Food colloids : interactions, microstructure and processing /
edited by Eric Dickinson.
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2005.
x, 497 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
0854046380 (hbk.)
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Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2005.
0854046380 (hbk.)
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"The proceedings of Food Colloids 2004 : Interactions, Microstructure and Processing held on 18-21 April 2004 in Harrogate"--T.p. verso.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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This title describes the principles and practice underlying the formulation of food emulsions, dispersions, gels, and foams, Emphasis is on understanding how the functional properties of biopolymers and surfactants determine the texture and shelf-life of multiphase food materials.
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Food Colloids: Interactions, Microstructure and Processing describes the principles and practice underlying the formulation of food emulsions, dispersions, gels, and foams. Emphasis is on understanding how the functional properties of biopolymers and surfactants determine the texture and shelf-life of multiphase food materials. This book provides essential new findings by experts in the field on specific topics including: the interfacial rheological properties of proteins; the use of microscopy and image analysis to probe structure and phase transitions; the control of colloidal stability during thermal and mechanical processing; the interactions of proteins with polysaccharides and emulsifiers; the incorporation of neutraceuticals into food colloids; and the consumer perception of taste and texture. Food Colloids: Interactions, Microstructure and Processing provides a link between current research on the fundamental physical chemistry of colloidal systems and the requirements of the food technologist to use modern colloid science in new product formulation. It is suitable for postgraduates and researchers, both in industry and academia.
Table of Contents
Rheology, structure and texture perception in food protein gelsp. 3
Mechanism of acid coagulation of milk studied by a multi-technique approachp. 16
Rheology of acid skim milk gelsp. 26
Linear and non-linear rheological properties of [beta]-lactoglobulin gels in relation to their microstructurep. 37
Gelation of bovine serum albumin in the presence of low-methoxyl pectin : effects of Na[superscript +] and Ca[superscript 2+] on rheology and microstructurep. 48
Stabilization of food colloids by polymersp. 61
Self-consistent-field studies of mediated steric interactions in mixed protein + polysaccharide solutionsp. 74
Probing emulsion droplet interactions at the single droplet levelp. 85
Formation and properties of adsorbed protein films : importance of conformational stabilityp. 99
Thermodynamic and adsorption kinetic studies of protein + surfactant mixturesp. 120
Computer simulation of interfacial structure and large-deformation rheology during competitive adsorption of proteins and surfactantsp. 131
Molecular interactions in mixed protein + ionic surfactant interfacesp. 143
Conformational changes of ovalbumin adsorbed at the air-water interface and properties of the interfacial filmp. 152
Displacement of [beta]-casein from the air-water interface by phospholipidsp. 160
Milk protein functionality in food colloidsp. 179
Aggregation and gelation of casein sub-micellesp. 194
Caseinate interactions in solution and in emulsions: effects of temperature, pH and calcium ionsp. 209
Nanorheological properties of caseinp. 218
Whey protein aggregation studies of ultrasonic spectroscopyp. 230
Critical concentration for fibrillar aggregation of bovine [beta]-lactoglobulinp. 237
Properties of fibrillar food protein assemblies and their percolating networksp. 247
Disproportionation kinetics of air bubbles stabilized by food proteins and nanoparticlesp. 259
Coarsening and rheology of casein and surfactant foamsp. 273
Interfacial and foam stabilization properties of [beta]-lactoglobulin-acacia gum electrostatic complexesp. 284
Interactions between [beta]-lactoglobulin and polysaccharides at the air-water interface and the influence on foam propertiesp. 301
Proposing a relationship between the spreading coefficient and the whipping time of creamp. 317
Utilization of a layer-by-layer electrostatic deposition technique to improve food emulsion propertiesp. 326
Perceiving the texture of a food : biomechanical and cognitive mechanisms and their measurementp. 339
Colloidal behaviour of food emulsions under oral conditionsp. 356
Sensory perception of salad dressings with varying fat content, oil droplet size, and degree of aggregationp. 367
Acoustic emission from crispy/crunchy foods to link mechanical properties and sensory perceptionp. 380
Solubilization and bioavailability of nutraceuticals by new self-assembled nanosized liquid structures in food systemsp. 395
Particle dynamics in a transient gel network - ageing of a monodisperse emulsionp. 420
Gels, particle mobility, and diffusing wave spectroscopy - a cautionary talep. 432
Small-angle static light-scattering study of associative phase separation kinetics in [beta]-lactoglobulin + xanthan gum mixtures under shearp. 443
Break-up and coalescence of bubbles in agitated protein solutions at high air volume fractionp. 466
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