Revolutions in Romantic literature : an anthology of print culture, 1780-1832 /
edited by Paul Keen.
Peterborough, Ont. : Broadview Press, c2004.
xxii, 354 p. ; 24 cm.
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Peterborough, Ont. : Broadview Press, c2004.
155111352X (pbk.) :
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This concise Broadview anthology of primary source materials is unique in its focus on Romantic literature and the ways in which the period itself was characterized by wide-ranging, self-conscious debates about the meaning of literature. It includes materials that are not available in other Romantic literature anthologies. The anthology is organized into thirteen sections that highlight the intensity and sophistication with which a variety of related literary issues were debated in the Romantic period. These debates posed fundamental questions about the very nature of literature as a cultural phenomenon, the extent and role of the reading public, literature's relation to the sciences and the aesthetic, the influence of contemporary commercial pressures, and the impact of perceived excesses in consumer fashions. The anthology foregrounds the ways that these literary debates converged with broader social and political controversies such as the French Revolution, the struggle for women's rights, colonialism, and the anti-slave trade campaign. This anthology includes an impressive range of writings from the period (including literary criticism and philosophical, political, scientific, and travel writing) which embodies the collection's broad approach to Romantic literature. Both lesser-known and more canonical writings are included, and the selections are organized by topic in such a way as to dramatize the debates and exchanges which characterize the Romantic period.
Table of Contents
The nature of the word, literature
An enquiry concerning political justice, and its influence on general virtue happiness (1793)
Review of an enquiry concerning political justice, and its influence on general virtue and happiness (1793)
Review of an enquiry concerning political justice, and its influence on general virtue and happiness (1793)
The pursuits of literature : a satirical poem in four dialogues (1797)
Analytical review, review of : 1. Requete an Roi, &c. - address to the King
Analytical review, review of : 2. Reponse de M. de Calonne &c
Analytical review, review of : 3. Sur le Compte rendu au Roi &c. - explanations of the account rendered to the King in 1781
Analytical review, review of : 4. Motif de M. de Calonne, &c.
An address to the opposers of the repeal of the corporation and test acts (1790)
Letter (1798)
"The periodical press," a review of : The St. James Chronicle - The Morning Chronicle - The Times - The New Times - The Courier, &c. - Cobbett's Weekly Journal - The Examiner - The Observer - The Gentleman's Magazine - The New Monthly Magazine - The London, &c. &c. (1823)
"On the connection and the mutual assistance of the arts and sciences, and the relation of poetry of them all"
"The poetry of Pope" (1848)
The reading public
The Statesman's Manual : a lay serman (1816)
"The present state of literature" (1827)
"The influence of books" (1828)
"Letter to Alderman Wood on the subject of teaching the children of the poor to read" (1813)
"Of learning"
Speech as prosecution in the seditious-libel trial of Thomas Paine for Rights of man part two (1792)
Speech as prosecution in the seditious-libel trial of Thomas Williams for publishing Age of reason, by Thomas Paine (1797)
Letter : "on reading novels" (1797)
Letter : "Eusebius's final reply on the subject of Sunday schools" (1798)
Letter : "some former articles reviewed by an old correspondent" (1789)
"My Books" (1823)
Literary autobiographies
Memoirs of the forty-five first years of the life of James Lackington, bookseller (1791; 1792)
Memoirs of Mary Robinson
The satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis and of Aulus Persius Flaccus (1802)
The autobiography of Francis Place (1824)
The book trade
Memoirs of the forty-five first years of the life of James Lackington, bookseller (1791; 1792)
"Bibliographic account of the late Mr. Joseph Johnson" (1809)
The case of authors stated, including the history of literary property (1812)
An address to the parliament of Great Britain, on the claims of authors to their own copy right
Reasons for a further amendment of the Act 54 Geo. III C. 156 : being an act to amend the copyright act of Queen Anne (1817)
Letter : "Mr. Fisher's publication on Stratford-upon-Avon" (1817)
"Advice to young authors" (1817)
The vanity fair of knowledge : literary fashions
"Of reading novels and trifling books without discrimination," Winter evenings : or, Lucubrations on life and letters (1788)
