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Winston S. Churchill, 1874-1965 : a comprehensive historiography and annotated bibliography /
Eugene L. Rasor.
Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2000.
xxiv, 704 p. ; 24 cm.
0313305463 (alk. paper)
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Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2000.
0313305463 (alk. paper)
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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Appeared in Choice on 2001-01-01:
Rasor's work has two parts, a historiographical narrative and an annotated bibliography. The listing of resources and the comments found in the historiographical narrative are arranged by physical format (e.g. archival collections, media), by events in history and in Churchill's life, and by his characteristics (e.g., "Winston S. Churchill, Cabinet Minister"). The selection of items in the bibliography is very thorough, and the narrative and annotations provide interesting background. Even though the writing is awkward in places (fractured syntax, long lists of seemingly unrelated items, illogical arrangement of ideas), the sheer mass of information would make it an acceptable addition to any collection. M. Lawler; Louisiana State University in Shreveport
Review Quotes
'œA useful guide to the massive amount of literature available.'' C&RL News
"A useful guide to the massive amount of literature available."- C&RL News
'œ...a volume that will stand for some time as one of the most important reference works to all things Churchill....provides a guide to all major archival holdings as well as existing reference works dealing with Churchill. This alone makes the book invaluable to anyone undertaking research in the field.'' Albion
"...a volume that will stand for some time as one of the most important reference works to all things Churchill....provides a guide to all major archival holdings as well as existing reference works dealing with Churchill. This alone makes the book invaluable to anyone undertaking research in the field."- Albion
'œUnlike most of its genre, it is a good read as well as a reference, and can be dipped into profitably almost anywhere.'' Journal of Military History
"Unlike most of its genre, it is a good read as well as a reference, and can be dipped into profitably almost anywhere."- Journal of Military History
"Churchill's long, colorful and important career has produced a small library of books. Even diligent students need help in finding their way through it. Eugene Rasor should, henceforth, be their preferred guide. Both Churchill buffs and academic historians are in Rasor's debt for the diligence with which he has tracked down material, the clarity with which he has presented it and the common sense of his accompanying commentary. Those on all sides of the discussion about the meanings of Winston need this book on their shelves." - Raymond Callahan Association Dean/Outreach Director University of Delaware
"Eugene Rasor has composed the ultimate Churchill bibliography. It is sweeping in scope, accurate in description, shrewd and fair in its assessments, and permeated by a sense of equipoise and grace. The extensive historiographical essay blends perfectly with the 3099 annotated entries in the bibliography. No scholarly library, historian of British history, or collector of Churchilliana will want to be without this superb volume." - John Fair Chair, Department of History Georgia College and State University
