Noise in complex systems and stochastic dynamics II : 26-28 May, 2004, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain /
Zoltán Gingl ... [et al.], chairs/editors ; sponsored ... by SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering ; cooperating organization, SEDO--Soiedad Española de Óptica (Spain).
Bellingham, Wash. : SPIE, c2004.
xxxiii, 626 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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Table of Contents
Quantum fluctuations and life
Quantum noise and quantum communication
Spatio-temporal complexity in the clusters generated by fractional Brownian pathsp. 1
The description of nonstationary noisep. 13
Properties of the reaction front in a reaction-subdiffusion processp. 20
Statistics of level crossing intervalsp. 29
Non-Gaussian resistance fluctuations in disordered materialsp. 38
A theory of magnetization reversal in nanowiresp. 48
Quantitative phase-field simulations of the wavelength selection during alloy redistribution transientsp. 58
Multiplicative white-noise-induced phase transitions : the role of the stochastic interpretationp. 68
Development of turbulence in submerged jets as a noise-induced transitionp. 79
Phase transitions in relaxational systems with field-dependent coefficientsp. 91
Signal propagation in oscillatory media enabled by noise-induced excitabilityp. 102
Parrondo's games with strategyp. 109
Nonlinear phenomena in vortex matterp. 119
Parametric instability of linear oscillators with colored time-dependent noisep. 125
Dynamics important sampling for the activation problem in nonequilibrium continuous systems and mapsp. 135
Modeling and controlling of stochastic dynamics of complex nonlinear systemsp. 145
Extreme fluctuations in small-world-coupled autonomous systems with relaxational dynamicsp. 159
Estimation of periodicity in synchronized systemsp. 171
Ratchets in homogeneous extended systems : internal modes and the role of noisep. 182
Noise-sustained oscillation and synchronization of excitable media with stirringp. 193
Parrondo's games and the zipping algorithmp. 203
Signal-to-noise ratio gain in stochastic resonators driven by colored noisesp. 213
Optimal quantization for energy-efficient information transfer in a population of neuron-like devicesp. 222
Study of stochastic synchronization in vertical cavity lasersp. 233
Spatiotemporal stochastic resonance in an array of Schmitt triggersp. 244
System size resonance in attractor neural networksp. 251
Stochastic resonance between noise-sustained patterns : local and nonlocal couplingp. 258
Stochastic epidemic outbreaks : why epidemics are like lasersp. 266
Deterministic versus noisy behavior in sidebranchingp. 280
Social networks and spreading of epidemicsp. 289
Stochastic approach to highway trafficp. 298
Correlations in finance : a statistical approachp. 311
Fluctuations and noise in cancer developmentp. 322
Application of stochastic volatility models to German DAX datap. 333
Inference of stochastic nonlinear oscillators with applications to physiological problemsp. 344
Theory for the drastic facilitation of the onset of global chaos between separatrices of a Hamiltonian systemp. 355
Fluctuational instabilities of alkali and noble metal nanowiresp. 367
Quasi-symplectic stochastic integrationp. 380
Distribution of residence times in bistable noisy systems with time-delayed feedbackp. 393
Exact ratchet description of Parrondo's games with self-transitionsp. 407
Influence of green noise on the parametric synchronization phenomenonp. 416
Global and local noise on diffusively coupled neural networksp. 425
Quantum statistical information functional for random matrix ensemblesp. 432
Possibility of measuring weak noise in nonlinear systemsp. 437
Noise-induced order in type-I intermittencyp. 445
Spatial-temporal structures in noise processes : microscopic and macroscopic dynamicsp. 457
Width of the chaotic layer associated with a separatrix of a one-dimensional Hamiltonian system subjected to a low-frequency time-periodic perturbationp. 468
Energy fluctuations and the singularity of specific heat in 3D Ising modelp. 480
Synchronization of phase slips in chaotic mapp. 492
Acceleration of diffusion in switching periodic sawtooth potentialp. 504
Mathematical background of Parrondo's paradoxp. 510
Parrondo's games with chaotic switchingp. 520
Enhancement of deterministic stochastic resonance in coupled chaotic systemsp. 531
Exact solutions of stochastic resonance systems and nonlinear stochastic circuitsp. 541
Cross-spectral measurement of neural signal transferp. 550
Hopping by levy flights and nonlinear relation between diffusion and conductivityp. 560
Harmonic velocity noise : new features of noise-driven system in long timesp. 568
Random walks models with intermediate fractional diffusion asymptoticsp. 575
Multiplicative versus additive noise in multistate neural networksp. 584
Path integrats in fluctuating marketsp. 595
Motion in random fields : an application to stock market datap. 612
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