Atomic and molecular pulsed lasers V : 15-19 September 2003, Tomsk, Russia /
Victor F. Tarasenko, Georgy V. Mayer, Gueorgii G. Petrash, chairs/editors ; organized by Institute of Atmospheric Optics, SB RAS (Russia) ... [et al.] ; sponsored by Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) ... [et al.].
Bellingham, Wash., USA : SPIE, c2004.
xi, 346 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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Table of Contents
Study of fission-fragment excited xenon laser in He-Xe, Ar-Xe, and He-Ar-Xe mixturesp. 1
Kinetics of CO first negative system excitation by ionized radiationp. 14
Efficient long-pulsed XeCl lasersp. 24
Pulsed repetitive CO[subscript 2] laser pumped by longitudinal dischargep. 29
Efficient non-chain discharge HF and DF lasersp. 35
Investigation on parallel spark array pre-ionization TEA CO[subscript 2] laserp. 43
Discharge-pumped XeCl laser triggered by e-beamp. 51
Wide-aperture electric-discharge XeCl lasersp. 55
Peculiarities of short pulse electrical discharge XeCl laserp. 60
Waveguide pulsed gas lasersp. 67
Mechanisms of pulsed inversion in a process of ion-ion recombinationp. 75
Mathematical modeling of ion recombination strontium vapor laserp. 83
Kinetics of active media of He-Zn[superscript +], He-Cd[superscript +], He-Ti[superscript +] and Ne-In[superscript +] hollow cathode lasers and new laser linesp. 104
On the possibility of lasing an new transitions of Sr II under conditions of strongly nonstationary recombination kineticsp. 120
The influence of HBr additives on breakdown characteristics of Ne-H[subscript 2]-Cu laser mixturep. 125
Effect of an external magnetic field on the output power of a copper bromide laserp. 134
Efficiency of charging circuit for metal vapor lasersp. 141
Dichromatic laser photolysis of eosin in solid gelatinous matrixp. 147
Study of cresol phototransformations in neutral and acidic mediump. 152
Electron impact excitation of carbazole vaporp. 157
On the mechanism of the runaway of electrons in a gas : the universal escape curves for He, Xe, N[subscript 2]p. 161
Electron beams formations in helium-filled diode under atmospheric pressurep. 174
Formation of high-current electron beams in dense gasesp. 181
Subnanosecond electron beam in air under atmospheric pressurep. 188
Properties of plasma of volume nanosecond high-pressure discharge formed in non-uniform electric fieldp. 197
The calculation of charged particles densities in gas flow discharge chambersp. 208
Numerical simulation of the processes in fast flow gas discharge CO[subscript 2] lasersp. 214
Effective electron impact excitation cross-sections of Srl singlet levelsp. 224
Photoconductive response of type IIa diamond in the 222-353-nm rangep. 230
Modification of thin metal and ceramic films by UV and IR laser radiationp. 238
Effect of plasma needle on cultured cellsp. 247
A sealed-off strontium vapor laserp. 252
A comparative evaluation of efficiency of different methods of treating pretumoral changes of bronchlal epithelium by clinical-immunological datap. 262
Influence of nitric oxide antitumor activity of photodynamic therapy : laser systems for PDTp. 267
Excimer lamps : history, discharge physics, and industrial applicationsp. 272
Electron-beam-pumped ultraviolet light sourcesp. 287
The VUV dimer spectra excited in condensed kryptonp. 292
Compact XUV excimer radiation sources and their applicationp. 297
Modeling of barrier filaments as miniglow discharge : Xe[subscript 2] (172 nm) and XeCl (308 nm) excilampsp. 305
New bactericidal UV tight sources : excilampsp. 317
Biological objects pretreatment optimization using XeBr excilamps for mercury concentration control by ASVA methodp. 323
Study of photocatalytic effect of narrow band irradiation at 206 and 282 nm on oil in aqueous solution using TiO[subscript 2]p. 328
Small-sized KrCl, XeCl, and XeBr excilampsp. 335
Spontaneous UV source based on pulsed discharge in Xe (Kr, Ar)p. 340
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