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RoboCup 2000 : Robot Soccer World Cup IV /
Peter Stone, Tucker Balch, Gerhard Kraetzschmar (eds.)
Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2001.
xvii, 658 p. : ill.
3540421858 (pbk.)
A Look Inside
Main Description
This book is the fourth offical archival publication devoted to RoboCup and documents the achievements presented at the Fourth Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences, RoboCup 2000, held in Melbourne, Australia, in August/September 2000. The book presents the following parts: introductory overview and survey, championship papers by the winners of the competitions, finalist papers for the RoboCup challenge awards, papers and posters presented at the workshop, team description of a large number of participating teams. This book is mandatory reading for the rapidly growing RoboCup community as well as a valuable source of reference and inspiration for R & D professionals interested in multi-agent systems, distributed artificial intelligence, and intelligent robotics.
Table of Contents
Overview of RoboCup-2000p. 1
Champion Teams
FC Portugal Team Description: RoboCup 2000 Simulation League Championp. 29
The Cornell RoboCup Teamp. 41
CS Freiburg: Doing the Right Thing in a Groupp. 52
The UNSW RoboCup 2000 Sony Legged League Teamp. 64
Challenge Award Finalists
Adaptive Path Planner for Highly Dynamic Environmentsp. 76
Communication and Coordination Among Heterogeneous Mid-Size Players: ART99p. 86
A Localization Method for a Soccer Robot Using a Vision-Based Omni-Directional Sensorp. 96
Behavior Classification with Self-Organizing Mapsp. 108
Technical Papers
Full Papers
Flexible Synchronisation within RoboCup Environment: A Comparative Analysisp. 119
Extended Q-Learning: Reinforcement Learning Using Self-Organized State Spacep. 129
And the Fans Are Going Wild! SIG plus MIKEp. 139
Fast and Accurate Robot Vision for Vision Based Motionp. 149
Design of RoboCup-Rescue Viewers - Towards a Real World Emergency System -p. 159
From Multiple Images to a Consistent Viewp. 169
Omni-Directional Vision with a Multi-part Mirrorp. 179
Observation Strategy for Decision Making Based on Information Criterionp. 189
Towards a Logical Approach for Soccer Agents Engineeringp. 199
Bridging Gap between the Simulation and Robotics with a Global Vision Systemp. 209
Real-Time Estimating Spatial Configuration between Multiple Robots by Triangle and Enumeration Constraintsp. 219
Framework of Distributed Simulation System for Multi-agent Environmentp. 229
Robust Real Time Color Trackingp. 239
Reinforcement Learning for 3 vs. 2 Keepawayp. 249
Fault-Tolerant Self Localization by Case-Based Reasoningp. 259
PINO The Humanoid: A Basic Architecturep. 269
Poster Descriptions
Team/Goal-Keeper Coordination in the RoboCup Mid-Size Leaguep. 279
RescueModel: A Multi-Agent Simulation of Bushfire Disaster Managementp. 285
Vision-Based Localization in RoboCup Environmentsp. 291
Collaborative Emergent Actions between Real Soccer Robotsp. 297
The Statistics Proxy Serverp. 303
Using Simulated RoboCup in Undergraduate Educationp. 309
Path Planning of a Mobile Robot as a Discrete Optimization Problem and Adjustment of Weight Parameters in the Objective Function by Reinforcement Learningp. 315
Simulator Complex for RoboCup Rescue Simulation Project - As Test-Bed for Multi-Agent Organizational Behavior in Emergency Case of Large-Scale Disasterp. 321
