The encyclopedia of American political history /
edited by Paul Finkelman, Peter Wallenstein.
Washington, DC : CQ Press, 2001.
xxxii, 494 p. : ill.
1568025114 (alk. paper)
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Washington, DC : CQ Press, 2001.
1568025114 (alk. paper)
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Appeared in Choice on 2001-09-01:
Finkelman (Univ. of Tulsa) and Wallenstein (Univ. of Vermont) supply an excellent complement to the most recent major comparable work, Encyclopedia of American Political History, ed. by Jack. P. Greene (3v., CH, May'85). Entries are concise, readable, and informative, even though written by academics and independent scholars. A bibliography ends each entry. Unlike Greene, this volume includes essays on all US presidents. It also has an excellent essay on think tanks, which strongly influence public policy. Historical photographs and editorial cartoons accompany some entries. The foreword includes a descriptive time line of political events in US history, divided into eras, such as "Jackson Era," "First New Deal," and "New Frontier and Great Society." The appendix features a list of acronyms and abbreviations used by writers and scholars, where one learns that "NRA" stands for National Recovery Act (a New Deal program) as well as National Rifle Association. An excellent starting point for scholars, students, and general readers; recommended for all libraries. M. Shores University of Arkansas at Monticello
Appeared in Library Journal on 2001-05-15:
In one slim volume, editors Finkelman (The Encyclopedia of World Slavery) and Wallenstein (From Slave South to New South) provide a worthwhile reference tool for anyone interested in gaining a quick understanding of significant events, people, or concepts in U.S. political history. Organized alphabetically, the 225 entries vary in length from a few paragraphs to several pages. The book opens with a descriptive time line of political events and ends with an appendix of acronyms and abbreviations used in U.S. history. The writing is clear and will be accessible to readers with no background in the subject. This work meets its stated purpose--to be "a starting place for ready answers to immediate questions"--very well. Although other resources on U.S. political history are available, they tend to offer much more extensive treatment of a particular subject rather than a quick, easy-to-use overview. Recommended for all public and private libraries regardless of size. Thomas J. Baldino, Wilkes Univ., Wilkes-Barre, PA (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
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Reference & Research Book News, August 2001
Choice, September 2001
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Unpaid Annotation
Particularly helpful to anyone hoping to understand the evolution and intricacies of the modern American political process, The Encyclopedia of American Political History identifies the most significant personalities, trends, campaigns and elections, protests and rebellions, laws, statutes, and policies in American political history.Alphabetically organized for easy access to include: -- A complete chronology and an at-a-glance timeline of American political history, which helps establish a context for key figures, events, and concepts-- More than 240 signed, original articles by prominent scholars o American political history, organized alphabetically and cross-referenced by subject for easy access-- A glossary of frequently used abbreviations and their meanings as well as historical summaries of presidential election results for quick lookup-- Thorough historical coverage beginning with the late 1700s.-- Over 150 photographs, illustrations, maps, and tables to provide a rich visual presentation-- Detailed index for easy searching and reference plus bibliographic references with most articles.High school and beginning college students (most of them born in the mid-1980s) will find it invaluable in their struggle to understand the history of modern political events.
