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Young neutron stars and their environments : proceedings of the 218th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held during the IAU General Assembly XXV, Sydney, Australia, 14-17 July 2003 /
edited by Fernando Camilo and Bryan M. Gaensler.
1st ed.
San Francisco, Calif. : Published on behalf of the International Astronomical Union by Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2004.
xvii, 465 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
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San Francisco, Calif. : Published on behalf of the International Astronomical Union by Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2004.
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Table of Contents
Neutron star formation and birth propertiesp. 3
Observational manifestations of young neutron stars : spin-powered pulsarsp. 13
Testing pulsar thermal evolution theories with observationp. 21
Searching hubble space telescope images for core-collapse supernova progenitorsp. 29
A rocket model of neutrino jet for pulsar kicksp. 33
Mixing of young neutron star debris into supernova envelopesp. 37
Anistropic heat transfer inside rotating neutron starsp. 39
Magnetic field decay, or just period-dependent beaming?p. 41
Chandler wobble and free core nutation of neutron starsp. 45
On the bottom magnetic fields of millisecond pulsarsp. 47
Heavy neutron stars? : a status report on Arecibo timing of four pulsar - white dwarf systemsp. 49
Orbital trends of binary pulsarsp. 53
Supernova remnants : an introductory reviewp. 57
Monitoring the evolution of SNR 1987A with Chandrap. 65
Radio expansion studies of two historical supernova remnants : SN 1006 and SN 1572p. 69
The environment of Tycho : possible interaction with molecular cloudsp. 71
XMM-Newton observation of SNR RX J1713.7-3946p. 73
The association of PSR B1757-24 and the SNR G5.4-1.2p. 77
X-ray spectroscopy of the southwest Cygnus loopp. 81
The distance and distribution of galactic supernova remnants from the PMN survey samplep. 83
Hi study of southern galactic supernova remnantsp. 85
Supernova remnants in the magellanic cloudsp. 87
Thin circular disk shells of OH masers toward SNRsp. 89
A 330 MHz survey for pulsars and supernova remnants in M31p. 91
The Chandra supernova remnant catalogp. 93
Searches for young pulsarsp. 97
The galactic population and birth rate of radio pulsarsp. 105
New radio science facilities for compact objectsp. 113
The pulsar birth rate from the parkes multibeam surveyp. 121
Searching for compact objects in supernova remnants : initial resultsp. 123
New pulsars from Arecibo drift-scan searchesp. 127
A search for radio pulsars at high galactic latitudep. 129
A 20 cm search for pulsars in globular clusters with arecibo and the GBTp. 131
Pulsar searches at Effelsbergp. 133
Searching for submillisecond pulsars from highly polarized radio sourcesp. 135
20 pairs of real pulsar/supernova remnant associationp. 137
The ATNF pulsar catalogp. 139
Theory of pulsar windsp. 143
Shocks and wind bubbles around energetic pulsarsp. 151
Pulsar wind nebulae and their supernovaep. 159
Acceleration and dissipation in relativistic windsp. 163
The termination shock in a striped pulsar windp. 167
The [sigma] problem of the crab pulsar windp. 171
A key to pulsar wind bubble morphologies : hydrodynamical simulationsp. 175
2D relativistic MHD simulations of PWNe : preliminary resultsp. 179
Year-scale morphological variations of the X-ray crab nebulap. 181
High resolution X-ray observations of 3C 58p. 185
X-ray studies of the pulsar wind nebula around PSR B0540-69p. 189
The vela pulsar, the key?p. 193
Spatially resolved spectrum of the vela PWNp. 195
An X-ray pulsar, metal-rich ejecta, and shocked ambient medium in the supernova remnant G292.0+1.8p. 199
Chandra study of the central object associated with the supernova remnant MSH 11-62p. 203
