America, the Vietnam War, and the world : comparative and international perspectives /
edited by Andreas W. Daum, Lloyd C. Gardner, Wilfried Mausbach.
Washington, D.C. : German Historical Institute ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
xii, 371 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
052100876X (pbk.), 0521810485 (hbk.)
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Washington, D.C. : German Historical Institute ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
052100876X (pbk.)
0521810485 (hbk.)
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Preface / Detlef Junker -- Introduction: America's war and the world / Andreas W. Daum, Lloyd C. Gardner, Wilfried Mausbach -- PART ONE. RELOCATING VIETNAM: COMPARISONS IN TIME AND SPACE -- Colonial war in a postcolonial era: the United States' occupation of Vietnam / Michael Adas -- Visions of the Asian periphery: Vietnam (1964-1968) and the Philippines (1898-1900) / Fabian Hilfrich -- Challenge of revolutions and the emergence of nation-states: British reactions to the foundation of the United States and American responses to the socialist republic of Vietnam, 1780-1980 / T. Christopher Jespersen -- Peripheral war: a recipe for disaster? The United States in Vietnam and Japan in China / John Prados -- Panmunjom and Paris armistices: patterns of war termination / Jeffrey Kimball -- Versailles and Vietnam: coming to terms with war / Sabine Behrenbeck -- PART TWO. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND THE DYNAMICS OF ALLIANCE POLITICS -- Who paid for America's war? Vietnam and the international monetary system, 1960-1975 / Hubert Zimmermann -- America isolated: the Western powers and the escalation of the war / Fredrik Logevall -- Bamboo in the shadows: relations between the United States and Thailand during the Vietnam War / Arne Kislenko -- Strategic concerns of a regional power: Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War / Peter Edwards -- People's warfare versus peaceful coexistence: Vietnam and the Sino-Soviet struggle for ideological supremacy / Eva-Maria Stolberg -- PART THREE. RECASTING VIETNAM: DOMESTIC SCENES AND DISCOURSES -- Center-left government in Italy and the escalation of the Vietnam War / Leopoldo Nuti -- Auschwitz and Vietnam: West German protest against America's war during the 1960s / Wilfried Mausbach -- World peace council and the antiwar movement in East Germany / G√ľnter Wernike -- All power to the imagination! Antiwar activism and emerging feminism in the late 1960s / Barbara L. Tischler -- Vietnam: many wars? / Lloyd C. Gardner
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