Letter : "libraries recommended in market towns" (1794)
The pursuits of literature : a satirical poem in four dialogues (1797)
Preface to An essay on the manners and genius of the literary character (1795)
Review of A view of universal history, from creation to the present time (1796)
Strictures on the modern system of female education (1799)
Letter : "A modern requisite towards the character of a gentleman" (1799)
"On the origin and progress of novel-writing" (1810)
"On reading new books" (1827)
The arts and sciences
Review of An inquiry into the history of Scotland preceding the reign of Malcolm III or the year 1056 (1790)
Memoirs of the first forty-five years of the life of James Lackington (1791; 1792)
Review of The history of Great Britain, connected with the chronology of Europe (1794)
Review of Sheridan and Henderson's practical method of reading and reciting English poetry; designed as an introduction to Dr. Enfield's "Speaker" (1798)
"A tribute to the memory of the late excellent and celebrated bibliographer, Mr. Samuel Paterson" (1803)
Preface to Encyclopaedia Britannica : or, a dictionary of arts, sciences, and miscellaneous literature : enlarged and improved. The fourth edition (1810)
Review of experimental researches concerning the philosophy of permanent colours (1795)
Review of Florentii Jacobi Voltelen : Oratio, &c., i.e. an oration delivered in the Univeristy of Leydon, by F. J. Voltelen, on his retiring from the office of Rector Magnificus (1791)
Preface to Gentleman's Magazine (1795)
Preface to Dissertatins and miscellaneous pieces relating to the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences, and literature, of Asia (1793)
Dedication and preface to experiments and observations on different kinds of air and other branches of natural philosophy (1790)
The loves of the plants (1791)
A discourse, introductory to a course of lectures of chemistry (1802)
Preface to Lyrical ballads (1802)
Address of the President on taking the Chair of the Royal Society, for the first time : December 7[superscript th], 1820, - on the present state of that body, and on the progress and prospects of science (1827)
The periodical press
Preface to the Analytical review, or, history of literature, domestic and foreign, on an enlarged plan (1788)
Preface to Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle (1790)
Review of The patriot : or, poltical, moral, and philosophical repository, consisting of original pieces, and selections from writers of merit, a work calculated to disseminate those branches of knowledge among all ranks of people, at a small expence (1792)
Letter (1799)
Gleanings in England : descriptive of the countenance, mind, and character of the country (1799)
Prospectus, The reflector, a collection of essays, on miscellaneous subjects of literature and politics (1812)
"The author's obligations to critics, and the probable occasion" (1817)
Introduction to Retrospective review (1820)
"The periodical press", a review of : the St. James Chronicle - The Morning Chronicle - The Times - The New Times - The Courier, &c. - Cobbett's Weekly Journal - The Examiner - The Observer - The Gentleman's Magazine - The New Monthly Magazine - The London, &c. (1823)
Romantic literature
Picturesque beauty
Picturesque travel
Sketching landscape : to which is added a poem, on landscape painting (1792)
"On artificial taste" (1797)
"On the characteristics of poetry" (1797)
Edmund Oliver (1798)
Preface to Lyrical ballads (1802)
Review of Thalaba, the destroyer (1802)
The feast of the poets (1814)
"Parallels between art and science" (1807)
A defence of poetry (1821)
Reflections on the revolution in France
Reflections on the revolution in France and on the proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event (1790)
Vindication of the rights of men, in a letter to the right Honourable Edmund Burke; occasioned by his reflections on the revolution in France (1790)
Rights of man : being an answer to Mr. Burke's attack on the French Revolution (1791-92)
Remarks on Mr. Paine's pamphlet, called the rights of man (1791)
Letter addressed to the addressers on the late proclamation (1792)
Village politics, addressed to all the mechanics, journeymen and day labourers, in Great Britain (1793)
The pernicious effects of the art of printing upon society, exposed (1793)
Letters of the ghost of Alfred, addressed to the Hon. Thomas Erskine, and the Hon. Charles James Fox, on the occasion of the state trials at the close of the year 1794, and the beginning of the year 1795 (1795)
Peaceful discussion, and not tumultuary violence the means of redressing national grievance (1795)
Considerations on Lord Grenville's and Mr. Pitt's Bills. Concerning treasonable and seditious practices, and unlawful assemblies (1795)
