Handbook of research in international human resource management /
edited by Günter K. Stahl, Ingmar Björkman.
Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : E. Elgar, c2006.
ix, 581 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
1845421280 (cased), 9781847202581 (softcover)
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Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : E. Elgar, c2006.
1845421280 (cased)
9781847202581 (softcover)
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1. International Human Resource Management Research: An Introduction to the Field / Ingmar Björkman and Günter K. Stahl -- PART I: THE ROLE OF INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT -- 2. Strategic International Human Resource Management in Multinational Enterprises: Developments and Directions / Helen De Cieri and Peter J. Dowling -- 3. The Dual Logics Behind International Human Resource Management: Pressures for Global Integration and Local Responsiveness / Philip M. Rosenzweig -- 4. The Human Resource Department: Roles, Coordination and Influence / Philip Stiles and Jonathan Trevor -- 5. Comparing HRM Policies and Practices Across Geographical Borders / Chris Brewster -- 6. International Human Resource Management and Firm Performance / Jaap Paauwe and Elaine Farndale -- 7. Global Knowledge Management and HRM / Paul Sparrow -- PART II: RESEARCH ON GLOBAL STAFFING, PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT -- 8. Global Staffing / David Collings and Hugh Scullion -- 9. The Compensation of Expatriates: A Review and a Future Research Agenda / Jaime Bonache - 10. Global Performance Management Systems / Wayne F. Cascio -- 11. Developing Global Leadership Capabilities and Global Mindset: A Review / Joyce S. Osland, Allan Bird, Mark Mendenhall and Asbjorn Osland -- 12. Diversity Management / Joerg Dietz and Lars-Eric Petersen -- PART III: RESEARCH ON INTERNATIONAL ASSIGNMENTS -- 13. Expatriate Adjustment and Performance: A Critical Review / David C. Thomas and Mila B. Lazarova -- 14. Issues Facing Women on International Assignments: A Review of the Research / Hilary Harris -- 15. International Business Travellers: A Challenge for IHRM / Denice E. Welch and Verner Worm / 16. International Assignee Selection and Cross-Cultural Training and Development / Paula Caligiuri and Ibraiz Tarique -- 17. The Evolution from Repatriation of Managers in MNEs to ‘Patriation’ in Global Organizations / Michael Harvey and Milorad M. Novicevic -- PART IV: RESEARCH ON INTERNATIONAL TEAMS, ALLIANCES, MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS -- 18. Decoupling and Coupling in Global Teams: Implications for Human Resource Management / Jennifer L. Gibbs -- 19. Global Virtual Team Dynamics and Effectiveness / Martha Maznevski, Sue Canney Davison and Karsten Jonsen -- 20. International Joint Venture System Complexity and Human Resource Management / Randall Schuler and Ibraiz Tarique -- 21. Managing Culture and Human Resources in Mergers and Acquisitions / Philip K. Goulet and David M. Schweiger -- PART V: THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES ON INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT -- 22. A Resource-Based View of International Human Resources: Toward a Framework of Integrative and Creative Capabilities / Shad S. Morris, Scott A. Snell and Patrick M. Wright -- 23. International Human Resource Management and Economic Theories of the Firm / Marion Festing -- 24. International Human Resource Management Research and Institutional Theory / Ingmar Björkman -- 25. International Human Resource Management and Social Network/Social Capital Theory / Mark L. Lengnick-Hall and Cynthia A. Lengnick-Hall -- 26. International Human Resource Management, Fairness and Trust: An Organizational Support Theory Framework / Ellen Whitener -- 27. Gender and International Human Resource Management / Jeff Hearn, Beverly D. Metcalfe and Rebecca Piekkari -- 28. Critical Theoretical Perspectives on International Human Resource Management / Tuomo Peltonen -- 29. Language Effects in Multinational Corporations: A Review from an International Human Resource Management Perspective / Rebecca Piekkari.
"In providing an insightful overview of a wide range of global human resource issues facing MNCs, this pathbreaking Handbook highlights emergent topics and new research findings that could shape the field of future IHRM research. Theoretical discussion of the variables and processes that affect IHRM policies and practices is provided by renowned contributors with widely differing academic backgrounds, paradigmatic orientations, and theoretical and methodological approaches. They explore extensive subject matter including: • the importance of linking IHRM policies and activities to organizational strategy • staffing, performance management, leadership development, and diversity management • international assignment and mobility issues • the role of IHRM in the management of global teams and cross-border joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. Illustrating that IHRM research is theoretically eclectic, and drawing upon a range of paradigms and perspectives, this cutting-edge Handbook will be invaluable to academics and practitioners with an interest in human resource management, industrial and employment relations, management and international business."--Publisher's website.
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