Princes et principautés russes (Xe-XVIIe siècles /
Wladimir Vodoff.
Northampton : Variorum Reprints 1989.
xii, 336 p. ; 23 cm. --
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Northampton : Variorum Reprints 1989.
0860782522 :
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It was only in 1547 that the ruler of Moscow, Ivan the Terrible, was formally proclaimed tsar, emperor, yet in reality the title had long been in use. Professor Vodoff's concern in these articles has been to uncover the significance of such usages, as part of the political vocabulary of medieval Russia, and to reveal the ideolgy behind them. The period covered extends from Kievan times, when the titulature reflects the close relationship - and rivalry - with the Byzantine empire, but the main focus is on the later period, when the different princes competed for the heritage of the Kievan state and the notion of 'Russia' itself became part of the political conflict. This struggle was won by the rulers of Moscow, though only in the face of determined opposition from the neighbouring principality of 'Tver', and its history effectively suppressed or neglected in suceeding centuries, is a major theme in this volume.
Table of Contents
La titulature princière en Russie
La titulature des princes russes, Ze-XIIe s.
Remarques sur la valeur du terme "tsar"
Le titre tsar' dans la Russie du nord-est vers 1440-60' Remarques critiques sur Kljucevskiji
Contribution à l'histoire du vocabulaire politique de la Russie moscovite (otcina/votcina)
Quand a pu être composé le Panégyrique du grand-prince Dmitrij Ivanovich, tsar' russe?
Le "Discours sur la vie et le trépas du grand-prince Dmitrij Ivanovic, tsar russe"
Les récits sur la mort de Mixail Aleksendrovic 'de Tver' (1399)
Le Slovo pokhval'noe o velikom kniaze Borise Aleksandroviche
L'idée impériale et la vision de Rome à Tver'. XIVe-XVe s.
La place du grand prince de Tver' dans les structures politiques russes, fin XIVe-début XVe s.
A propos des "achats" (kupli) d'Ivan Ier de Moscou
Nouvelles remarques sur les kupli d'Ivan Kalita
Naissance et essor du pouvoir des tsars de Moscou (1547-1649)
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