A Quadratic Programming Formulation of a Moving Ball Interception and Shooting Behaviour, and Its Application to Neural Network Controlp. 327
Keeping the Ball from CMUnited-99p. 333
Potential Tasks and Research Issues for Mobile Robots in RoboCup Rescuep. 339
Potential Field Approach to Short Term Action Planning in RoboCup F180 Leaguep. 345
RoboCup-Rescue Simulation: In Case of Fire Fighting Planningp. 351
On Emergence of Scalable Tactical and Strategic Behaviorp. 357
Karlsruhe Brainstormers - A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Robotic Soccerp. 367
Preliminary Studies of Dynamics of Physical Agent Ecosystemsp. 373
RoboCup Rescue Disaster Simulator Architecturep. 379
Improvement Continuous Valued Q-learning and Its Application to Vision Guided Behavior Acquisitionp. 385
Recognizing Formations in Opponent Teamsp. 391
Team Descriptions
Simulation League
SBC++ Simulator Teamp. 397
ATeamp. 401
AT Humboldt 2000 (Team Description)p. 405
AIRG Sibiup. 409
The NOAI Team Descriptionp. 413
Improved Agents of the magmaFreiburg2000 Teamp. 417
Virtual Werderp. 421
Kakitsubata Team Descriptionp. 425
PaSo-Team 2000p. 429
Sharif-Arvand Simulation Teamp. 433
SharifII Soccer Simulation Teamp. 437
Essex Wizards 2000 Team Descriptionp. 441
RoboCup-2000 Simulation League: Team KU-Yam2000p. 445
Harmony Teamp. 449
Tak.AIp. 453
PSI Teamp. 457
Gnez: Adapting Knowledge to the Environment with GAp. 461
Zeng00: The Realization of Mixed Strategy in Simulation Soccer Gamep. 465
RoboLog Koblenz 2000p. 469
Open Zeng: An Open Style Distributed Semi-cooperative Team Development Project from Japanp. 473
Gemini in RoboCup-2000p. 477
Team Description for Lucky L├╝beck - Evidence-Based World State Estimationp. 481
Karlsruhe Brainstormers 2000 Team Descriptionp. 485
ATT-CMUnited-2000: Third Place Finisher in the RoboCup-2000 Simulator Leaguep. 489
Headless Chickens IVp. 493
Mainz Rolling Brains 2000p. 497
Team Description of Spatial-Timerp. 501
Polytech100p. 505
Team YowAI-2000 Descriptionp. 509
11 MonkeysIIp. 513
Small-Size Robot (F180) League
All Botzp. 515
4 Stoogesp. 519
CIIPS Glory Small Soccer Robots with Local Image Processingp. 523
ViperRoos 2000p. 527
RoboCup 2000 (F180) Team Description: UPMC-CFA Team (France)p. 531
MuCowsp. 535
Role-Based Strategy in TPOTs RoboCup Teamp. 539
LuckyStar II - Team Description Paperp. 543
FU-Fighters 2000p. 547
RoGi Team Descriptionp. 551
UQ RoboRoos: Kicking on to 2000p. 555
Middle-Size Robot (F2000) League
ART'00 - Azzurra Robot Team for the Year 2000p. 559
RMIT Unitedp. 563
Agilo RoboCuppers: RoboCup Team Descriptionp. 567
WinKITp. 571
CMU Hammerheads Team Discriptionp. 575
GMD Robotsp. 579
A Goal Keeper for Middle Size RoboCupp. 583
The Dutch Teamp. 587
The RoboCup-NAISTp. 591
KIRC: Kyutech Intelligent Robot Clubp. 595
CoPS-Team Descriptionp. 599
Golem Team in Middle-Sized Robots Leaguep. 603
Osaka University "Trackies 2000"p. 607
Sony Legged Robot League
Essex Rovers Team Descriptionp. 611
French LRP Team's Descriptionp. 615
Team ARAIBOp. 619
CMPack '00p. 623
The McGill's RedDogs Legged League Systemp. 627
BabyTigers: Osaka Legged Robot Teamp. 631
S.P.Q.Rp. 635
The University of Pennsylvania RoboCup Legged Soccer Teamp. 639
Team Swedenp. 643
RoboMuttsp. 647
Humboldt Heroesp. 651
Author Indexp. 655
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