"[Rasor] skillfully guides the reader through the prodigious amount of research and writing that has been done on Winston Churchill....Never have Rasor's gifts for judiciously sorting through the historical literature been put to better use than in this indispensable historiographical-bibliographical work on Churchill. In the Internet Age, studies such as Professor Rasor's are more necessary than ever to help the student, general reader, and researcher locate those sources that are based on genuine scholarship....Every historian of 20th century studies will want a copy of Winston S. Churchill, 1874-1965: Historiography and Annotated Bibliography on their bookshelf." - Colin Baxter Professor of History East Tennessee State University
"So much has been written about Winston Churchill that even the experts lose their way in the dense jungle of books and articles on the subject. Thanks to Eugene Rasor, we can all be experts and no one need ever lose the way again. In a single volume he has given us both a fascinating historiography of Churchill, organised by theme and topic, and a stupendous bibliography, running from A to Z by author, of almost everything written by or about him. All students of Churchill's life and times will be indebted to this magnificent work." - Paul Addison Director of the Centre for Second World War Studies, Department of History University of Edinburgh
"This impressive and comprehensive guide to the writings by and about Winston Churchill is likely to take its place as a classic....As a politician, statesman, historian or literary person Churchill made spectacular, noteworthy and even contentious contributions to British history and to that of the wider sphere of British Empire and the world. It is the compiler's special credit that he treats the subject with professional detachment as well as thoroughness. This work, then, will remain one of the best ways for the student and researcher to access the large literature on Churchill. It merits the highest praise as a work of reference." - Barry Gough Professor of History Wilfrid Laurier University
"This is a truly impressive achievement by a distinguished and experienced scholar. Far more than a traditional bibliography, its superb historiographical commentary is a treasure that will prove indispensable to all future students of Churchill." - David Stafford author of Churchill and Secret Service
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Choice, January 2001
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Long Description
Perhaps the most influential figure in 20th century British, imperial, and world history, Winston S. Churchill has been the subject of numerous studies, biographies, and controversies, but not of a recent comprehensive bibliography. The most extensive and up-to-date bibliographic work on Churchill, this book provides a full historiographical survey and over 3,000 annotated entries on all of the important writings by and about Churchill. Reflecting Churchill's versatility, dynamism, and influence, the book emphasizes his background and context, covering, for instance, works on fifteen major controversies associated with Churchill, some thirty biographies ranging from those that glorify to solid, scholarly studies, to extreme revisionist attacks. The final historiographical chapter points to subjects that would benefit from further research. Divided into two parts, the book opens with a historiographical narrative, covering historical and biographical events associated with the life and times of Winston Churchill. In addition to chapters on archival material, reference works, and studies on a wide range of topics pertaining to Churchill's life and multi-faceted career, part I includes a section on Churchill and the Internet. The second half of the book includes 3099 annotated entries on all works cited in part I. The two parts are fully cross-referenced, and the book also includes a short chronology and full indexes. The book will provide a valuable resource for students, scholars, and other researchers interested in Churchill and his era.