A revolution in female manners
Letters on education, with observations on religious and metaphysical subjects (1790)
Vindication of the rights of woman (1792)
Appeal to the men of Great Britain on behalf of women (1798)
Reflections on the present condition of the female sex : with suggestions for its improvement (1798)
The female advocate : or, an attempt to recover the rights of women from male usurpation (1799)
Strictures on the modern system of female education (1799)
A vindication of the right Honourable Edmund Burke's reflections on the revolution in France, in answer to all his opponents (1791)
The Observer : being a collection of moral, literary and familiar essays (1791)
Letter : "strictures on national vices, follies, and inadvertencies" (1795)
The unsex'd females : a poem, addressed to the author of The pursuits of literature (1798)
The second wave of reform
"Liberty of the press and its abuses," a review of the law of libel
"Parliamentary reform," a review of : 1. An inquiry into the causes of the general poverty and dependance of mankind; including a full investigation of the Corn Laws, Edinburgh, 1814
"Parliamentary reform," a review of : 2. A plan for the reform of parliament, on constitutional principles, Pamphleteer. No. 14
"Parliamentary reform," a review of : 3. Observation on the scarcity of money, and its effects upon the public
"Parliamentary reform," a review of : 4. On the state of the country, in December, 1816
"Parliamentary reform," a review of : 5. Christian policy, the salvation of the Empire. Being a clear and concise examination into the causes that have produced the impending, unavoidable national bankruprey; and the effects that must ensue, unless averted by the adoption of this only real and desirable remedy, which would elevate these realms to a pitch of greatness hitherto unattained by any nation that ever existed
"Parliamentary reform," a review of : 6. The Monthly Magazine
"Parliamentary reform," a review of : 7. Cobbett's Political Register
A Lay Sermon (March 1817)
The Gorgon (23 May 1818)
"The editor of the Quarterly Review" (14 June 1818)
"State of the world" (3 January 1819)
British India
The second anniversary discourse delivered 24 February (1785)
Speech for the defense in the case of the King against John Stockdale, for a libel on the House of Commons (1789)
Preface to The Hedaya, or guide : a commentary on the Mussulman laws (1791)
Indian antiquities, or dissertations on Hindostan (1793)
Preface to Dissertations and miscellaneous pieces relating to the history and antiquites, the arts, sciences, and literature of Asia (1793)
Review of Travels in India, 1780, 81, 82, and 83
The preface to Institutes of Hindu Law : or, the ordinances of menu, according to the Gloss of Calluca. Comprising the Indian system of duties, religious and civil (1796)
Translation of the letters of a Hindoo rajah, preliminary dissertation (1796)
Review of dissertations and miscellaneous pieces relating to the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences, and literature of Asia
Prospectus for the oriental collections : consisting of original essays and dissertations, translations and miscellaneous tracts of Asia (1797)
Review of essays by the students of the college of Fort William in Bengal
Review of : 1. The life of Bishop Reginald Heber, D. D., Bishop of Calcutta. 1830
Review of : 2. The last days of Bishop Heber
Minute on Indian education (1835)
The slave trade
Slavery : a poem (1788)
A poem on the bill lately passed for regulating the slave-trade (1788)
Thoughts on the slavery of the Negroes, as it affects the British colonies in the West Indies : humbly submitted to the consideration of both Houses of Parliament (1788)
Robert Boucher Nicholls, Dean of Middleham, observations. Occasioned by the attempts made in England to effect the abolition of the slave trade; shewing the manner in which Negroes are treated in the British colonies, in the West-Indies (1788)
Epistle to William Wilberforce, esq. on the rejection of the bill for abolishing the slave-trade (1791)
An apology for slavery; or, six cogent arguments against the immediate abolition of the slave-trade (1792)
The history, civil and commercial, of the British colonies in the West Indies (1793)
The Wandrings of Warwick (1794)
An essay on colonization, particularly applied to the western coast of Africa, with some free thoughts on cultivation and commerce; also brief descriptions of the colonies already formed, or attemped, in Africa, including those of Sierra-Leona and Bulama (1794)
"On the slave trade," (1796)
The history of the rise, progress, and accomplishment of the abolition of the African slave-trade by the British parliament (1808)
Index of authors and titles
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