Table of Contents
Introductionp. XI
About the Editorsp. XIII
Contributorsp. XV
Descriptive Time Line of Political Events in U.S. Historyp. XXI
Adams, Johnp. 1
Adams, John Quincyp. 2
Affirmative Actionp. 3
African American Politicsp. 6
American Independent Partyp. 9
American Revolutionp. 9
Anti-Masonic Partyp. 13
Antitrustp. 14
Apportionmentp. 16
Arthur, Chester A.p. 19
Articles of Confederationp. 19
Bank Warp. 23
Bill of Rightsp. 24
Black Panthersp. 26
Black Suffragep. 26
Bonus Marchp. 30
Breckinridge Democratsp. 30
Brown v. Board of Education of Topekap. 31
Buchanan, Jamesp. 33
Buckley v. Valeop. 34
Bush, Georgep. 35
Cabinetp. 39
Calhoun, John C.p. 42
Campaign Financep. 43
Campaigningp. 46
Carter, Jimmyp. 51
Censusp. 53
Civil-Military Relationsp. 57
Civil Rights Act of 1866p. 61
Civil Rights Act of 1875p. 62
Civil Rights Acts (Modern)p. 64
Civil Rights Movementp. 67
Civil Unrest and Riotingp. 71
Civil Warp. 76
Cleveland, Groverp. 79
Clinton, Billp. 80
Clinton-Era Scandalsp. 84
Cloturep. 86
Cold Warp. 86
Committee Systemp. 92
Communist Party USAp. 94
Compromise of 1850p. 95
Compromise of 1877p. 97
Comstock Actp. 98
Congressp. 99
Congressional Budget Officep. 103
Conservative Partyp. 104
Constitution, Ratificationp. 104
Constitution, U.S.p. 106
Constitutional Amendmentsp. 109
Constitutional Conventionp. 112
Constitutional Union Partyp. 115
Coolidge, Calvinp. 115
Coxey's Armyp. 115
Credit Mobilier Scandalp. 116
Currency and Money Supplyp. 117
Declaration of Independencep. 119
Democratic Partyp. 121
Dixiecrats (States' Rights Party)p. 126
Eaton Affairp. 129
Economic Sanctionsp. 130
Eisenhower, Dwight D.p. 131
Electoral Collegep. 134
Emancipation Proclamationp. 135
Embargop. 136
Equal Rights Amendmentp. 137
Fair Dealp. 139
Federal Housing Programsp. 140
Federal Reserve Systemp. 141
Federalismp. 142
Federalistsp. 144
Filibusterp. 145
Fillmore, Millardp. 146
Ford, Gerald R.p. 146
Free Soil Partyp. 147
Freedmen's Bureau Actsp. 148
Fugitive Slave Lawsp. 150
Gag Rulep. 153
Garfield, James A.p. 153
Gerrymanderingp. 154
G.I. Billp. 156
Gilded Agep. 157
Grant, Ulysses S.p. 159
Great Depressionp. 161
Great Societyp. 163
Gun Control and Policyp. 165
Harding, Warren G.p. 169
Harrison, Benjaminp. 170
Harrison, William Henryp. 170
Hartford Convention Resolutionsp. 171
Hayes, Rutherford B.p. 172
Higher Education Actp. 172
Hoover, Herbert C.p. 173
House Leadership: Speakerp. 175
Immigration and Naturalization: Society and Politicsp. 177
Immigration and Naturalization: Twentieth-Century Law and Policyp. 181
Impeachmentp. 183
Independent Counselp. 186
Indian Policyp. 188
Initiative, Referendum, and Recallp. 192
Interest Groupsp. 192
Interstate Highway Systemp. 196
Iran-Contra Scandalp. 198
Jackson, Andrewp. 201
Jacksonian Democracyp. 204
Jefferson, Thomasp. 205
Jeffersonian Democracyp. 208
Johnson, Andrewp. 209
Johnson, Lyndon B.p. 210
Judiciary Actsp. 212
Kansas-Nebraska Actp. 215
Kennedy, John F.p. 216
Know Nothing (American) Partyp. 218
Koreagatep. 219
Korean Warp. 220
Labor Politics and Policiesp. 223
Landslide Electionsp. 228
Liberal Partyp. 229
Liberty Partyp. 230
Lincoln, Abrahamp. 230
Lobbyistsp. 234
Local Governmentp. 235
Logan Actp. 237
Madison, Jamesp. 239
Manifest Destinyp. 242
Marches on Washingtonp. 243