Table of Contents
Acknowledgmentsp. xxi
Abbreviationsp. xxiii
Historiographical Narrative
Introductionp. 1
Purpose, Scope, and Format of the Bookp. 1
Purpose, Scope, and Formatp. 1
Featuresp. 2
About Winston S. Churchillp. 2
Delineation of Personsp. 3
Background and Contextp. 3
Practices of Writing and Uses of Wordsp. 4
Cross-Referencing and Qualitative Assessmentsp. 4
Biographical Essayp. 5
Manuscript and Archival Resourcesp. 7
Churchill College Archives Centrep. 7
Official Depositoriesp. 8
The Public Record Officep. 8
The British Libraryp. 9
The House of Lords Record Officep. 9
The Royal Archivesp. 10
The Imperial War Museump. 10
The India Office Library and Recordsp. 10
The Australian War Museump. 10
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Libraryp. 11
The Harry S Truman Presidential Libraryp. 11
The Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Libraryp. 11
Other Archival Holdingsp. 11
The Churchill Center of Washington, D.C.p. 11
The Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archivesp. 12
The Hartley Library, University of Southamptonp. 12
The University Library, Cambridgep. 12
The Bodleian Library, Oxford Universityp. 12
The John Rylands Library, University of Manchesterp. 12
The University of Birmingham Libraryp. 13
The Centre for Second World War Studiesp. 13
The Royal United Services Institutep. 13
The Winston S. Churchill Memorial and Libraryp. 13
The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peacep. 14
Diaries, Papers, and Memoirsp. 14
Diaries and Memoirsp. 14
Unique Publishersp. 14
The Library of Imperial Historyp. 14
The Carolina Academic Pressp. 14
Reference Publicationsp. 15
Bibliographiesp. 15
Bibliographies on Winston S. Churchillp. 15
General Bibliographiesp. 17
Bibliographies on Prominent Personsp. 19
Guides and Indexesp. 19
Introductory Guidesp. 19
Guides to Politicsp. 20
Indexesp. 20
Encyclopedias and Biographical Dictionariesp. 21
Encyclopediasp. 21
Biographical and Historical Dictionariesp. 21
Oxford Companionsp. 22
Journals and Periodicalsp. 22
Other Reference Publicationsp. 23
Official Historiesp. 23
General Histories, Surveys, and Textbooksp. 24
Political and Military Histories of Great Britainp. 26
Specialized Newslettersp. 26
Winston S. Churchill on the Internetp. 27
Winston S. Churchill, Journalist, Author, and Historianp. 28
Surveys of the Writings of Winston S. Churchillp. 28
Winston S. Churchill as Writerp. 28
The Nobel Prize for Literaturep. 30
"Young Winston"p. 31
Winston Churchill as Soldierp. 32
Winston Churchill as Journalist and War Correspondentp. 32
Winston Churchill as Young Politicianp. 33
Indiap. 34
Cubap. 34
The Sudanp. 34
South Africap. 36
Other Editions of the Early Writingsp. 38
The Biographiesp. 39
Lord Randolph Churchillp. 39
Marlboroughp. 39
The Historiesp. 41
The World Crisisp. 41
The Second World Warp. 42
A History of the English-Speaking Peoplesp. 43
Other Writings of Winston S. Churchillp. 43
Savrolap. 43
My Early Life or A Roving Commissionp. 44
Great Contemporariesp. 44
Thoughts and Adventures or Amid These Stormsp. 45
Other Writingsp. 45
Winston S. Churchill as Speechmakerp. 46
Speechmakerp. 46
Published Speechesp. 47
Winston S. Churchill, Subject of Biographiesp. 48
The Official Biographyp. 49
Winston S. Churchill, 1874-1965p. 49
Other Biographiesp. 51
The Earliest Biographiesp. 52
Later Biographies: A Spectrump. 52
