Selected battery topics : proceedings of the symposia on aqueous batteries ; battery applications ; batteries for the 21st century ; corrosion in batteries and fuel cells ; exploratory research and development of batteries & supercapacitors for electric and hybrid vehicles II /
senior editor, W.R. Cieslak ; co-editors, K. M. Abraham ... [e al.] ; Battery, Corrosion, and Energy Technology Divisions of the Electrochemical Society, Inc. ... [et al.].
Pennington, N.J. : Electrochemical Society, c1999.
xii, 692 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
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Table of Contents
Aqueous Batteries
Quantitative Determination Ni(II) and Ni(IV) in Nickel Electrode Active Mass using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopyp. 1
New Models in the Nickel Hydroxide Electrode: From the Real Material Structure to the Second Discharge Plateaup. 11
The Nonstoichiometric, Solid Solution Structural Model for Nickel Electrode Active Massp. 23
The Application of Point Defect Chemistry in Characterizing the Redox Processes in the Nickel Hydroxide Electrodep. 31
Capacitance Changes of Co(OH)[subscript 2]/Ni(OH)[subscript 2] Mixed Electrode on Charge/Discharge Reaction Procedurep. 43
A Novel High Power Density Borohydride-Air Cellp. 47
Chemical Absorptive Properties Of Acrylic Acid Grafted Non-woven Battery Separatorsp. 55
Establishing MnSO[subscript 4]-H[subscript 2]SO[subscript 4] Electrolyte Compositions to Avoid Ti Anode Passivation for EMD as Cathode Material of Zn/MnO[subscript 2] Alkaline Batteryp. 62
High-Rate Performance Improvements of Rechargeable Alkaline (RAM) Batteriesp. 73
Effect of Zinc Electrode Porosity and Composition on Its Electrochemical Behaviour in Alkaline Solutionsp. 84
Zinc-Air Rechargeable Cell with Improved Bi-Functional Air Electrodesp. 96
Development of a 12 V / 20 Ah Electrically Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteryp. 101
Modified VTiZrNiCrMn Metal Hydride Alloys for Improved Power and Rate Capabilityp. 111
Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Studies on AB[subscript 5]-type Metal Hydride Electrodesp. 120
High Cycle Life, Cobalt Free, AB[subscript 5] Metal Hydride Electrodesp. 129
Battery Applications
Multi-Dimensional Modeling of Thermal Batteries Using the Stefan-Maxwell Formulation and the Finite-Element Methodp. 138
Probabilistic Analysis of Rechargeable Batteries in a Photovoltaic Power Supply Systemp. 150
Mathematical Model of a Lithium/Thionyl Chloride Batteryp. 162
Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of an Alkaline Cell Modelp. 174
Random and Uncertainties Analysis of an Alkaline Cell Modelp. 184
Electronic Circuit Model of NiOOH/Ni(OH)[subscript 2] Electrode and Electrochemical Parameter Analysis with Genetic Algorithmp. 193
Material Balance Modification in One-Dimensional Modeling of Porous Electrodesp. 202
Mathematical Modeling of Electrochemical Capacitorsp. 214
Development of Carbon Metal Oxide Supercapacitors by Electroless Depositionp. 226
A Mathematical Model of an Electrochemical Capacitor with Double-Layer and Faradaic Processesp. 236
Neural Network Modeling of the Lithium/Thionyl Chloride Battery Systemp. 248
Sol-Gel Derived Carbon-Ruthenium Xerogels for Use as Electrochemical Capacitorsp. 258
Batteries for the 21st Century
Ambient Temperature Synthesis of Polycrystaline Thin Films of Lithium Cobalt Oxide with Controlled Crystallites' Orientationsp. 268
LiNi[subscript x]Cu[subscript 0.5-x]Mn[subscript 1.5]O[subscript 4] (0]x]0.5) High Capacity Ultra High Potential Cathode Materials for Li Batteries in the 21st Centuryp. 274
Amorphous Manganese Oxides for Rechargeable Lithium Batteriesp. 281
