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Interregional cooperation in trade and investment : Asia-Latin America : papers and proceedings presented at the Seminar on Interregional Cooperation in Trade and Investment : Asia-Latin America, 15 and 16 February 2000, Bangkok.
Seminar on Interregional Cooperation in Trade and Investment: Asia-Latin America (2000 : Bangkok, Thailand)
New York : United Nations, 2000.
xiv, 246 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
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Main Description
This volume contains background papers presented at the Seminar on Interregional Cooperation in Trade and Investment: Asia-Latin America, which took place 15-16 February 2000 in Bangkok. The studies indicate that the trade and investment relationships between the two regions, though growing, are far below their potential. The current pattern of trade is asymmetrical which partly reflects the different paths of industrial development that have been followed in the two regions. The studies also dispel the nation that poor logistics, in the form of geographical distance and high transportation costs, are primarily responsible for the low levels of interregional trade.
Table of Contents
Forewordp. iii
Abbreviations and acronymsp. v
Report of the Seminarp. 1
Organization of the Seminarp. 1
The background studiesp. 4
Summary of conclusions and recommendationsp. 5
List of participantsp. 9
Imperatives for south-south cooperation in the multilateral trading systemp. 19
Backgroundp. 19
Factors affecting negotiations at Seattlep. 19
Ideas about cooperation among developing countriesp. 28
Other forms of cooperation among developing countries of Asia and Latin Americap. 32
Other possibilities for trade cooperation among developing countriesp. 35
Trade and investment promotion between Asia and the Pacific and Latin America: Present position and future prospectsp. 45
Introductionp. 45
Overview of LAIA tradep. 49
Overview of Asian and Pacific tradep. 72
Market-access liberalization in Asia and the Pacificp. 82
Intra-industry trade between Asia and the Pacific and Latin Americap. 85
Latin America and the international flow of capitalp. 89
Conclusions and recommendationsp. 102
Country codes for tables 11 and 18p. 124
Investment opportunities in Latin America and Asia and the Pacificp. 125
Trends in flows of foreign direct investment between Asia and the Pacific and Latin Americap. 125
Sector-specific trends for FDI flowsp. 128
Sector-specific trends in FDI flows between Asia and the Pacific and Latin Americap. 133
Policy hurdles, economic and non-economic impediments hindering investment flowsp. 144
Participation of East Asian and Latin American companies in regional processes: economic and non-economic impediments hindering investment flowsp. 146
Opportunities for Latin American investors in the Asian and Pacific region and for Asian and Pacific investors in Latin America and the Caribbeanp. 150
Sector-specific investment opportunities for Latin American investors in East Asia and for East Asian investors in Latin Americap. 150
Role of the government and the private sector in promoting interregional cooperationp. 155
Foreign direct investment in Latin America: Current trends and future prospectsp. 161
Overviewp. 161
Current trends of foreign direct investment in Latin Americap. 162
Determinants of increased FDI in the 1990sp. 169
The public policy environment for private sector developmentp. 176
The impact of exchange rates and macroeconomic policies on FDIp. 180
The impact of educational attainment on FDIp. 183
The consequences of FDIp. 184
Prospects for FDI in Latin Americap. 188
Measuring FDI flowsp. 190
Present and future of the integration process between Asia and Latin America: the role of the private sectorp. 193
Proposals for private sector involvement in the integration processp. 193
General proposals for enhancing linksp. 194
Specific proposals for enhancing linksp. 198
Role of the Santiago Chamber of Commercep. 200
Conclusionsp. 202
The Latin American approach to Asia and the Pacificp. 203
Economic integration between Asia and the Pacific and Latin Americap. 203
Evolution of regional institutionsp. 217
Likelihood of closer interregional partnerships for Asia and the Pacific with Latin Americap. 238
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