Winning the race to unity : is racial reconciliation really working? /
Clarence Shuler.
Chicago : Moody Publishers, c2003.
331 p. ; 23 cm.
0802481590 (pbk.)
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Chicago : Moody Publishers, c2003.
0802481590 (pbk.)
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Clarence F. Shuler is the president/CEO of Building Lasting Relationships, Inc. Clarence and his wife, Brenda, are members of the FamilyLife marriage conference speaker team. Together they conduct marriage and singles seminars around the world. Clarence is a consultant for many organizations on biblical diversity
Review Quotes
I have just finished readingWinning the Race to Unity. I must immediately take two simple actions. I''ll call my friend Laurie who attends an African American church in Chicago and ask if I can go to church with her next Sunday. I need to sit in her congregation to listen and learn. If we do not become active participants in the solution, we will be counted among those perpetuate the problem and thereby break, again and again, the heart of God. The first edition ofWinning the Race to Unity opened doors of understanding and healing between blacks and whites in "Bridging the Racial Divide" small groups at Willow Creek. May the impact of this second edition be even broader and deeper. -Lynne Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church, author, editor and speaker Winning the Race to Unity is thorough, insightful, provocative and distinctively Christian. Clarence Shuler has given us an excellent resource to stimulate, guide and stretch us in our interracial relationships, so we as Christ''s followers can lead the way instead of always trying to catch up. This is a book to be read, discussed, prayed over and acted upon. I highly recommend it. -Randy Alcorn, author of Dominionand Safety Home Clarence Shuler''s book is a must-read for people of every race and culture who are confused about the term racial reconciliation, and frustrated with the current state of race relations. It is an equipping, challenging, healing, and compelling book! Through powerful personal stories, we are led to a singular conclusion --only by following the healing power of the Word of God can we build what he calls racial partnerships as a way of life. Clarence Shuler''s message is clear. There is no middle ground. White believers must take the initiative to remove the pain and injustices caused to people of color by racism, but everyone mustact. The bottom line is --the Church must choose between Christ and culture in order to bring about unity within the body of Christ. -Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, President, Skinner Leadership Institute Clarence Shuler cuts through some of the smokescreens, walks us through some of the unpleasant history we must accept, and draws us into action-oriented biblical justice with fresh earnestness. This book forces me to think, to pray and to change. Be prepared! -Robert C. Andringa, Ph.D., President, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities Clarence Shuler has been a wonderful resource to Moody Bible Institute, bringing a wealth of experience both personally and professionally to bear on the issue of racial partnership. This is a must-read for anyone desiring to move boldly into God''s perfect will for His body --a body without schism --fit for heaven! -Joseph Stowell, President, Moody Bible Institute It is time for all of us in the body of Christ to be serious about loving one another, regardless of race or ethnicity. This is a life message and a burden that I believe God has placed on the heart of my brother Clarence Shuler. As you read this book, pray that God will speak to your own heart about what you can do to help bring about true biblical unity among Christians. -Bob Lepine, Co-Host, FamilyLife Today I heartily endorse Clarence Shuler''s bookWinning the Race to Unity. I have read several books on the subject and this one spoke to me more deeply than most. Clarence is helping the Christian community understand what biblical diversity looks like and how we can take practical steps toward an authentic unity through his writings and seminars. -Dr. William J. Hamel, President, Evangelical Free Church of America The church cannot focus too aggressively on the need for transethnic sensitivity and spiritually motivated therapy for our wounds in this arena of separation. If Christians can gain ground in racial unity, maybe we''ll be able to learn to win the big battle --the one that separates the church attitudinally, as our sectarianism biases divide us. -Jack W. Hayford, Senior Pastor, The Church on the Way Clarence Shuler has captured through his life experience the principles that lead to deeper dialogue and practice in race reconciliation. I encourage the reading of this important book. -Matthew Parker, President, Institute for Black Family Development Shuler challenges us to hunger for the nations in our own communities. With thought-provoking questions and biblical principles, Shuler breaks down the communications barriers among God''s people. -Myrna Gutierrez, President/CEO, Integrated Solutions Clarence understands both the black and the white communities with striking depth and compassion. He challenges us in this book as few could. Clarence is helping us to move forward with vision and hope. -John and Susie Yates, popular writers and speakers in the area of family life Clarence''s book raises crucial