Songs and tales from the dark continent : the authoritative 1920 classic, recorded from the singing and the sayings of C. Kamba Simango, Ndau tribe, Portuguese East Africa, and Madikane Čele, Zulu tribe, Natal, Zululand, South Africa /
[compiled and transcribed by] Natalie Curtis.
Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications, 2002.
1 score (xxv, 170 p.) : ill. ; 28 cm.
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Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications, 2002.
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Introduction, Africa and the Africans -- Songs, tales and proverbs of the Ndau Tribe (Portuguese East Africa), recorded from the singing and the sayings of C. Kamba Simango -- Songs and tales of the Zulu Tribe, Natal, South Africa, recorded from the singing and the sayings of Madikane Čele -- Chindau' songs -- Zulu songs.
general note
Includes historical and biographical information.
Includes pronunciation guide.
Reprint. Originally published: New York: G. Schirmer, 1920.
Songs for unison or 2 parts with various percussion.
language note
Words in Ndau and Zulu with English translations, also printed separately as texts with added literal English translations and English commentaries.
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Main Description
Authentic regional singings and sayings feature folklore from the Ndau tribe of Portuguese East Africa and Zulus of South Africa: labor chants, dances, laments, songs of war, meditation, and love, plus proverbs, legends, fables. Extensive editorial commentary, metrical and literal translations, notes on pronunciation.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Africa and the Africansp. xi
Songs, Tales and Proverbs of the Ndau Tribe
Kamba Simangop. 1
Simango's Letter to the Readerp. 12
Notes for the Pronunciation of Chindau' Textp. 13
African Proverbsp. 14
Beliefs and Customs of the Ndau Tribep. 15
Mate'ka: Song of the Rain Ceremony (I) A ndi'na mwa'na wokwe'nda na ye (No child may journey with me)p. 20
Mate'ka: Song of the Rain Ceremony (II) Nyamakamba'la tape'la (Thunder-of-the-East, we're dying)p. 22
Manthi'ki: Spirit-Song (I) Sa'lanyi, sa'lanyi (Farewell, farewell)p. 24
Manthi'ki: Spirit-Song (II) Nyam'nje'nje we'nda (On homeward pinion)p. 25
Manthi'ki: Spirit-Song (III) Vamalo'va nje'che (Who little ones doth beat)p. 26
Manthi'ki: Spirit-Song (IV) Nyamuzi'va wo'ye (He who knows)p. 27
Lu'mbo rlo lu'do: Love-Song A ndi'na wa'ngu, Muzi'ya (I have not my own, Muzi'ya)p. 28
Mafu've: Dance of Girls Eyo'we, Kwa'maiwe (Alas, Mother's home)p. 29
Children's Songs
Mu-to-to-li'le (Drip-Drop the Rain)p. 30
Cha-Kom'ba-Kom'ba (Hopping Song)p. 31
Muvi'li, Zu'ma-Zu'ma (Drying Song)p. 31
Laboring Song (I) Kwae'ja no makashot' (Day dawns with freight to haul)p. 32
Laboring Chant Kanye', kanye'! (Come on, come on!)
Laboring Song (II) Ma'le Kambe'n' (Money in Kamben')p. 33
Pwi'ta: Dance-Song (I) Ku muse'ngele wa Lu'nde! (To hammock now for Lu'nde!)p. 35
Nthoko'do: Dance-Song (II) Chamale'bvu (The Long Beard)p. 37
Nthko'do: Dance-Song (III) Baba' va lova'la ngwena' ino luma' (My father he married a crocodile wife)p. 38
Kufa'mba: Mocking-Song Kufa'mba (To walk thus)p. 39
Chili'lo: Lament Ndi'no muwana' pi i'nga Bala'nku (Where shall I find one like to Bala'nku)p. 41
The Hare and the Tortoisep. 43
The Hare and the Baboonp. 44
How the Animals Dug Their Wellp. 45
Chinya' nje-nje'leka nje (I'm coming joggy-jog trot) Song I
Na'ndi Shu'lo kupe'mbela-u (Hi, oh Hare, going away) Song II
The Hare's Dance-Song: English Paraphrase
The Jackal and the Roosterp. 47
Death of the Harep. 48
Legend and Song of the Daughter and the Slavep. 49
Lusi'nga, lusi'nga, da'ndali! (O cord, O cord, whirr!) Song I
Mai va-i-le'va (Mother, she was saying) Song II
Vasa-Go're: Legend and Song of the Sky-Maiden Sam'du'mbi-we'-we', ndekande' (O youth, I entreat thee, I pray)p. 51
Songs and Tales of the Zulu Tribe
Madika'ne Qandeya'ne Ce'le: Autobiographical Sketchp. 57
Note for the Pronunciation of Zulu Textsp. 62
Iga'ma le 'mpi: Song of War Se'nge sa'ba naku'pi we mako'si? (Fear I aught, ye hostile Kings?)p. 63
Iga'ma la bantwa'na: Song of Children O tu'la, mtwa'na, O tu'la (O hush thee, baby, O hush thee)p. 66
Dance-Songsp. 68
Iga'ma lo kusi'na:' Dance-Song (I) Be'ngi le'le egqume'ni (On the hillside I slumbered)p. 69
Iga'ma lo kusi'na: Dance-Song (II) Dubul'! U'ngi bambe'le i'nto i'nye Shout! She kept me waiting for one thingp. 71
Zulu Love-Songs, or Songs of Meditationp. 71
Iga'ma lo ta'ndo: Song of Love
U-ye'ze, u-ye'ze (He cometh, he cometh)p. 73
Uda'li use'le ematsho'n' (My darling stayed in the West)p. 74
Awu-yi'ni-ye'lelema'm' (Ah, think of this, 'lelema'm')p. 74
Ngi hla'gene nento'mbi za se nza'nsi (I saw some maidens coming from the Southland)p. 75
Creation Storyp. 76
Sima'ngo's Farewell to the Readerp. 77
Appendixp. 153
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