Future Iraq : US policy in reshaping the Middle East /
Geoff Simons.
London : Saqi, 2003.
400 p. : map ; 23 cm.
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London : Saqi, 2003.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Geoff Simons has written many books His works are available in a dozen languages
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"I'm amazed to see what Simons has been accomplishing."--Noam Chomsky "Books by Simons can be bought with confidence."--The Times (London)
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A comprehensive analysis of post-war Iraq. The author addresses questions including: what are the implications of American occupation of Iraq for the region as a whole? What does the US want? What is the truth behind the propaganda? And how will the states of the Middle East respond?
Main Description
What are the implications of the occupation of Iraq for the region as a whole? What does the US really want, and how will the states of the Middle East respond? Geoff Simons considers the region's disparate power bases -- in Iraq as well as in other key states (Turkey, Iran, Syria and Israel/Palestine). How will they respond to a Pax Americana? What Islamist reactions might the new US presence engender? How does oil factor into the equation? What can the UN now hope to achieve? And what is the significance of America's expanding global hegemony? With its impeccable research and analysis, Future Iraq is certain to become an essential reference for those seeking answers to these critical questions. Book jacket.
Table of Contents
List of Figuresp. 10
Introductionp. 11
Social Collapsep. 25
The UN Analysisp. 26
Suffer the Childrenp. 29
Warp. 36
Chaosp. 41
The Peoplep. 47
Kurds, Turkomen, Shi'itesp. 48
Tribal Societyp. 49
Saddam's Policiesp. 51
Ethnic/Political Oppositionp. 54
Enter the United Statesp. 57
Regime Changep. 61
A UN Role?p. 62
The US Colonyp. 65
Enter Jay Garnerp. 78
To the Victor the Spoilsp. 80
Iraq for Iraqis?p. 84
A Monarchy Restored?p. 97
Democracy or What?p. 109
The Region
The Kurdsp. 117
Towards Kurdistanp. 118
Contact with the Westp. 119
Towards Autonomyp. 121
Civil Warp. 126
The US Rolep. 127
The Turkish Threatp. 131
War and Aftermathp. 133
Turkeyp. 137
Turkish Repressionp. 138
Suppressing the Kurdsp. 139
Turkish Aggressionsp. 139
Human Rights Abusesp. 148
A New Parliamentp. 150
American Pressurep. 150
America Rebuffedp. 152
Kurdish Concernsp. 153
War and Aftermathp. 154
Iranp. 157
Historical Rootsp. 158
Iran-Iraq War (1980-88)p. 160
The US Rolep. 165
Political Reformp. 167
Axis of Evil?p. 169
Anticipating Warp. 170
Human Rights Abusesp. 172
Post-war Ambitionsp. 173
Targeting Iranp. 175
The Arab Worldp. 179
Kuwaitp. 186
Saudi Arabiap. 189
Syriap. 192
Jordanp. 197
Qatarp. 201
Bahrain, Omanp. 203
Egyptp. 203
Lebanonp. 205
Israel/Palestinep. 209
Sacred Rootsp. 210
Evicting the Arabsp. 211
Human Casualtiesp. 213
Humanitarian Disasterp. 214
Palestinian Victimsp. 216
Suffer the Childrenp. 218
More Evictionsp. 220
Arafat at Bayp. 221
Ignoring the UNp. 222
More War Crimesp. 224
Prelude to Warp. 227
War and Aftermathp. 229
The Context
Iraq--the Backgroundp. 235
The CIA and Saddamp. 236
Territory and Iranp. 238
Seizing Powerp. 239
Installing Terrorp. 240
Introducing Reformp. 240
More US Support for Saddamp. 242
The Halabja Casep. 244
Rumsfeld in Baghdadp. 245
Invading Kuwaitp. 246
Lobbying for War (1998)p. 248
The Oil Factorp. 249
Oil Historyp. 250
Stealing Kuwaitp. 253
Western Oil Hegemonyp. 253
A New 'Red Line'?p. 255
The US Oil Strategyp. 255
US Dependence?p. 256
The Economic Factorp. 259
Oil After Saddamp. 260
Preparing the Wayp. 263
The United Nationsp. 269
US Hostility to United Nationsp. 270
Exploiting the UNp. 270
Regime Change, Bush Doctrinep. 272
A New Inspections Resolution?p. 273
Bullying the UNp. 275
Towards SCR 1441p. 277
Securing SCR 1441p. 278
Not a War Resolutionp. 281
Vetoing a Syrian Resolutionp. 283
Preparing for Warp. 283
A New Resolution?p. 284
An Illegal Posturep. 286
War and Aftermathp. 288
US Hegemonyp. 291
Nuclear Bullyp. 292
Targeting UN Staffp. 294
Practising Torturep. 295
Abusing the UNp. 299
Global Reachp. 299
Halliburton and Othersp. 300
The Oil Imperativep. 302
The Militarised Economyp. 304
The New Privatised Romep. 306
A Democracy for Export?p. 308
Global Ambitionp. 313
The Future
Signpostsp. 321
Towards Democracyp. 322
The Iranian Influencep. 332
The Arab Optionsp. 334
The Israeli/Palestinian Tragedyp. 338
The Oil Questionp. 342
Bellum Americanump. 344
Security Council Resolution 1441 (8 November 2002)p. 351
Syrian Draft Resolution (19 December 2002)--Vetoed by USp. 357
Draft of 'Second Resolution' (24 February 2003)--Sponsors (US, UK and Spain) Declined to Put Draft to Security Council When Required Majority Seemed Unlikely and Veto Was Likelyp. 359
A Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict--Extractp. 361
Notesp. 365
Select Bibliographyp. 385
Indexp. 387
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