Young stars near Earth : progress and prospects : proceedings of a workshop held at the NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California, USA, 28-30 March 2001 /
edited by Ray Jayawardhana and Thomas P. Greene.
1st ed.
San Francisco, Calif. : Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2001.
xv, 381 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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Table of Contents
Prefacep. xi
Conference Posterp. xii
Organizing Committees, Editors, and Sponsorsp. xiii
List of Participantsp. xiv
Stellar Groupsp. 1
Can Post T Tauri Stars Be Found? Yes!p. 3
Search for Members of the TW Hydrae Associationp. 10
Kinematic Distances to TW Hya Member Stars via the Convergent Point Methodp. 16
MBM 12: The Nearest Known Star-Forming Cloudp. 22
On the MBM12 Young Associationp. 26
The [eta] Chamaeleontis Cluster: Recent Resultsp. 32
New Southern Groupsp. 37
The Great Austral Nearby Young Associationp. 43
The Extended R CrA Young Associationp. 49
YSO Candidates and Star Formation at High Galactic Latitudep. 55
Kinematic Patterns of Young Nearby Associationsp. 57
The [beta] Pic Moving Group: a New Age Assesmentp. 63
The Young Stellar Group Associated with HD 199143p. 69
A Stellar Association Near HD 141569?p. 75
Observations of Nearby Young Solar Analogsp. 81
A Search for Nearby Young Stars Among the Flare Starsp. 87
Originsp. 89
Gas and Dust in the Solar Neighborhoodp. 91
A Formation Scenario for Nearby Southern Young Starsp. 98
The Dispersal of Young Stars and the Greater Sco-Cen Associationp. 104
Dynamical Decay of Young Few-Body Clusters and the origin of Isolated T Tauri Starsp. 116
The Tucana and Horologium Associations: Are they one and the Same?p. 122
Starsp. 125
Spectral Characteristics and Age Estimates of Young, Nearby Starsp. 127
The Stellar Mass Gain of TW Hyap. 135
The Line Variability of High-Resolution Spectra of TW Hyap. 141
The Magnetic Field of TW Hydraep. 147
X-ray Emission and Variability of Young, NearbyStarsp. 153
From ROSAT to Chandra: X-ray Spectroscopy of TW Hya Association Starsp. 159
X-Ray Sources in the Nearby Star Forming Cloud, MBM 12p. 165
Results from an XMM-EPIC Observation of Upper Sco-Cenp. 171
X-Ray Surveys and Young Stellar Population: Constraints on Stellar Birthrate in the Solar Neighborhoodp. 177
Disksp. 183
Evolution of Dusty Disks in Nearby Young Stellar Groupsp. 185
Millimeter Observations of the TW Hya Systemp. 191
Diffraction-Limited Imaging of HD 98800p. 197
HST Observations of Dusty Disks in the TW Hya Associationp. 203
STIS Coronagraphic Imaging of the Nearest Herbig Ae/Be Starsp. 209
STIS Observations of the Disk and Outflow of the Herbig Ae Star HD 163296p. 215
Age versus L[subscript IR]/L[subscript bol] relation of Vega-like Starsp. 221
Search for Nemesis Encounters with Vega, [epsilon] Eridani, and Fomalhautp. 227
Evidence for Early Grain Growth in Disksp. 233
Dust Evolution in the Disk of TW Hyap. 239
Disk Accretion at 10 Myr: Results from the TW Hydrae Associationp. 245
The Effects of X-Rays on the Diffuse Gas in Protoplanetary Disksp. 251
Gaseous Disks Around Nearby Young Starsp. 258
Highly Excited UV H[subscript 2] emission around TW Hyap. 265
The Disks of the RNO 1 Complexp. 271
Companionsp. 275
A Speckle/AO Survey for Binaries in the [eta] Cha Clusterp. 277
Radial-Velocity Monitoring of Members and Candidate Members of the TW Hydrae Associationp. 283
Finding Brown Dwarf Companions with HST/NICMOSp. 289
Young Nearby Stars and a Ground-based Direct Imaging Search for Sub-stellar Companions Around Them - Example: A companion candidate near GJ 182p. 295
Adaptive Optics Imaging of Faint Companions at ESO and CFHTp. 303
Keck adaptive Optics Observations of TW Hydrae Association Membersp. 309
Models of Young Brown Dwarfs and Giant Planetsp. 316
Not-trivial Dynamical Effects in Triple Systems: Application to Stars and Extra-Solar Planetsp. 322
Ejected Planets Near Young Starsp. 328
Missions and Facilitiesp. 335
YSO Studies with Infrared Interferometersp. 337
The ESO Very Large Telescope Interferometer as a Machine to Study Young Starsp. 342
FAME: The Full-sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer's Potential for Observing Young Nearby Starsp. 348
SIRTF and Nearby Young Starsp. 353
Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)p. 357
Prospects for SMA and ALMAp. 364
Next Generation Sky Survey (NGSS): Prospects for Mid-infrared Observations of Nearby Young Starsp. 370
The Search for Young Planetary Systemsp. 376
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