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[Collection of Gay Pulp Fiction]
Approximately 1100 books.
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A collection of over 1000 examples of gay, male fiction, including books by prominent gay authors and works dealing with male homosexuality. Some non-fiction books are included in the collection. The books are in mass-market paperback editions, issued mostly by US publishers, with a few Canadian imprints, and were published between 1933 and 1995. Authors represented include John Rechy, Christopher Isherwood, Gore Vidal, James Baldwin, James Purdy, William S. Burroughs, Richard Amory, Carl Corley, Aaron Travis, Jay Greene, Phil Andros, Jack Evans, Clay Caldwell, and Paul Gronowski. Series represented in the collection include Pleasure Readers, Greenleaf Classics, HIS69, Rough Trade, Frenchy's Gay Line, Badboy, Blueboy Library, and Gay Parisian Press. Cover art is often unsigned, but includes work by Carl Corley, Harry Schaare, Frank Kelly Freas, and Tom of Finland.
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Approx. 300 of the titles have been individually catalogued; an alphabetical index and descriptive guide to the complete collection is available online.
Acquired from David Mason Books in 2004; collection compiled by Ian Young.

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