The ticklish subject : the absent centre of political ontology /
Slavoj Žižek.
Paperback ed.
London : Verso, 2000.
vi, 409 p.
1859842917 (pbk.)
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London : Verso, 2000.
1859842917 (pbk.)
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About the Author
Author Affiliation
Slavoj Zizek is Senior Researcher at the Institute for Social Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Main Description
The Ticklish Subject confronts Deconstructionists and Habermasians, cognitive scientists and Heideggerians, feminists and New Age obscurantists by unearthing a subversive core to this elusive spectre, and finding in this core the indispensable philosophical point of reference of any genuinely emancipatory politics.
Publisher Fact Sheet
With his characteristic wit, Zizek addresses the burning question of how to reformulate a leftist project in an era of global capitalism & liberal-democratic multiculturalism.
Table of Contents
Introduction: A Spectre Is Haunting Western Academia...p. 1
The 'Night of the World'p. 7
The Deadlock of Transcendental Imagination, or, Martin Heidegger as a Reader of Kantp. 9
Heideggerian Political (Dis) Engagement
Why Did Being and Time Remain Unfinished?
The Trouble with Transcendental Imagination
The Passage through Madness
The Violence of Imagination
The Monstrous
Kant with David Lynch
Kant's Acosmism
The Hegelian Ticklish Subjectp. 70
What Is 'Negation of Negation'?
The Dialectical Anamorphosis
3, 4, 5
The Speculative Identity of Substance and Subject
The Hegelian Forced Choice
'Concrete Universality'
'Rather than want nothing ...'
'Include me out!'
Towards a Materialist Theory of Grace
The Split Universalityp. 125
The Politics of Truth, or, Alain Badiou as a Reader of St Paulp. 127
The Truth-Event...
...and Its Undecidability
Truth and Ideology
St Paul with Badiou
Between the Two Deaths
The Lacanian Subject
The Master or the Analyst?
Political Subjectivization and Its Vicissitudesp. 171
Badiou, Balibar, Ranciere
Hegemony and Its Symptoms
Enter the Subject
Why Are Ruling Ideas Not the Ideas of Those Who Rule?
The Political and Its Disavowals
The (Mis) Uses of Appearance
Is There a Progressive Eurocentrism?
The Three Universals
For a Leftist Suspension of the Law
The Ambiguity of Excremental Identification
Embracing the Act
From Subjection to Subjective Destitutionp. 245
Passionate (Dis) Attachments, or, Judith Butler as a Reader of Freudp. 247
Why Perversion Is Not Subversion
Ideological Interpellation
From Resistance to the Act
'Traversing the Fantasy'
The Melancholic Double-Bind
The Real of Sexual Difference
Masochistic Deception
From Desire to Drive ... and Back
Whither Oedipus?p. 313
The Three Fathers
The Demise of Symbolic Efficiency
The Risk Society and Its Enemies
The Unbehagen in the Risk Society
It's the Political Economy, Stupid!
Returns in the Real
The Empty Law
From Phallus to the Act
Beyond the Good
Indexp. 401
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