Patents : ingenious inventions : how they work and how they came to be /
Ben Ikenson.
New York : Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, c2004.
288 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
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New York : Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, c2004.
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 279-284) and index.
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Appeared in Choice on 2004-11-01:
Every morning before you rush to work, chances are that you never thought about the inventor responsible for the light turning on as the refrigerator opens, the twist-off cap on the orange juice carton, pasteurized milk for your breakfast cornflakes before locking your door, driving your air-conditioned car, fastening your seatbelt, and driving to work. Ikenson's eclectic approach offers that opportunity by subtly showing how extensively society has embraced and incorporated technological inventions into daily life. Each patent entry provides inventor names and invention name, number, and date. The patent explanations include a brief description of what the invention does, background information on how it came about, a concise explanation of how it works, and an excerpt from the inventor's writings that allows readers insight into the invention process. Entries are illustrated with photographs, diagrams, or excerpts from patent drawings. Wrapped in "laminated cushioning," commonly known as bubble wrap, this book provides an interesting look at patents revolutionary or powerful, humane or sensational, that make life easier or simply entertain. Brief history of patents; description of different types of patents; overview of how patents are filed; list of useful resources and Web sites beneficial to prospective inventors. ^BSumming Up: Highly recommended. General readers; lower-division undergraduates. C. S. McCoy University of South Florida
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School Library Journal, August 2004
Choice, November 2004
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Unpaid Annotation
A fascinating, detailed guide to the devices and discoveries that have changed our lives in large and small ways.
Unpaid Annotation
Covered in bubble wrap--one of man's more ingenious creations--this overview of ingenious inventions gives the purpose, backgrounds about the inventors, interesting sidebars and history, and excerpts from original patent applications.
Main Description
This work profiles a little more than 100 patents granted by the U.S. Patentffice, from those that have transformed our lives, such as the internalombustion engine and the artificial heart, to those that are relatively lessevolutionary, such as the Chia Pet and the lava lamp. Each entry provides arief description of what the invention does,
Main Description
Patents is covered in bubble wrap, one of man's more ingenious creations. It includes dozens of notable patents, from the airplane, brassiere, chain saw, and fire hydrant to the Internet, parachute, plunger, and zipper. The purpose of each device is explained in accessible language, along with background about the inventor, interesting sidebars and history, and an excerpt from the original patent application. The artwork throughout includes photos of original models and patent diagrams created by the inventors themselves, annotated to show exactly how each item works.
Bowker Data Service Summary
The first American patent was conferred on Thomas Jefferson in 1790, since when over six million patents have been filed. This book looks at 120 of the most important, intriguing & useful, including the bra, bubblewrap, DNA fingerprinting & the aeroplane.
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 8
Patents: A Historyp. 10
The Radical and Revolutionary Patentp. 13
Airplanep. 14
Artificial Heartp. 16
Camerap. 18
DNA Fingerprintingp. 20
Dynamitep. 22
Helicopterp. 24
Internal Combustion Enginep. 26
Chronology of the Automobile Agep. 28
Lightbulbp. 32
Inventor Profile: Thomas A. Edisonp. 34
Nuclear Reactorp. 36
Chronology of the Atomic Agep. 39
Penicillinp. 42
Refrigerationp. 44
Rocketp. 46
Skyscraper Steelp. 48
Submarinep. 50
Telegraphp. 53
Telephonep. 55
Typewriterp. 57
Vulcanization of Rubberp. 60
X-Ray Tubep. 61
The Little Patent That Couldp. 65
Aerosol Canp. 66
Aspirinp. 68
Barbed Wirep. 69
Bar Codep. 71
Batteryp. 73
Inventor Profile: Alessandra Voltap. 75
Bottle Capp. 76
Calculatorp. 78
Cellophanep. 81
Chewing Gump. 83
Colt Revolverp. 85
Drinking Strawp. 87
Levi Strauss Blue Jeansp. 89
Optical Fiberp. 91
Pez Dispenserp. 93
Transistorp. 95
Chronology of the Computer Agep. 97
Velcrop. 102
Zipperp. 103
Zippo Lighterp. 105
The More Humane Patentp. 109
Adhesive Bandagep. 110
Air bagp. 112
Air conditioningp. 115
Artificial Legp. 118
Brap. 120
Ibotp. 122
Inventor Profile: Dean Kamenp. 125
Kevlarp. 126
Laser Eye Surgeryp. 128
Magnetic Resonance Imagingp. 130
Nicotine Patchp. 132
Parachutep. 135
Prozacp. 137
Reading System for the Blindp. 139
Respiratorp. 141
Seatbeltp. 143
Smoke Detectorp. 145
Turtle Excluder Devicep. 147
Vitaminsp. 149
The Strange & Sensational Patentp. 153
Astroturfp. 154
Bubble Wrapp. 156
Chia Petp. 158
Chicken Gogglesp. 160
Escapable Coffinp. 162
Genetic Engineeringp. 164
Goat Traction Footwearp. 166
Kitty Litterp. 168
Lava Lampp. 170
Neonp. 172
Ouija Boardp. 174
Pigeon Starterp. 176
Thereminp. 178
"Towering Inferno" Fire Blanketp. 181
Zeppelinp. 183
The Patent That Easesp. 187
Automated Teller Machinep. 188
Bicyclep. 190
Breech-Loading Ordnancep. 193
Coal Breakerp. 195
Cotton Ginp. 198
Door Lockp. 200
Flush Toiletp. 202
Frozen Foodp. 204
Handcuffsp. 206
Handle Guidep. 208
John Deere Plowp. 210
Lawn Mowerp. 211
Microwavep. 214
Pasteurizationp. 216
Polygraph Lie Detectorp. 218
Post-It Notesp. 220
Remote Controlp. 222
Tamponp. 224
Traffic Signalp. 226
Vacuum Cleanerp. 229
Viagrap. 232
The Patent That Pleasesp. 235
Basketballp. 236
Cornflakesp. 238
Drive-In Movie Theaterp. 240
Etch A Sketchp. 243
Fender Stratocasterp. 245
Jukeboxp. 247
Peachp. 249
Phonographp. 252
Radiop. 254
Inventor Profile: Nikola Teslap. 256
Roller Coasterp. 258
Roller Skatesp. 260
Slinkyp. 262
Snowboardp. 264
Statue of Libertyp. 266
Televisionp. 268
Resourcesp. 273
The Three Types of Patentsp. 274
Patents vs. Trademarksp. 275
How to Obtain a Patentp. 276
Useful Resourcesp. 277
Bibliographyp. 279
Indexp. 285
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