Organo-Sulphur/Polyaniline Composite Cathodes Containing Elementary Sulphur for Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Batteriesp. 290
Fabrication and Properties of Microstructured Battery Electrodesp. 299
Electrode Surface Modification for Cathode Catalysis in Semi-Fuel Cellsp. 312
Electrochemical Investigation of a Photo-Rechargeable Air-Metal Hydride Batteryp. 322
Morphologies and Conductivities of WPU(PEG)-WPU(PTMG)-PEO based Composite Electrolytesp. 328
Comparison of Properties of a Symmetric and an Unsymmetric Tetraalkylammonium Salt and Their Nonaqueous Electrolytesp. 344
High Energy Density Electric Double-Layer Capacitor by Li-Doping Techniquesp. 353
Phenylene-2-Thienyl Conducting Polymers for Charge Storage Applicationsp. 360
Development of High Performance Metal Hydride Alloys by Cobalt Microencapsulationp. 368
Corrosion in Batteries and Fuel Cells
The Corrosion of Lead and Lead Alloys in Sulfuric Acid Solutionp. 379
On the Role of Grain Boundary Structure in Lead Acid Battery Grids for Improving Operating and Cycle Lifep. 385
Corrosion Inhibition of Nickel Electrodes in ZnO/KOH Electrolyte: A Model for AB[subscript 5]-Type Metal-Hydride Alloysp. 398
Reaction Kinetics and X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Studies of Yttrium Containing Metal Hydride Electrodesp. 405
Corrosion of Nickel Current Collector for Cathode in Lithium Polymer Battery (LPB)p. 417
Optimum Conditions for Deposition of Al-Mn Alloys on a Substrate of Soft Steel in Molten Salt: Application as Negative Electrode for Li-Ion Batteriesp. 423
Corrosion of Carbonate Fuel Cell Metallic Hardware Materialsp. 443
Resistivity of Bipolar Plate Materials at the Cathode Interface in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cellsp. 451
Effect of the Steam on Cathode Performance of MCFCp. 463
Oxidation Kinetics of Some Nickel-Based Superalloy Foils and the Electronic Resistance of the Oxide Scale Formedp. 474
Influence of Zirconium Substitution on the Chemical Stability and Conductivity of BaCeO[subscript 3]-based Proton Conductorsp. 485
Stability of Perovskite Proton Conductorsp. 495
Imidazolium Ionic Liquids, EMIIm vs. EMIBeti: Electrochemical Stability on Glassy Carbon, Aluminum, and the Stainless Steels 316 and 304p. 507
Exploratory Research and Development of Batteries and Supercapacitors for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Battery Research Programs of the Office of Advanced Automotive Technology at the U.S. Department of Energyp. 520
Lithium-Polymer Electrolyte Batteriesp. 529
New Aspects for Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Alkaline Fuel Cells and RAM Batteriesp. 536
Carbon for Supercapacitors and Li-Ion Batteries in EVsp. 548
Status of Exploratory Research on Batteries and Supercapacitors for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Under the International Energy Agency Programp. 560
In Situ Synchrotron X-Ray Techniques for the Study of Lithium Battery Materialsp. 568
A Lithium Metal Battery with a Composite Polymer Electrolytep. 579
Ceramic Li-ion Battery Manufactured by Dynamic Compactionp. 586
Properties of Li-Doped BPO4p. 600
Performance Limitations of Supercapacitors for EV Applications Due to Distributed Resistance and Diffusion Effectsp. 610
A Survey of Early Transition Metal Nitride Ultracapacitor Electrodesp. 627
The Effect of Annealing Temperature and Time on the Performance of Porous Nickel Oxide Capacitorsp. 639
Electronically Conducting Polymers As Active Electrode Material For Electrochemical Supercapacitorsp. 651
Test of Prototype Electrochemical Capacitor Based on Conducting Polymer Active Materialp. 661
Type III Electrochemical Capacitors Based on Poly (3 - Phenylthiopene) Derivativesp. 671
Pentamethyl Imidazolium Saltsp. 683
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