McCarthyismp. 247
McKinley, Williamp. 249
Mexican-American Warp. 251
Missouri Compromisep. 252
Monroe, Jamesp. 254
Morrill Land-Grant College Actsp. 255
National Debtp. 257
National Security Document 68p. 258
National Woman's Partyp. 258
Nativismp. 259
New Dealp. 260
New Freedomp. 264
New Frontierp. 265
New Nationalismp. 267
Newspapers and Political Partiesp. 268
Nixon, Richard M.p. 270
Northwest Ordinancep. 274
Nullificationp. 275
Office of Management and Budgetp. 277
Panic of 1819p. 279
Panic of 1837p. 280
Panic of 1857p. 281
Panic of 1893p. 281
Peace and Freedom Partyp. 283
Persian Gulf Warp. 283
Petition Campaignsp. 286
Pierce, Franklinp. 287
Political Action Committeesp. 287
Political Contributions in the Late Nineteenth Centuryp. 289
Political Partiesp. 289
Polk, James K.p. 294
Poll Taxp. 295
Polling and Public Opinionp. 297
Popular Sovereigntyp. 300
Populist (People's) Partyp. 300
Presidencyp. 301
Presidential Electionsp. 305
Presidential Succession Amendmentsp. 306
Private and Public Welfare, Pre-New Dealp. 308
Progressive Erap. 310
Progressive Labor Partyp. 312
Progressive Party (H. Wallace)p. 312
Progressive Party (La Follette)p. 313
Prohibition and Temperancep. 313
Rainbow Coalitionp. 315
Reagan, Ronaldp. 315
Reapportionment Casesp. 317
Reconstructionp. 319
Red Scarep. 323
Reform Partyp. 324
Reproductive Rightsp. 324
Republican Partyp. 326
Roosevelt, Franklin D.p. 330
Roosevelt, Theodorep. 333
Sally Hemings Affairp. 335
Scandals and Corruptionp. 336
Secessionp. 339
Sectionalismp. 341
Sedition Act of 1798p. 345
Seminole Warp. 346
Senate Leadership: Early Periodp. 347
Senate Leadership: Modernp. 348
Seneca Falls Conventionp. 348
Sex Discrimination in Employment: Title VIIp. 350
Sex Discrimination in Higher Education: Title IXp. 350
Shaw v. Renop. 351
Shays's Rebellionp. 352
Slaveryp. 354
Social Securityp. 358
Socialist Partyp. 359
Soft Money and Twentieth-Century Politicsp. 361
Spanish-American Warp. 361
Square Dealp. 363
State Apportionmentp. 364
State Governmentp. 364
Statehoodp. 368
States' Rights/Sovereigntyp. 369
Suffragep. 372
Super Majorityp. 376
Supreme Courtp. 377
Taft, William Howardp. 381
Talk Radiop. 382
Tariff Historyp. 383
Taxation and Twentieth-Century Politicsp. 386
Taylor, Zacharyp. 389
Teapot Dome and Other Harding Administration Scandalsp. 390
Television and American Politicsp. 391
Tennessee Valley Authorityp. 394
Term Limitsp. 395
Territorial Expansionp. 397
Territorial Government and New State Formationp. 400
Think Tanks and the Academic Policy Communityp. 402
Third Partiesp. 404
Three-Fifths Clausep. 405
Treaties: Commercialp. 406
Treaties: Peace, Armament, and Defensep. 409
Treaty Makingp. 415
Truman, Harry S.p. 417
Twelfth Amendmentp. 421
Tyler, Johnp. 422
Van Buren, Martinp. 423
Veto Powerp. 424
Vice Presidencyp. 425
Vietnam Warp. 426
War of 1812p. 431
War Powersp. 432
Washington, Georgep. 434
Watergatep. 437
Watershed Electionsp. 439
Welfare Statep. 440
Whig Partyp. 441
Whiskey Rebellionp. 442
Wilson, Woodrowp. 443
Woman's Suffrage Movementp. 445
World War Ip. 447
World War II: Domestic Politicsp. 449
World War II: Foreign and Military Policyp. 453
Acronyms and Abbreviationsp. 457
Indexp. 465
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