Biographies as Contributions to a Seriesp. 58
Biographies with Special Effectsp. 59
Biographies for Young Peoplep. 60
Undistinguished Biographiesp. 60
Biographies in Foreign Languages and in Translationsp. 61
Unfinished Biographies or for Limited Timesp. 61
Winston S. Churchill and World War Ip. 64
World War Ip. 64
The Origins of the Great Warp. 64
The German Navyp. 67
Invasion Scaresp. 68
The Agadir Crisis of 1911p. 69
Histories of World War Ip. 70
The Social and Domestic Impact of World War Ip. 71
The Blockade of the Central Powersp. 72
Social and Economic Planningp. 72
Early Naval Battlesp. 73
The Loss of the LUSITANIAp. 74
The Battle of Jutlandp. 75
War on the Western Frontp. 76
The Balkans and the Ottoman Empirep. 77
Peacemakingp. 78
Winston S. Churchill and World War IIp. 80
World War IIp. 80
The Origins of World War IIp. 80
Appeasement and the Munich Conferencep. 81
Histories of World War IIp. 85
The Fall of France and the Vichy Regimep. 86
Hitler's War, Churchill's Warp. 89
The "Myth" of a Negotiated Settlementp. 90
The Case of Rudolph Hessp. 90
Combined Operations Headquartersp. 91
The Evacuation of Dunkirkp. 92
Operasion Sea Lionp. 92
The Dieppe Raidp. 92
The Allied Invasion of North Africap. 94
The Allied Invasions of Sicily and Italyp. 94
D-Day, the Normandy Invasionp. 95
Final Land Operations in Europep. 96
The Social and Domestic Impact of World War IIp. 97
The End of the Warp. 97
The Air Warp. 98
General Overviewp. 98
The Allied Strategic Bombing Campaignp. 99
The Tactical Air Campaignp. 100
The Naval Warp. 101
General Overviewp. 101
Surface Ship Actionsp. 102
Operations in the Mediterranean Seap. 103
The Battle of the Atlanticp. 104
The War in the Pacificp. 106
General Overviewp. 106
British Commitments in the Far Eastp. 107
British Commitments to Australia and New Zealandp. 108
Pearl Harborp. 109
The Burma Campaignp. 110
Task Force 57p. 111
Eastern Europe and the Balkansp. 112
The Question of Polandp. 112
The Question of the Balkans and Greecep. 113
The Big Three and the Summit Conferencesp. 115
The Grand Alliancep. 115
The Summit Conferences, General Observationsp. 116
The Summit Conferences, Delineatedp. 117
Plancentia Bay, August 1941p. 117
Washington, December 1941-January 1942p. 118
Moscow, August 1942p. 118
Casablanca, January 1943p. 118
Washington, May 1943p. 118
Quebec, August 1943p. 118
Cairo I and II, November-December 1943p. 119
Teheran, November-December 1943p. 119
Quebec, September 1944p. 119
Moscow, October 1944p. 119
Yalta, February 1945p. 120
Potsdam, July-August 1945p. 120
Winston S. Churchill and the Cold Warp. 122
The Cold Warp. 122
The Debate over the Cold Warp. 122
The "Iron Curtain" Speechp. 123
The Origins of the Cold Warp. 123
General Overviewp. 124
Britain and the Cold Warp. 125
The United States and the Cold Warp. 126
Russia and the Cold Warp. 127
Europe and the Cold Warp. 127
The Korean Warp. 128
Winston S. Churchill, Strategy, Command, and Intelligencep. 129
Strategyp. 129
Theories of Strategyp. 129
Modern Strategyp. 131
Winston S. Churchill and Strategyp. 131
The Grand Strategy of World War IIp. 134
Commandp. 135
Intelligencep. 136
Introductionp. 136
ULTRA, MAGIC, and XXp. 138
Intelligence and Diplomacyp. 140
Winston S. Churchill and Intelligencep. 141
Intelligence in Great Britainp. 143
Intelligence Institutions and Personalitiesp. 143
Cooperative Exchanges of Intelligencep. 145
Intelligence in the Far Eastp. 146
Intelligence and Deceptionp. 147
German Intelligencep. 148
Postwar Intelligencep. 148
Winston S. Churchill, Cabinet Ministerp. 149
The Cabinetp. 149
The Board of Trade and the Home Officep. 149
The Admiraltyp. 150
General Overviewp. 150
Historians of the Royal Navyp. 150
