3D stellar evolution : proceedings of a conference held at the Department of Applied Sciences, University of California, Davis, Livermore, California, USA, 22-26-July 2002 /
edited by S. Turcotte, S.C. Keller, and R.M. Cavallo.
1st ed.
San Francisco, Calif. : Astronomical Society of the Pacific, c2003.
xiii, 341 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
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San Francisco, Calif. : Astronomical Society of the Pacific, c2003.
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Proceedings of the 3D Stellar Evolution Workshop held at the University of California, Davis Department of Applied Sciences in Livermore, CA in July 2002.
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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Table of Contents
Prefacep. ix
List of Participantsp. xi
Djehuty. A Code for Modeling Stars in Three Dimensionsp. 1
Prospects for Djehutyp. 15
The FLASH code: From Design to Applicationsp. 22
A Fictitious Cartesian Grid Technique for the Simulation of 3D Meridional Circulation in Starsp. 25
A New Model for Penetrative Convection in the Anelastic Approximationp. 34
Nuclear Reaction Networks Ready to Use in 3D Stellar Evolutionp. 41
3-D Simulations of Turbulent Compressible Stellar Convectionp. 45
Hydrodynamical Simulations of Convection Using 2D VULCANp. 64
Portent of Heine's Reciprocal Square Root Identityp. 70
Binary Stars
Contact Binariesp. 76
Quasistatic Evolution of Binary Neutron Star Systems Before Mergingp. 88
Magnetic Dynamos in Common-Envelope Evolutionp. 100
Mass Transfer in Eccentric Binary Starsp. 110
Images of Active Mass Transfer in Direct Impact Close Binary Systemsp. 120
Perturbations to Stellar Structure in 2D: Stellar Rotation and Heating in X-ray Binariesp. 125
Solar Turbulence and Magnetism Studied Within a Rotating Convective Spherical Shellp. 134
3D Anelastic Simulations of Convection in Massive Starsp. 147
Boundary Conditions on Stellar Convectionp. 157
Numerical Study of Rotating Convectionp. 168
Enabling Progress on AGB Star Evolution and Nucleosynthesisp. 180
On the Controversy over the Oxygen Abundances of the Oldest Starsp. 190
Radiative transfer in 3D model stellar atmospheresp. 197
Radiative Transfer with Very Few Wavelenghtsp. 209
What does the Unexpected Detection of Water Vapor in Arcturus' Atmosphere Tell us?p. 214
Radiative Hydrodynamical Simulations of Granulation in the Sun at Different Stages Along the Evolutionary Trackp. 221
Simulations of Near-Surface Solar Magnetoconvection Within Localized Spherical Segmentsp. 229
Stellar Surface Differential Rotation from Doppler Imagingp. 235
On the Internal Rotation of Early-Type Stars: Do They Have a Rapidly Rotating Core?p. 246
Helioseismic Estimates of Solar Structure and Dynamicsp. 250
Constraints on Stellar Interior Physics from Oscillationsp. 262
The Search for the Solar Core Dynamics with SoHO/GOLFp. 276
Bump Cepheids and the Stellar Mass-Luminosity Relationp. 285
Explosive Events
The Inherent Asymmetry of Core-Collapse Supernovaep. 290
Angular Momentum Transport During Type I X-Ray Burstsp. 298
Explosive Instability of Prominence Flux Ropesp. 306
The He flash in Ultra Metal-Poor Low-Mass Starsp. 314
Relativistic Jets from Collapsars: Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 321
Investigations of Pointwise Ignition of Helium Deflagrations on Neutron Starsp. 329
Subject Indexp. 337
Object Indexp. 339
Author Indexp. 340
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