Fourth International Conference on Virtual Reality and Its Applications in Industry : 23-25 October 2003, Tianjin, China /
Jizhou Sun, Zhigeng Pan, editors ; sponsored by China Society of Image and Graphics (China) ; organized by VR Committee of China Society of Image and Graphics (China) ... [et al.] ; cosponsored by National Natural Science Foundation in China (China) ... [et al.].
Bellingham, Wash., USA : SPIE, c2004.
xiv, 586 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
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Visibility preprocessing for complex 3D scenes using hardware-visibility queriesp. 1
Fast modeling of vernacular houses of southeast Chinap. 14
Data organization of 3D moving objectsp. 19
A procedural texture generation method based on genetic programmingp. 27
Large-data processing based on simplification and subdivisionp. 35
Finite element simulation of coupling acoustic mode in cleaning tub : influence of attached block to the bottomp. 42
Real-time wave simulation based on texture mappingp. 46
A new computational way to Monte Carlo global illuminationp. 54
A method for Delaunay triangulation using a uniform gridp. 60
A novel model for defining topological line-region relationsp. 67
A new method to discrete curvature on digital curvesp. 75
RenderStorm : a Monte Carlo global illumination testbed for virtual environmentp. 83
Applied clipping based on multibounding types in SVRTp. 87
Modeling and animation of firep. 92
Research on adaptive rendering based on visual acuity equationsp. 96
Image mosaic with color and brightness correctionp. 100
Research on algorithm about content-based segmentation and spatial transformation for stereo panoramap. 106
EasyPanorama : a new panorama authoring systemp. 111
Constructing full-view panoramic image based on spherical modelp. 117
A simple and efficient approach for creating cylindrical panoramap. 123
Motion detection and trajectory analysisp. 130
Texton-based texture synthesisp. 138
A panoramic image mosaic algorithm based on wavelet decomposition and equidistant matchingp. 145
Automatic 3D facial model reconstruction from single front-view imagep. 149
Virtual presentation for home textile product on the Internetp. 153
Simulation for Chinese painting based on image analogiesp. 157
Self-coherent tile set for texture generationp. 162
Intentionality : a needed link between decision and action for intelligent agents' behaviorp. 166
MSPR : a retained-mode-based multiscreen parallel rendering systemp. 173
Research and implementation of object model in HLAp. 181
The implementation of distributed interactive simulator based on HLAp. 186
Spatial multi-agent system and its applicationsp. 192
DAVRS : an architecture of distributed VR systemsp. 200
Research on web-based distributed virtual cooperative work environment for product designp. 206
Acoustic simulation in architecture with parallel algorithmp. 212
Developing a scalable distributed simulation on HIVEp. 219
The electronic-commerce-oriented virtual merchandise modelp. 225
Research on distributed virtual reality system in electronic commercep. 229
A method to resolve time delay in telepresence system based on virtual realityp. 233
Interactive presentation system for home-used products on the Internetp. 237
Intelligentized machinery of cluster based on multi-agent systemp. 241
An acoustic interface for triggering actions in virtual environmentsp. 246
A fast 3D acoustic rendering methodp. 252
A robust eyeball feature extraction algorithm using improved generalized symmetry transformp. 260
Human-computer interaction in freeform object design and simultaneous manufacturingp. 265
A simple implementation for 3D virtual surround sound effect and its application in multichannel audio codingp. 273
Application of realism AC1000 VME system in hardware-in-the-loop simulation of integrated navigation systemp. 281
Arm motion planning based on space-time constraintsp. 287
Design and implementation of wearable outdoor augmented reality system for Yuanmingyuan Gardenp. 294
Study on registration method based on Gauss-Newton iteration algorithm for augmented reality systemp. 300
Virtual-reality-based 3D simulation for ship steering and sea wavep. 306
Collision-free navigation for virtual humanp. 310
A telerobotic system based on virtual reality techniquep. 314
Motion control simulation based on VR for humanoid robotp. 318
Digital product development in a distributed virtual environmentp. 322
Design optimization of control programs for thermal metal cutting using genetic algorithmp. 327
Survey of a virtual assembly systemp. 337
Virtual NC laser cutting machine tool and cutting process simulationp. 345
The study and application of assembly virtual coal mine developing system on PCp. 351
The virtual debugging system for embedded software developmentp. 357
GIS-based 3D dynamic visualization of simulated complex construction processp. 365
Thresholding based on the fuzzy entropy and genetic algorithm of vehicle license platep. 372
Real-time generation of reality scene in flight simulatorp. 379
Voxel-based model and its application in advanced manufacturingp. 383
Design and application of a semiphysical simulation system for spatial carrier pose measurementp. 389
Imitation platform for mobile robot based on virtual reality technologyp. 395
GIS-based visualization for earth allocation in hydroelectric engineeringp. 399
Application of virtual flight visionp. 403
Research on the application of virtual reality technique in single-crystal growth experimentp. 407
Application study of dynamic simulation in water transport systemp. 411
The application of VR in the simulation of water gas productionp. 415
Design of virtual experiment board on DC machinesp. 419
A study of Internet-based virtual NC turning systemp. 423
Efficient view-dependent out-of-core visualizationp. 428
A kickball game for ankle rehabilitation by JAVA, JNI, and VRMLp. 439
Web-GIS-based SARS epidemic situation visualizationp. 445
High-resolution visualization of VCH-female datasetp. 453
Component-based WebGIS and map visualization objectsp. 459
Collaborative forest fire fighting simulationp. 467
A model for web spatial data visualization based on the Oracle spatial databasep. 474
A new cell projection algorithm based on feature region of 3D medical data fieldp. 478
Scheduling and policing in GPRS based on the minimum laxity threshold algorithmp. 484
Virtual reality in equipment battle damage simulationp. 489
Visual computer-aided design and analysis with dynamic simulation for hydroelectric project constructionp. 494
Virtual tutor system for robot-assisted instructionp. 502
Visualization of three-dimensional liquid flow on sieve traysp. 506
Virtual reality application in agriculture fieldp. 510
The research of hall acoustical quality auralizing simulation systemp. 514
Application of VR in Tianjin Environmental Geographic Information Systemp. 518
Animation framework using volume visualizatonp. 523
A petri-net-based model of equipment virtual maintenance processp. 527
Design and implementation of a virtual campusp. 531
The development of virtual laboratories : a case studyp. 535
The implementation of real-time interaction in virtual education system based on VRMLp. 539
Study on noise depression of the image intensifier system based on the wavelet transformsp. 543
Optimization of transformation for 3D reconstruction of coronary arterial treep. 547
Research on computer-aided design of modern marine power systemsp. 553
Actuality and prospect of visual numerical simulation in water diversion systemsp. 557
A new algorithm to detect coronary boundaries : the maximal differential curve trackingp. 561
The research for means of image appraisal and simulation modelp. 565
A new e-commerce platform based on virtual realityp. 571
3D reconstruction based on CT image and its applicationp. 575
A real-time voice modification system in virtual communityp. 579
Author indexp. 584
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