Experimental cosmology at millimetre wavelengths : 2K1BC Workshop, Breuil-Cervinia (AO), Valle d'Aosta, Italy, 9-13 July 2001 /
editors, Marco De Petris, Massimo Gervasi.
Melville, N.Y. : American Institute of Physics, 2002.
xi, 382 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm.
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Melville, N.Y. : American Institute of Physics, 2002.
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The 2K 1BC Workshop was meeting of scientists form all over the world involved in cosmological observations in the millimetre wavelength range. Current and upcoming experiments were reported with present results and future forecasts.
Main Description
The 2K1BC Workshop was a meeting of scientists from all over the world involved in cosmological observations in the millimetre wavelength range. Current and upcoming experiments were reported with present results and future forecasts: balloon borne projects which have detected the tiny temperature fluctuations in cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR), satellite programs that promise to give a clearer picture of observational cosmology, and ground-based observations which are the necessary complement to these projects. A separate section is devoted to the CMBR polarization that seems to be the main challenge in the near future. Particular attention was devoted to specific instrumental topics (optics, cryogenics, and detectors) and observational techniques.
Table of Contents
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[actual symbol not reproducible]-Space Spectroscopy of the Cosmic Microwave Background with the BOOMERanG Experimentp. 3
The MAXIMA and MAXIPOL Experimentsp. 12
Interstellar Dust in the BOOMERanG Mapsp. 18
An Update on the TopHat Experimentp. 23
Archeops: A Balloon Experiment to Measure CMB Anisotropies with a Broad Range of Angular Sizesp. 31
Noise Properties of the BOOMERANG Instrumentp. 39
Millimeter and Submillimeter Observations from the Atacama Plateau and High Altitude Balloonsp. 44
A Simple and Reliable Star Sensor for Spinning Payloadsp. 52
Attitude Control System for Balloon-Borne Experimentsp. 56
Three Sun Sensors for Stratospheric Balloon Payloadsp. 59
First Season Observations with the Degree Angular Scale Interferometer (DASI)p. 65
The Very Small Arrayp. 72
Spurious Signals in VSA Datap. 79
Millimeter and Submillimeter Observations from the South Polep. 83
MAD-4-MITO, a Multi Array of Detectors for Ground-based mm/submm SZ Observationsp. 92
SZ Surveys with the Arcminute MicroKelvin Imagerp. 97
Cross-talk in Close-packed Interferometer Arraysp. 102
Results from the First Engineering Run of BOLOCAM and Plans for the Futurep. 107
The Diabolo Photometer and the Future of Ground-based Millimetric Bolometer Devicesp. 116
MASTER: Millimetre and Sub-millimetre Triple hEterodyne Receiverp. 123
MBI: Millimetre-Wave Bolometric Interferometerp. 126
Fastscanning: A New Observing Technique for Bolometer Arrays on Ground-Based Telescopesp. 129
Polarization Observations with the Cosmic Background Imagerp. 135
The BaR-SPOrt Experiment: The Sciencep. 140
BaR-SPOrt: A Technical Overviewp. 145
Millimeter Wave Passive Devices for Measurements of the Polarized Sky Emissionp. 150
MITO-Pol, a Polarimeter for the Testa Grigia Observatoryp. 157
The Milano Polarimeter: An Instrument to Search for Large Scale Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Backgroundp. 164
Scanning Polarimeters for Measurements of CMB Polarizationp. 168
POLAR: Instrument and Resultsp. 175
COMPASS: A 2.6m Telescope for CMBR Polarization Studiesp. 183
PolKa: A Tunable Polarimeter for mm/submm Wavelengthsp. 187
Planck Low Frequency Instrumentp. 193
ODIN Preliminary Results, HERSHEL and Other Storiesp. 202
Submillimeter and Millimeter Wave Sky Mapping in the Space Project Submillimetronp. 205
Herschel Space Observatoryp. 210
The High Frequency Instrument of Planck: Requirements and Designp. 213
The 4K Reference Load for the Planck Low Frequency Instrumentp. 219
The Planck Telescopep. 224
Analysis of Thermally-induced Effects in Planck Low Frequency Instrumentp. 229
Measuring CMB Polarization with ESA PLANCK Submm-Wave Telescopep. 234
The Infrared Telescope for Submillimetron Missionp. 239
Planck Low Frequency Instrument: Beam Patternsp. 242
Sources Variability with Planck LFIp. 245
Bolometers for Millimeter-wave Cosmologyp. 251
New Technologies for the Detection of Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavesp. 259
Bolometer Arrays for mm/submm Astronomyp. 262
A Filled Bolometer Array Camera for Ground-Based Observationsp. 270
Mesh Filters for the mm/submm Atmospheric Windowsp. 273
Partially-Coherent Long-Wavelength Optical Simulation Techniques for Microwave Background Astronomyp. 274
Corrugated Horn Design for HFI on PLANCKp. 282
Millimetre-Wave Optics Design and Verificationp. 290
Electromagnetic Modelling of Few-Moded Winston Cones in the Far-Infraredp. 295
Two Hydrogen Sorption Cryocoolers for the Planck Missionp. 298
Excess Noise in Cryogenic Detectors due to Vibrating 1 K Potsp. 303
The Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect: Recent Progress and Future Prospectsp. 309
Non-thermal vs. Thermal SZ Effect in Galaxy Clustersp. 316
Balloon-borne and Ground-based Sub-millimetre Cosmological Surveys: Breaking the "Redshift Deadlock"p. 322
The Microwave Spectra of Planetsp. 330
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies and Dark Energyp. 338
Primordial Molecules at Millimeter Wavelengthsp. 346
Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect and Morphology of Galaxy Clustersp. 351
Constraints on the Accuracy of Photometric Redshifts Derived from BLAST and Herschel/SPIRE Sub-mm Surveysp. 354
Simulating the Performance of Large-format Sub-mm Focal-plane Arraysp. 357
Iterative Map-making Methods for Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysisp. 360
Spatial Features of Non-thermal SZ Effect in Galaxy Clustersp. 363
Utilization of a Center for Cosmic Structure to Stimulate Undergraduate Education-YCOOPp. 367
Concluding Remarksp. 370
List of Participantsp. 373
Author Indexp. 379
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