questions concerning authentic racial unity in the body of Christ. His chapter on how to relate to the Black community is an instant classic. For those tired of playing the same old games, I heartily recommend this book. -Chris Rice, author of the best-selling book, Grace Matters,Graduate Student at Duke Divinity School Finally, a thought-provoking book that asks readers to discern racial reconciliation from an African American perspective! Clarence Shuler challenges Christians to examine the misuse of culture, power and ethics within the body of Christ and to work for the fair treatment of all humanity regardless of their social status. A must read for all who wish to transcend racial and cultural barriers. -Alvin Sanders, Senior Pastor, River of Life Church, Doctoral Associate at University of Miami (OH) Winning the Race to Unity by Clarence Shuler is perhaps the best book on race relations in print! It deals with difficult, sensitive matters in a Christ-like, graceful and sensitive manner. While one is convicted of his past and present sins of prejudice, discrimination and racism, one is moved to positive Christ-centered response in dealing with issues for the glory of God. I have distributed this book widely in various parts of the world through our missionaries, but also in North America to key pastors and Christian leaders. It has helped me immensely in my personal walk with God! -Doug Nichols, International Director, Action International Ministries God has used Clarence Shuler to speak to the greatest hindrance to the influence of the church today. Until Christians can genuinely love one another as Clarence teaches inWinning the Race to Unity we will be unable to effectively reach our world. This book is a must-read for everyone who is serious about expanding the kingdom of God in America. If we don''t win the race to unity we will lose the race! -B. Courtney McBath, Senior Founding Pastor, Calvary Revival Church Clarence writes with love and compassion for the victims of racial bias as well as for those persons or groups who perpetuate it. This prophetic book is rare in its honesty and practicality. Reverend Shuler provides several illustrations of real problems as well as tangible steps to ameliorate them. As a sociologist who has worked in evangelical settings for nearly three decades, I think that Reverend Shuler has written one of the very best books for helping evangelical Christians understand the subleties of racial conflicts. -Henry Allen, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Wheaton College
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Main Description
It's been said that the most segregated time of the week is Sunday morning. The church experiences the same racial tensions as the rest of society and this certainly does not bring glory to God. In Winning the Race to Unity, Clarence Shuler directly confronts this racial divide and challenges the church to face these problems and tackle them head on. Come along on this necessary journey and prepare to grow and be changed.
Unpaid Annotation
HIGHLIGHTS- Originally written in 1998, this helpful resource has been updated with three new chapters to address developments and new difficulties facing the church.- Combines thorough historical information with up-to-date methods that promote cross-cultural cooperation.
Main Description
For generations, prejudice has divided the Church and continues to do so, tearing apart our communities. When it comes to race, emotions run high and cross-cultural understanding is rare. This inspiring book teaches the historical causes of the race problem in North America, while challenging our thinking about people of other races and cultures. This new edition of Winning the Race to Unity with its fresh examples and undated content will show you how winning the race to racial unity can only be achieved through transparent relationships -- first with Christ and then with each other. Book jacket.
Table of Contents
Dedicationp. 11
Forewordsp. 13
Acknowledgmentsp. 19
Introduction: "Change Has Got to Come" The Race Problem Won't Go Away by Itselfp. 25
Missing the Mark: We Must Refocus Our Aim if We Are to Win the Race Gamep. 43
Putting on God-Glasses: A Biblical Perspective for Developing Cross-Cultural Relationshipsp. 59
Did You Know This History? How a More Accurate Understanding of History May Change Present Misconceptionsp. 79
What Honest Abe Really Believed and Why It Matters: Lessons We Could Learn from Historyp. 107
Is Racial Reconciliation Really Working? (The Way Everyone Wants It To!)p. 129
The White Christian Problem in America: The White Christian Community Cannot Continue to Do Ministry as Usual in Its Approach to Minoritiesp. 161
The Responsibility of Black Christians in the Race Game: We Can't Blame Whites for Everythingp. 187
How to Relate to the Black Community: Some Practical Steps for Fulfilling the Great Commissionp. 205
Winning the Race to Unity: The Rewards of Racial Unityp. 221
Look Who's Talking: Cross-Cultural Is More Than Black and Whitep. 229
We Don't Know What We're Missing: Biblical Diversity in Everyday Lifep. 257
Transforming our Theology into Reality: Making the Workplace a Safe Place for Women and People of Colorp. 275
Where Do We Go from Here? Will You Be Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?p. 297
Questions You May Have Wondered About But May Not Have Had the Opportunity to Askp. 325
Bibliographyp. 329
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