The Organization of the Admiraltyp. 154
Winston S. Churchill at the Admiraltyp. 155
The Matter of Oilp. 157
The Lower Deckp. 158
The War Staffp. 159
Science and Technologyp. 160
Winston S. Churchill and Naval Leadersp. 162
First Sea Lordsp. 162
John Fisherp. 162
Prince Louis of Battenbergp. 165
John Jellicoep. 165
David Beattyp. 166
Ernle Chatfieldp. 167
Dudley Poundp. 167
A.B. Cunninghamp. 167
Lord Louis Mountbattenp. 168
Other Naval Leadersp. 168
Charles Beresfordp. 168
Roger Keyesp. 169
Dudley Northp. 169
James Somervillep. 169
The War Officep. 170
General Overviewp. 170
Chiefs of Staffp. 170
Winston S. Churchill and Military Leadersp. 171
Generals and Othersp. 171
Horatio Herbert Kitchenerp. 171
Bernard Montgomeryp. 171
Alanbrookep. 172
John Dillp. 173
Harold Alexanderp. 173
Archibald Wavellp. 174
Claude Auchinleckp. 174
Edmond Ironsidep. 174
Hastings Ismayp. 174
John Kennedyp. 175
Henry Pownellp. 175
William Slimp. 175
Ian Hamiltonp. 175
William Robertsonp. 175
Henry Wilsonp. 176
Reginald Viscount Esherp. 176
Maurice Hankeyp. 176
Dwight D. Eisenhowerp. 176
Erwin Rommelp. 177
The Air Ministryp. 177
The Colonial Officep. 179
Chancellor of the Exchequerp. 179
Prime Minister and Minister of Defencep. 181
Other Cabinet Officesp. 182
Minister of Munitionsp. 182
Winston S. Churchill and Europep. 182
Winston S. Churchill, Politician and Political Partiesp. 185
Politicianp. 185
Conservatismp. 187
The Conservative Partyp. 188
The History of the Conservative Partyp. 188
The Liberal Partyp. 190
The Labor Partyp. 191
Chronology: Winston S. Churchill and Party Politicsp. 192
1895-1914, the Edwardian Agep. 192
1914-1938p. 195
1939-1951p. 196
1951-1955p. 197
Coalitionsp. 198
Political Associationsp. 199
Winston S. Churchill and Other Leadersp. 203
Monarchs of Great Britainp. 203
Winston S. Churchill and the Monarchyp. 203
King Edward VIIp. 204
King George Vp. 204
King Edward VIIIp. 204
King George VIp. 204
Queen Elizabeth IIp. 205
Franklin D. Rooseveltp. 205
Harry S Trumanp. 206
Joseph Stalinp. 206
Charles de Gaullep. 207
Hitler and Mussolinip. 208
Othersp. 209
Prime Ministersp. 209
Lord Salisburyp. 209
Arthur James Balfourp. 209
Henry Campbell-Bannermanp. 210
Herbert Henry Asquithp. 210
David Lloyd Georgep. 212
Bonar Lawp. 214
Ramsay MacDonaldp. 214
Stanley Baldwinp. 214
Neville Chamberlainp. 215
Winston S. Churchillp. 216
Clement Attleep. 216
Anthony Edenp. 217
Cabinet Associates and Colleaguesp. 218
Leopold Ameryp. 218
Ernest Bevinp. 218
Austen Chamberlainp. 218
Joseph Chamberlainp. 219
Duff Cooperp. 219
Stafford Crippsp. 220
George Curzonp. 220
Hugh Daltonp. 220
Lord Elginp. 221
Edward Greyp. 221
Richard Burton Haldanep. 221
Edward F.L. Wood, Lord Halifaxp. 222
Samuel Hoarep. 222
Leslie Hore-Belishap. 222
Oliver Lyttelton, Viscount Chandosp. 223
Reginald McKennap. 223
Harold Macmillanp. 223
Eric Geddesp. 224
Enoch Powellp. 224
Harold Nicolsonp. 224
Private Secretariesp. 224
The "Notorious Bs"p. 225
F.E. Smith, Earl of Birkenheadp. 225
Maxwell Aitken, Lord Beaverbrookp. 225
Brendan Brackenp. 226
Robert Boothbyp. 227
More "Churchillians" and the Inner Circlep. 227
F.A. Lindemann, Viscount Cherwellp. 228
Desmond Mortonp. 229
T.E. Lawrencep. 229
William Deakinp. 230
John Wheeler-Bennettp. 230
Robert Bruce Lockhartp. 231
Edward Spearsp. 231
Alexander Cadoganp. 231
Robert Cecilp. 231
Ian Jacobp. 232
Associates in the British Commonwealthp. 232
Maxwell Aitken, Lord Beaverbrookp. 232
Robert G. Menziesp. 232
S.M. Brucep. 232
Jan Christiaan Smutsp. 233
American Friendsp. 233
Bourke Cockranp. 233
Bernard Baruchp. 233
Ethel Barrymorep. 233
Other Friendsp. 233
Emery and Wendy Revesp. 233
Christine Lewis Conoverp. 234
