Electrodiagnosis in clinical neurology /
[edited by] Michael J. Aminoff.
5th ed.
Philadelphia : Elsevier Churchill-Livingstone, c2005.
xvi, 859 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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Philadelphia : Elsevier Churchill-Livingstone, c2005.
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Table of Contents
The Emergence of Electrophysiology as an Aid to Neurology
Electrophysiologic Equipment and Electrical Safety
Electroencephalography: General Principles and Clinical Applications
Neonatal and Pediatric Electroencephalography
Long-Term Monitoring for Epilepsy
Ambulatory Electroencephalographic Monitoring
Invasive Clinical Neurophysiology in Epilepsy and Movement Disorders
Topographic Mapping, Frequency Analysis, and Other Digital Techniques in Electroencephalograpy
Intraoperative Electroencephalographic Monitoring
Electromyography, Nerve Conduction Studies, and Related Techniques
Clinical Electromyography
Quantitative Electromyography
Nerve Conduction Studies
Microneurography as a Clinical research Tool
Electrophysiologic Study of Disorders of Neuromuscular Transmission
H-Reflex and F-Response Studies
The Blink Reflex
Electrophysiologic Evaluation of Movement Disorders
Evaluation of the Autonomic Nervous System
Evoked Potentials and Related Techniques
Visual Evoked Potentials in Clinical Neurology
Visual Evoked Potentials in Infants and Children
Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials: Methodology, Interpretation and Clinical Application
Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials in Infants
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in Infants and Children
Motor Evoked Potentials
Event-Related Potentials
Intraoperative Monitoring by Evoked Potential Techniques
Electrophysiologic Evaluation of Sacral Function
Testing of Vestibular Function
Vestibular Laboratory Testing
Electrophyisiologic Evaluation in Special Situations
Polysomnographic Evaluation of Sleep Disorders
Electrophysiologic Evaluation of Patients in the Intensive Care Unit
Electrophysiologic Evaluation of Brain Death: A Critical Appraisal
Use of Neurophysiologic Techniques in Clinical Trials
Electrophysiologic Techniques in the Evaluation of Patients with Suspected Neurotoxic Disorders
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