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A complete Christian dictionary : wherein the significations and severall acceptations of all the words mentioned in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New-Testament, are fully opened, expressed, explained : also, very many ambiguous speeches, hard and difficult phrases therein contained, are plainly interpreted, cleered, and expounded : with a particular dictionary for the Canticles, or Song of Solomon, Epistle to the Hebrews, Revelation of St. John : all tending to the increase of Christian knowledge, and serving for the use of all; especially the unlearned, who have no skill in the originall languages, Hebrew and Greek, wherein the Scriptures were first written; and may be unto ministers of the Gospel, masters of families, private Christians in stead of a concordance, commentary on all the scriptures /
begun by that famous and worthy man of God, Mr. Thomas Wilson, Minister of the Word at St. Georges in Canterbury, and one of the six preachers there ; continued in the general dictionary by Mr. John Bagvvell.
And now in this sixth edition augmented and enlarged with a sixfold addition: viz. I. Of above four thousand words, with their severall acceptations, all wanting in the former editions. II. Of many more acceptations of the same words, mentioned and to be found therein. III. Of a great number of hard and difficult phrases, not cleered at all in the former impressions; with a further explanation of many others therein set down. IV. Of the interpretations of the proper names of men, women, countreys, cities, rivers, mountains, &c. mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. V. Of the nature and properties of such beasts, fowls, fishes, trees, plants, fruits, seeds, stones, &c. as are named therein. VI. Of the divers readings set int he margents of the Bibles of the last translation extracted out of the most approved authours, both ancient and moderne, especially Petri Ravanelli Bibliotheca sacra ; by the diligent care and industrious pains of Andrew Symson, Minister of Gods Word.
London : Printed by E. Cotes and are to be sold by Thomas Williams at the Bible in Little-Britain, 1655.
[20], 1262, that is, 1242 pages : portrait ; 30 cm. (fol.)
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London : Printed by E. Cotes and are to be sold by Thomas Williams at the Bible in Little-Britain, 1655.
Wing (2nd ed.) W-2943
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987-996, 1065-1070, 1199-1202 omitted in pagination.
Epistle signed: Edm. Calamy.
Frontispiece engraved by T. Cross.
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