yakov -- Jewish and Slavic folk remedies in the popular medicine of eastern Europe / Maria Kaspina -- "...who gave of his wisdom to flesh and blood" : Samuel Joseph Finn and the utility of secular learning / Joakim Philipson -- Navigating between tradition and modernity : Warsaw "progressive" Jews facing Jewish and Gentile criticism (1855-1905) / Agnieszka Jagodzińska -- The traders of Wystiten : the border as a modernization factor for Litvaks in transnational space in 19th century / Ruth Leizerowitz -- Disputes between Jews and townspeople in Lithuania and Russia's policies conserning [sic] Jews / Remigijus Civinskas.
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Conference proceedings.
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