A nurse's guide to presenting and publishing : dare to share /
Kathleen. T. Heinrich.
Sudbury, Mass. : Jones And Bartlett Publishers, c2008.
xxx, 438 p.
0763746797 (pbk. : alk. paper), 9780763746797 (pbk. : alk. paper)
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Sudbury, Mass. : Jones And Bartlett Publishers, c2008.
0763746797 (pbk. : alk. paper)
9780763746797 (pbk. : alk. paper)
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Main Description
A Nurse's Guide to Presenting and Publishing is written for nurses who want to become scholarly activity. Using a fun, informed-conversational tone, chapters use real-life examplars drawn from the author's teaching and consulting and close with exercises and assignments that make scholarship actionable.
Main Description
Boost Your Nursing Career with This Insightful Guidebook That Takes You Through the Essential Steps of Presenting and Publishing! Written for every nurse, A Nurse's Guide to Presenting and Publishing is a resource for baccalaureate, graduate and doctoral students, a companion text for professional development, or a handbook for small groups in practice settings. The small steps shared in this book have helped hundreds of students, staff nurses, advanced practice nurses, and nurse managers to accept the challenge and dare to share their experience with others. Now you can learn to do the same! Meant as a portable mentor, The first section in this guidebook introduces you to all four steps: ÿ shift in perspective see yourself as creative ÿ self-reflect explore your "inner landscape" ÿ strategies and skills practice the techniques and tools ÿ support circles develop mindful relationships with colleague-friends For The first time ever, these evidence-based steps are contained in one book!
Main Description
Perfect for MSN programs! Role Development Career Development Professional Issues Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing Graduate Nursing Research
Table of Contents
About the Authorp. ix
Contributorsp. x
Preludep. xiii
Reader's Quizp. xiv
Prefacep. xvi
Acknowledgmentsp. xxiv
Introductionp. xxvii
Small Steps to Open to Your Creativity
Introduction: What Do Nurses Who Dare to Share Have?p. 3
I Am a Nurse and I Am Creativep. 5
What's Your Something Special?p. 8
How to Recognize Your Inner Criticp. 12
How to Take a Creative Time-Outp. 18
How Do Artist's Dates Prime Your Creativity Pump?p. 21
How to Write Yourself into a Reflective Practicep. 26
Why a Support Circle?p. 28
Conclusion: Commit to a Creative Next Stepp. 31
Small Steps to Present What You Do
Introduction: How Are Presentations Defined?p. 37
I Bring Beginner's Mind to My Life as a Nursep. 40
What's Your Preference as a Learner?p. 43
What's Your Something Special as a Presenter?p. 47
What's Your Presenting Style?p. 51
What's Your Greatest Challenge as a Presenter?p. 53
How to Overcome the Shyness Challengep. 56
How to Get Physical with Your Still-Point Strategyp. 59
How to Divide Your Presentation Project into Stepsp. 62
How to Find the Ideas in Your Challengesp. 64
What's Your Idea's Glitter Score?p. 68
What's a Presentation Worksheet?p. 71
How to Whittle Your Idea to Presentation-Size Focusp. 73
What's Your Purpose?p. 77
Who's Your Audience?p. 81
How to Choreograph Your Venuep. 84
What Response Are You Seeking from Your Audience?p. 89
How to Take the Dare Out of Your Literature Searchp. 93
How to Snag a Sweet-Spot Slantp. 100
How to Complete Your Presentation Worksheetp. 104
How to Write Your One-Sentence Descriptionp. 107
How to Translate Worksheets into Proposalsp. 110
How to Pick a Peer Mentorp. 115
How to Decide Whether to Go Solo or Co-Presentp. 118
How to Negotiate Mindful Presenting Relationshipsp. 121
How to Design Presentations That Show and Tellp. 124
How to Kolb Longer Presentationsp. 130
How to Ensure That Presentations Are Internally Consistentp. 134
How to Assess Audience Responsep. 138
How to Perk Up Presentation Packetsp. 143
How to Power Up Your Use of PowerPointp. 154
How to Prepare Who Questions for Pre-Sessions with Peer Mentorsp. 166
How to Prepare What Questions for Pre-Sessions with Peer Mentorsp. 170
How to Prepare How Questions for Pre-Sessions with Peer Mentorsp. 174
How to Get the Most from Pre-Sessions with Peer Mentorsp. 179
How to Prepare for Post-Sessions with Peer Mentorsp. 182
How to Make the Most of Post-Sessions with Peer Mentorsp. 188
Why a Storytelling Chapter?p. 192
How to Make Sure Your Poster Is Worth a Thousand Wordsp. 194
Conclusion: Commit to Presenting What You Dop. 207
Small Steps to Write About What You Do
Introduction: Why Do Nurse Authors Get Addicted to Writing?p. 213
I Work Smartp. 217
What Makes Writing Easier for You?p. 220
What Makes Writing Difficult for You?p. 224
What Are the Benefits of Writing About What You Do?p. 228
How to Get to Know Your Sweetheartp. 231
How Would You Describe Your Writing Style?p. 235
How to Write Yourself into Still Pointp. 240
How to See if Your Idea Has Enough Eye-Glitter for a Publicationp. 243
How Choosing Your Readership Decides Your Vehiclep. 247
How to Select Potential Professional Vehiclesp. 252
How to Elicit Your Desired Reader Responsep. 258
How Presentation Worksheets Become Publication Worksheetsp. 261
How to Write Queries That Sell Editors on Your Ideap. 265
What You Need to Know Before Querying Editorsp. 272
How to Rate an Editor's Response to Your Queryp. 276
What You Need to Proceed With Your Writing Projectp. 280
What to Consider as Your Craft Your Timelinep. 286
How to Tell if You're a Free-Writer, a Mind-Mapper, or an Outlinerp. 291
How to Leap from Outlines to Manuscriptsp. 297
How to Think Like an Editor When Preparing Your Manuscriptp. 301
How to Choose Peer Editors and Request Peer Editingp. 306
How to Request, Respond to, and Reward Peer Editingp. 311
What to Do When Receiving or Giving Peer Editing Feedbackp. 318
How to Peer Editp. 321
How to Celebrate Revisions and Thrive on Rejectionsp. 325
How to Work Smart by Turning Co-Presenters into Co-Authorsp. 328
How a Nurse-Author's Story May Change Your Lifep. 332
How My Students Helped Me to Actualize a Childhood Dreamp. 334
Conclusion: Commit to Writing About What You Dop. 342
Small Steps to Cultivate Support Circles
Introduction: Who Are These Nurses Called Colleague-Friends?p. 347
I Reach Out and Receive with Gratitudep. 352
What Can You Learn from Drawing Your Support Circle?p. 355
How to Add Intentions to Your Still-Point Strategiesp. 360
How to Put the Pizzazz in Peer-Mentoring Partnershipsp. 363
How to Check if Creative Collaborations Pass the Zest Testp. 369
How to Trade an Editor's Red Pen for a Peer Editor's Compassionp. 372
What's a Resonator?p. 378
What Are Three Words That Turn Competitions into Collaborations?p. 381
How Expressing Wishes and Concerns Keeps Collaborations Zestfulp. 394
Conclusion: Commit to Cultivating Support Circlesp. 397
Small Steps: Send Off
Introduction: Why Dream About Nurses Taking the Dare to Share?p. 403
How to Activate Your Compassion by Daring to Sharep. 406
How to Get a Glow from the Flow of Good Workp. 416
Codap. 420
Appendix Ap. 425
Appendix Bp. 427
Appendix Cp. 429
Appendix Dp. 431
Indexp. 433
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