Colin R. Cootep. 234
Nancy Astorp. 234
Aristotle Onassisp. 234
A.P. Herbertp. 235
Marthe Bibescop. 235
The Staffp. 235
Winston S. Churchill and the Major Controversiesp. 236
The Dardanelles or Gallipoli Campaignp. 236
The Allied Intervention in Russiap. 239
Bolshevism, Communism, and Socialismp. 240
Irelandp. 241
Return to the Gold Standardp. 244
The Middle Eastp. 245
Indiap. 249
The General Strike of 1926p. 250
The Singapore-Main Fleet Strategyp. 252
The Norwegian Campaignp. 254
The Second Frontp. 256
Unconditional Surrenderp. 257
The Disposition of Germanyp. 258
The Welfare Statep. 259
Health and When to Retirep. 261
Winston S. Churchill and the Special Relationshipp. 264
General Overviewp. 264
The Making of the Anglo-American Alliancep. 265
Winston S. Churchill and Franklin D. Rooseveltp. 268
Personalitiesp. 270
Joseph Kennedyp. 270
Harry Hopkinsp. 270
George C. Marshallp. 270
Averell Harrimanp. 271
Dean Achesonp. 271
Lend-Lease and American Aidp. 271
Scientific Exchange and Nuclear Developmentp. 273
Winston S. Churchill, Imperialism, Decolonization, and Declinep. 275
Imperialismp. 275
The British Empirep. 275
The Great Gamep. 276
Decolonizationp. 277
The Unmaking of Empirep. 277
The Role of Winston S. Churchillp. 278
Franklin D. Roosevelt and the United Statesp. 278
Declinep. 279
Winston S. Churchill, Anthologies and Mediap. 282
Anthologiesp. 282
Fictionp. 284
Mediap. 286
Films and Documentariesp. 286
Recordingsp. 286
Winston S. Churchill and Artp. 287
As Painterp. 287
In Paintings and Photographsp. 287
In Cartoonsp. 288
Winston S. Churchill in History: Assessmentsp. 289
General Surveysp. 289
Winston S. Churchill and the Historiansp. 289
Historiographical Surveys about Winston S. Churchillp. 291
Assessmentsp. 292
Praisep. 293
Characterp. 294
"Churchilliana" and Memorabiliap. 294
Stamps and Medalsp. 295
Recognitionp. 296
Honorsp. 296
70th Birthday, November 1944p. 297
80th Birthday, November 1954p. 297
90th Birthday, November 1964p. 297
State Funeral and Commemorations, January 1965p. 297
Centenary, November 1974p. 298
"Greatest Living Englishman" (GLE)p. 298
Tributesp. 299
Memorialsp. 300
Mythp. 301
War Leaderp. 301
Peacemakerp. 302
Statesmanship and Leadershipp. 302
Critical Judgmentsp. 304
Winston S. Churchill, the Family, Head of Household, and Residencesp. 305
The Churchill Dynastyp. 305
Clementine Churchillp. 305
Clementinep. 305
Clementine and Churchillp. 306
Children and Grandchildrenp. 306
Randolph Churchillp. 306
Sarah Churchillp. 307
Mary Churchill, Lady Soamesp. 307
Winston S. Churchill, the Grandsonp. 308
Celia Sandysp. 308
Other Family Membersp. 308
Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill and Familyp. 308
John Spencer Churchillp. 309
Chartwellp. 309
Churchill Sites and Other Residencesp. 310
Blenheim Palacep. 310
Admiralty Housep. 310
11 Downing Streetp. 310
10 Downing Streetp. 310
Chequersp. 310
London Residencesp. 310
Bladon Churchp. 311
Winston S. Churchill and Areas for Future Researchp. 312
Areas for Future Researchp. 312
Purpose-Studiesp. 312
Winston S. Churchill and the Conservative Partyp. 312
Winston S. Churchill, Women's Suffrage, and Feminismp. 313
Winston S. Churchill and Indiap. 313
Winston S. Churchill and Zionismp. 313
Winston S. Churchill and the Spain of Francisco Francop. 313
Winston S. Churchill and International Organizationsp. 314
Winston S. Churchill and His Healthp. 314
Winston S. Churchill and Foreign Countriesp. 314
Winston S. Churchill and Devolutionp. 314
Other Mattersp. 315
Annotated Bibliographyp. 317
Annotated Entriesp. 319
Introductionp. 319
Chronologyp. 657
Author Indexp. 661
Subject Indexp. 697
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