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Historical dictionary of Bosnia and Herzegovina /
Ante Čuvalo.
Second edition.
Lanham, Maryland ; Toronto ; Plymouth, UK : The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2007.
cxvi, 385 pages.
0810850842 (hardcover : alk. paper), 9780810850842 (hardcover : alk. paper)
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Lanham, Maryland ; Toronto ; Plymouth, UK : The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2007.
0810850842 (hardcover : alk. paper)
9780810850842 (hardcover : alk. paper)
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Includes bibliographical references.
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Appeared in Library Journal on 2008-01-01:
In this update of a 1997 edition, Cuvalo (Joliet Junior Coll.), who is both an academic expert on the Balkans and a native of the region, treats his complex subject with breadth, depth, and clarity. While he does not neglect earlier periods, the most intensive sections of this dense volume deal with the complex sociopolitical aftermath of the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords, which helped put an end to the civil war in the region. The work follows the standard format of the publisher's "Historical Dictionaries of Europe" series, which includes a chronology from antiquity to the present, a detailed introduction of the geography and history of the country, an alphabetical dictionary of 300 entries, and an up-to-date bibliography so extensive that it occupies nearly a quarter of the book and has its own table of contents. Additional sections on spelling, acronyms, and abbreviations provide important support for the English-language reader. Entries for organizations are alphabetized by the English translation of their name first, while publications such as newspapers are alphabetized by the original language name first. BOTTOM LINE English-language reference works on the Balkans are few, and when it comes to Bosnia, this is pretty much it. Fortunately, the book rises to the occasion, providing information not easily available online. The only drawback is that the line-drawn maps are of poor quality; still, this is recommended for all academic libraries supporting Slavic and Balkan studies programs and public libraries where there is interest.--Nadine Cohen Baker, Univ. of Georgia, Athens (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
Appeared in Choice on 1998-03-01:
This historical dictionary is a welcome reference source among the numerous new works about the region's history and political situation. Cuvalo's work conforms to the standard arrangement of titles in the series--a lengthy introduction, a detailed chronology, and an extensive bibliography in addition to the encyclopedic entries themselves. The bulk of the text is concerned with persons, events, and places in Bosnia. The entries cover more than 200 pages and provide an excellent background (especially for recent history), and include entries for Westerners who have made an impact on Bosnian history (e.g., Cyrus Vance, General MacKenzie). Entries for broad terms (economy, literature, political parties) are as much as seven pages in length. The bibliography, almost 100 pages long, is a well-organized collection of articles and monographs published in the last few decades; it is especially worthwhile for undergraduates who will rely on these primarily English-language sources. There is no comparable reference source. Highly recommended for all libraries. I. Tomljanovich Dickinson College
Review Quotes
A competant reference work packed with esoteric names and facts about a region of which we know little....A useful acquisition.
Ante Cuvalo's Historical Dictionary of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a serious piece of work by a scholar who knows his subject matte. It comprises a useful tool for both a specialist in, and a beginner to the study of Bosnia and Herzegovina….The summaries are generally of a high quality, and even the expert on Bosnian history will likely be able to glean useful information from them….if the reader should find an entry for what interests them in the dictionary, they are likely to be satisfied….The structure is a good one, rendering the book accessible and convenient as a reference work….In sum, Cuvalo's historical dictionary is to be highly recommended.
Cuvalo...treats his complex subject with breadth, depth, and clarity....This is recommended for all academic libraries.
Provides entries on about 350 topics in Bosnia and Herzegovina's history, including its political, economic, religious, and social systems, events, and culture, with biographies of key figures. The entries are preceded by a historical introduction, and a chronology and an extensive bibliography are included.
This work delivers much more than the title indicates. It will be of use for anyone doing research on either of these countries during any time period.
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Booklist, December 2007
Library Journal, January 2008
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Long Description
Diversity has always been at the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina's character; even its dual name and physical geography display a particular heterogeneity. The medieval Bosnian state never enjoyed lasting political and ideological unity as its feudal, regional, and religious rifts pulled at the country's seams. Furthermore, because of its location and by a quirk of history, three major world religious and cultural traditions (Catholicism, Islam, and Orthodoxy) became cohabitants in this small Balkan country. Recently, the rebirth of its statehood has been exceptionally bloody and its diversity has been shaken. Even 11 years after the guns were silenced, the country is still under the _benevolent_ protection of the international community, whose officials are keeping the state-building process in perpetual suspense, with no final result in sight. The A to Z of Bosnia and Herzegovina sheds light on the uncertain situation Bosnia and Herzegovina faces, while providing essential background information. This is accomplished through a chronology, an introduction, a bibliography, and more than 300 cross-referenced dictionary entries on individual topics spanning Bosnia and Herzegovina's political, economic, religious, and social system along with short biographies on important figures.
Long Description
The Historical Dictionary of Bosnia and Herzegovina was created to assist the interested researcher in sifting through the long and complicated history of this region.

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