Millimeter-wave imaging of pulsar wind nebulaep. 207
A spectral analysis of the central component of CTB 80p. 211
The boomerang : a crushed and re-born PWN?p. 213
XMM-Newton and Gemingap. 215
LSI +61[degrees]303 : a pulsar wind nebula in a binary?p. 219
Peculiar differences in radio and X-ray synchrotron radiation from pulsar wind nebulaep. 221
A spin-down power threshold for pulsar wind nebula generation?p. 225
Soft gamma repeaters and anomalous X-ray pulsars : together foreverp. 231
Central compact objects in supernova remnantsp. 239
Unveiling the multi-wavelength phenomenology of anomalous X-ray pulsarsp. 247
Optical and infrared observations of anomalous X-ray pulsarsp. 251
Two radio pulsars with magnetar fieldsp. 255
From crab pulsar to magnetar?p. 257
Discovery of radio emission from two anomalous X-ray pulsarsp. 261
On the nature of magnetarsp. 265
Quiescent magnetar emission : resonant compton upscatteringp. 267
A new model of "magnetar"p. 271
Out of the chorus line : what makes 1E 1207.4-5209 a unique object?p. 273
Imprints of neutron stars in the interstellar mediump. 277
Modeling the atmosphere of RX J1856.5-3754p. 279
X-ray spectroscopy of thermally emitting neutron starsp. 283
Structure of strange Quark matter and neutron starsp. 289
Nuclear pasta structure in hot neutron starsp. 297
Solid bare strange Quark starsp. 299
RX J1856.5-3754 : a strange star with a solid Quark surface?p. 303
Radio pulse observations of neutron stars : a reviewp. 307
Giant pulses - a brief reviewp. 315
Giant pulses in millisecond pulsarsp. 319
On the giant nano-subpulses in the crab pulsarp. 321
Enhanced optical emission from the crab pulsarp. 325
High-frequency polarimetric observations of the crab pulsarp. 329
Phase-resolved spectroscopy of the crab pulsar with XMM-Newtonp. 331
Correlations between X-ray and radio pulses in Velap. 335
Observing single pulses over a broad frequency rangep. 337
High-frequency turnover in pulsar spectrap. 339
Thirteen drift bands in PSR B0826-34p. 341
Reception of radio waves from pulsarsp. 343
MRT observations of the MSP J0437-4715 at 150 MHzp. 345
Pulse emission mechanismsp. 349
Electrodynamics of pulsar magnetospheresp. 357
A resonant-mode model of pulsar radio emissionp. 365
Origin of giant radio pulsesp. 369
Two-pole caustic model for high-energy radiation from pulsars - polarizationp. 373
Centrifugal acceleration in pulser magnetospheresp. 375
Orthogonal polarization modes in pulsar radio emissionp. 377
Orthogonal mode polarization of pulsar radio emissionp. 381
Particle acceleration above the pulser polar capp. 383
A model for non-thermal optical emission from radio pulsarsp. 385
On the mechanism of X-ray emission from radio pulsarsp. 387
HST and VLT observations of pulsars and their environmentsp. 391
Future facilities for gamma-ray pulsar studiesp. 399
Ground-based gamma-ray detection of high energy galactic sources : an updatep. 407
New pulsars coincident with unidentified gamma-ray sourcesp. 415
A Monte Carlo study of gamma-ray pulsars in the gould beltp. 419
High resolution optics & detector systems for hard X-raysp. 421
Long-term radio timing observations of PSR B1509-58p. 425
The young binary pulsar J1740-3052p. 427
Timing of the binary pulsar B1259-63p. 429
Long-term timing of 374 pulsarsp. 431
Timing of binary pulsars at Kalyazin, Russiap. 433
Results of Russian-Japanese precise timing of PSR B1937+21p. 435
Timing observations of PSR B1937+21 at CRLp. 437
Ensemble pulsar time study by pulsar timing observationsp. 439
Flux monitoring using the Torun 32-m radio telescopep. 441
The radio pulsar J0205+6449 in the SNR 3C 58p. 443
An accretion column model for the accreting pulsar hercules X-1p. 447
Accretion onto the neutron star in Be/X-ray binariesp. 449
A new population of X-ray transients in the galactic centerp. 451
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