What men live by; work, play, love, worship,
by Richard C. Cabot ...
Boston, New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1941, c1914.
3 p. ┬┐., [ix]-xxi, 341, [1] p. 21 cm.
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Boston, New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1941, c1914.
contents note
pt. 1. Work: Work, play, and drudgery -- The call of the job as a doctor hears it -- The joy of work -- The points of a good job -- The reproach of commercialism: thought and action in work -- The glory of raw material -- The radiations of work -- Work and loyalty: the idealization of work -- The rewards of work -- pt. 2. Play: Playfulness, seriousness, and dullness -- Play, recreation, and the other arts -- The popular arts, the minor arts, and their big brothers -- Jewels -- Give-and-take in the minor arts and elsewhere -- Trance in play -- Chaotic plays, disjointed plays, and others -- The game, or art, of impersonation in work, play, and love -- The penetrations of work by play and the minor arts -- By-products of play: consecration of play -- pt. 3. Love: The allies of love -- Love's house of many mansions -- Our awareness of infinite love -- Symbolism in love -- Loyalty in love -- Impersonality in love -- Integrity in love -- Reticence, modesty, chastity -- Imperfect mutuality in love: romance -- Marriage -- pt. 4. Worship: Spiritual fatigue: mountain-top views -- Recollection: disenthrallment: solitude and sincerity: the re├źnforcement of association -- Confession: petition: praise -- Communion: the answer to prayer: summary -- All together.
general note
"Parts of several chapters have already been printed in the Atlantic monthly."--Pref.
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